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African Cooking—East Africa

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A wonderful African drink that uses Amarula cream! From the Amarula cream website.

Recipe #174412

Ethiopian vegetable stew traditionally eaten with injera, but also completely delicious with couscous

Recipe #90282

This is a new discovery for me but I was quickly converted when this paste helped me make a wonderfully rich tomato sauce, full of deep flavours. Berbere spice paste has many variations. This is a mild form but you can certainly exchange some of the paprika for more cayenne pepper to make it hot and spicy. When you come to use it, in a tomato sauce for example, roast it for at least 5 minutes in your frying pan or sauce pot, adding water a few drops at a time to keep it from burning. The roasting helps the flavours develop.

Recipe #117588

2 Reviews |  By Saturn

Another great bread from Ethiopia. This is a spicy, crunchy snack. In Ethiopia, dabo means bread, and kolo is the word for roasted barley, which is eaten as a snack (like popcorn). Together, to name a snack made like bread, the words are similar in meaning to "popcorn bread". I just guessed at the number of servings... depends on how you make it. Thanks to ncmysteryshopper for her inquisitive mind. Here is clarification of berbere. 'Berberé is a blend of hot cayenne pepper, sweet paprika, over a dozen other spices and herbs. Its unique taste and aroma makes food flavourful with cultural dimensions to everyday meal. This exotic spice blend has been foreign to most western palates until now.'

Recipe #134978

This is a popular drink from Uganda using pineapples, their major crop. It is made using cream or coconut milk and reminds me of the Caribbean. Recipe was adapted from The African Cookbook by Bea Sandler.

Recipe #172700

Delicious sounding recipe that uses beef in place of elephant! Posted for 'Zaar World Tour II.

Recipe #170021

This is a recipe out of a children's cookbook my parents bought me when I was little - in fact it's the first cookbook I ever owned called, 'Many Hands' from UNICEF. It's in storage right now, but when I get it out of storage I'll post more recipes from it.

Recipe #176639

A wonderful mango dessert from Kenya! Any fruit ice cream will work, if you can't find mango. Try peach or fruit sorbet. Canned pineapple can be used for the fresh.

Recipe #172108

6 Reviews |  By 1Steve

Spicy, sweet, aromatic, and succulent all at once.This is a wonderful soup, reflective of the hot African sun of its origin.

Recipe #21139

Ethiopian style yellow lentil side dish. Serve this over brown rice; injera to scoop it up. From Sunset Magazine March 2006. Awaken your senses!

Recipe #163135

This is traditionally served during lent either on its own or with injera bread.

Recipe #133099

During our travels to Fiji, I fell in love with East Indian cooking. I developed this recipe in 1994 and it made a big hit with our East Indian friends. This recipe is not difficult to make, takes a bit of time preparing but the results are great.

Recipe #27719

5 Reviews |  By Mahteme

I grew up in Asmara, Eritrea eating and making this dish regulary. This dish is one of the most popular dishes in the Eritrean and Ethiopian community.

Recipe #106194

Stopping in Somalia on a virtual Round the World foodie's the recipe I found.

Recipe #50407

1 Reviews |  By Suke_UK

This is a delicious creamy curry with a great orange colour. Serve with naan bread to mop up the coconut juices. Originally a vegetarian dish, replace the sausages with cooked meat-free chunks for Linda McCartney's veggie option.

Recipe #187535

Piri-piri is a popular Tanzanian dip used for grilled meat and chicken. Sometimes it is also mixed and eaten with rice. It might seem like lot of ingredients, but the preparation is very simple. One of the good things about this sauce is that the quantity of chili powder can be adjusted to suit your personal taste. (In Tanzania, it is very hot). Got this on the net !

Recipe #21185

Tonight, Lila (my sharemate) did such a wonderful job! She made Spinach soup as in entree, made this amazing Shrimp dish for main, and we had Recipe #133602 for dessert. It's my MISSION to post this recipe to share it with you!!! lol

Recipe #137874

This recipe is from Zanzibar, Tanzania, where coconut and clove are major revenue and Indian ingredients influence local cuisine. Turmeric gives the dish a yellow color that darkens with cooking. This is better the second day, when the flavors have blended. For a change, you can substitute any other bean for garbanzos.

Recipe #166212

Delicious drink served in Tanzania with fresh fruit nectar and rum. Africa is the land of the freshest, sweetest and most ripe fruits in the world. I bet these are to die for when drank with the fresh fruits of Tanzania Recipe was adapted from The African Cookbook by Bea Sandler.

Recipe #172701

4 Reviews |  By hudelei

This is a recipe I saw originally in the Sundays at Moosewood cookbook. I use some of the habanero peppers I grow to add heat to this soup, but the original recipe called for about 1/8 teaspoon cayenne. Jalapenos or other hot chiles would also be good substitutes for the habs, although they are by far my favorite hot pepper.

Recipe #87002

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