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Feel free to substitute turnip greens. This recipe has been posted to accompany my Recipe #373109 and Recipe #373203...they complement each other so well! But this recipe is a nice alternative to the traditional southern cooked collard greens loaded with bacon fat. If you like your greens more tender, you'll need to increase the cooking time and add more stock. Cook according to your taste!

Recipe #373114

This recipe comes from Classic International Recipes. This dish is popular in Ethiopia, and is used to scoop up stews, or "wat". The recipe information states that it is similar in taste to buttermilk pancakes, but thin, like crepes. Traditionally, injera is formed into a large circle. I posted this to serve with my Recipe #455567 Doro Wat.

Recipe #455607

This comes from the book Around the World in 80 Bars, and the recipe comes from "The Carnivore" in Nairobi, Kenya. The Carnivore is a nyama choma (barbecued meat) restaurant, and is licensed to serve gazelle, giraffe, and zebra. In Swahali, Dawa means "somewhere between a medicine and a magic potion'. Traditionally, this drink is served with a small wooden masher so that you can release more lime juice and adjust the flavor of your Dawa to suit your liking. This is a pretty strong tasting drink, so I generally release more lime juice!!

Recipe #455496

This is a sweet coffee drink, with the wonderful addition of Amarula....a cream liquer from South Africa. From the Amarula website. I added the optional grated chocolate. Prep and cooking time does not include the time to brew the coffee. Cooking time posted is actually the time to assemble the drink.

Recipe #455734

Ethiopian cooking is known for its "berbere", a highly spiced hot red pepper sauce. This chicken dish makes use of this sauce. To cut fat, you may take the skin off the chicken, although this is not traditional. Bone in chicken tastes best. Serve with Recipe #455607 455607. This recipe comes from "Classic International Recipes".

Recipe #455567

This recipe is made to accompany my Recipe #373203 and my Recipe #373114. They complement each other so well. But this is good as is, and is pretty quick to make. A nice sweet side dish. Recipe originally came from Aaron McCargo.

Recipe #373109

Great use of beef stew meat! Wonderful beef stew with coriander, coconut and tomatoes. This is a dish from East Africa, but has lots of Indian influence. It combines the Indian spice coriander with several classic African ingredients...peanuts, coconut, tomatoes, and green beans. I think you could substitute okra for the green beans if you wanted to.

Recipe #142433

This recipe comes from West Africa, and is from Classic International Recipes. Because rivers, lakes, and ocean inlets are plentiful here, fish and seafood are used often. It is too "bland" as posted, so I have taken some liberties! Maybe not authentic, but tastier! Revised 06/03/2011.

Recipe #455933

This is a recipe for one of those busy nights when you want something hot and hearty! Easy to use ingredients, with minimal chopping! Very satisfying and delicious.

Recipe #434604

Streusel Topped Sweet Potato Muffins!

Recipe #456150

This cake is a great way to use up over-ripe bananas. It will become more moist and flavorful the longer it chills. It makes use of a yummy whipped cream based frosting!

Recipe #406409

This is a Cape Malay recipe, and traditionally it is made with lamb. Since lamb isn't readily available here, I've only used beef. According to this recipe, usually only meat is threaded onto the skewers. However, I do like to add some cubed onions to intersperse with the meat. They are served with a slightly sweet sauce made from the marinade and flavored long grain rice. Prep and cooking time do not include the marinating time!! From Classic International Recipes.

Recipe #455609

The original recipe is from the Mangapwani Beach Club. Located on the northwest coast of Zanzibar, South Africa, this beach paradise has a checkered past. Nearby are the Slave Caves, where slaves were hidden after laws changed abolishing slavery. The Mangapwani Beach Club overlooks the beautiful waters of the Indian Ocean. The original recipe is from "Around the World in 80 Bars". I increased the rum from 2 oz to 3 oz per serving. Serve in a hurricane glass with long straws and garnish with a wedge of fresh pineapple. Enjoy!

Recipe #455495

Stews are very common in Africa. This stew is served in layers, with the meat and onion on the bottom and the vegetables on the top. This recipe is from South Africa, and comes from "Classic International Recipes". The original recipe calls for lamb, but it isn't very common where I live, so I've substituted beef successfully.

Recipe #455931

Typically, Palaver Sauce includes fresh beef, smoked pork or fish, and dark green leaves. In West Africa, these leaves might be "platto", "bologi," or bitter leaf. A good substitute is spinach. African natives coined "palaver" in the 19th century when European traders would parley or barter for goods. From "Classic International Recipes".**Although I rarely post recipes without trying them, in this case I did. I decided to make this today, and would like to suggest the following: I had 1 lb of stew meat, and 1 smoked pork hock was plenty...the smokey flavor was good with that, so I have reduced the pork hocks to 2 instead of 3. I used spinach, but really feel this could use a stronger green, like collards or kale. I'm adding this to the ingredient list. I've also added some garlic. I've tried to stay true to the African recipe, and feel I have done so..just made a few improvements. Add finishing salt if needed....depends on your pork hock and how salty it is!**

Recipe #455831

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