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A collection of my recipes that are as yet un-photographed and deserve better than my inept attempts at photography to do them justice.So please take pitty on one of my poor little wannabe starlets.
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I love traditional recipes and this one comes from the north east of England, and definitely comes under the cover of slow cooking, but it is sooo worth it ,timing does not include overnight soaking. Using ham on the bone allows the natural gelatine to be released which helps with the peas pudding plus any meat cooked on the bone has more flavour

Recipe #449033

Another piece of nostalgia from my schooldays, very much like a bakewell tart but using custard rather than frangipane. As the recipe requires custard powder custard instead of a full egg custard and bought pastry cases can be used, it is a very simple but tasty dish to put together. I make mine using gf sweet pastry Recipe #440607 but ordinary short crust pastry is fine,,, if using pre prepared pastry cases; don’t forget to omit steps 1-5

Recipe #449474

This recipe is very rich and very very addictive and a brilliant alterative to the usual stuffed mushrooms or Welsh rarebit and if you use mustard such as Tracklement it is completely gluten free. To save time and if you have any to hand you could always skip the caramelised onion stage and use an onion jam instead such as #170996…

Recipe #449501

Where possible I would use naturally smoked haddock as the subtle flavour of natural smoking compliments the cheese in this dish whereas artificially flavoured smoked fish can be too overpowering, alternatively, unsmoked haddock works well.

Recipe #449507

These simple little fritters were always a favourite of my children and it wasn't until I was told I could no longer have them that I craved them too, so I have devised a gluten free version. Brilliant served with a fried egg or baked beans.

Recipe #452644

Soooo delicious served with steamed veg and new potatoes

Recipe #451535

This is a Nigella Lawson recipe for a simple yet Oh so delicious dessert (definitely not one for the kids)

Recipe #452668

Another Nigella Lawson gem , this is a perfect dish for a cheaper cut of an expensive meat as there is no carving, the meat is so tender it just shreds so there is no waste. She states it can be cooked for a shorter period of time, say 5 hours at gas mark 3 but I love the long low cooking as at a lower temp very little can go wrong, plus, the smell drives everyone wild for longer. (Save any liquid left from cooking as this is concentrated stock and can be frozen and used for gravy.)

Recipe #452669

A tasty alternative to plain hummus, the contrast in textures is as good as the taste If you can't get canned roasted peppers you can easily roast your own, the only difference being you will not have the delicious olive oil to drizzle over the hummus.

Recipe #452670

This light dressing is not only good for green salads but delicious on couscous or quinoa.

Recipe #452710

I found a similar recipe to this in a book of Christmas gifts, unfortunately whenever I’ve made it; it never lasts long enough to be given away. (Prep time includes cooling time)

Recipe #452711

Great family meal, you can spice up the meatballs for adults with a little cayenne and serve with Greek yoghurt to which a tablespoon of toasted cumin seeds have been added. Quinoa can be substituted for the cous cous.

Recipe #452715

I have recently been introduced to lemon bars, and this is like a giant luxury lemon bar but instead of lemon curd I have used lemon mousse to make a delicious gluten free twist on a lemon chiffon pie. It may seem a quite complex method but don’t be put off it really is worth the effort and never fails to impress. Time includes chilling.

Recipe #453115

This is great with a green salad and creamed corn. Make sure the the potato is thin enough to cook properly but not too thin that it won’t hold up to too much stirring, about 1/2cm thick.

Recipe #453116

A deliciously different take on the simple dumpling. These can be made gluten free by subbing the flour for the same amount of gf flour mix and ¼ teaspoon of Xanthan or Guar gum

Recipe #454984

I have recently moved to England’s Asparagus growing capital and I can’t wait for the new season when I can over indulge in this deliciously light risotto

Recipe #453118

Ordinary gf breadcrumbs are fine for this recipe, but gf panko breadcrumbs are so deliciously crunchy and so easy to make(check out #167729)

Recipe #453450

A traditional beef stew from Chad, posted for ZWT7

Recipe #455253

A Creole dessert from the Seychelles. Taken from the Worldwide Gourmet and Posted for ZWT7

Recipe #455240

A Togloese seafood dish taken from World Cuisine and posted for ZWT7

Recipe #455277

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