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Chapati is the most commonly eaten bread in Northern India. It is very similar in shape to the Mexican tortilla, but very different in texture and flavor. If you make Chapati ahead of time, reheat before serving by wrapping a stack in foil and heat in a 325° oven for 10 to 15 minutes. If they seem dry, sprinkle a little water before reheating. Prep time does include dough standing time. Serve with Recipe #482643 482643.

Recipe #482651

These a are very good & easy Croissant rolls . The recipe was given to me by my daughter Peggy. Prep time does not include chill time because it may differ.

Recipe #72309

These biscuits are so named because they are the size of a cat's head. This biscuits with sausage gravy recipe is from the Deen Brother's Y'all Come Eat cookbook.

Recipe #417206

31 Reviews |  By Zurie

After posting this recipe, and making the bread at least 3 times a week, I have simplified the rising process, and eliminated the messy parts. The original recipe comes from baker Jim Lahey of the Sullivan Street Bakery, and has been discussed on Zaar. I have tweaked it a bit, and this is the closest I can come to those French "boules". It is real BREAD bread, not chemical cottonwool. All you need is time. The instructions are terribly long, but once you've read through it, you will see it's only to make the already-easy process still easier. Now you only need hunt up a suitably heavy pot with lid ... This is the best bread I've eaten in years. UPDATE, 13-8-07: Decided to try and use 4 cups flour to get a fatter loaf. It worked, and with the same smallish pot I got a lovely loaf. This 2nd recipe is tacked on to the instruction list. Good luck! By the way, if you want wholewheat bread, don't use this recipe. Rather use your bread machine or your normal way of bread-making. This very French-style loaf should be made from white bread flour, and you can add in a little fine rye flour. Sometimes I add 1 cup of "brown bread grain flour" which is very finely stone-milled, and has no large bran flakes. But basically, this is a white bread. Go on, indulge! Slice a piece for yourself when you can handle it and the crust is still crunchy-hard ... Heaven!

Recipe #196201

This dough can be used to make Chinese steamed buns, called mantou, or filled buns, called baozi. These fluffy, chewy, warm and unusual breads are common breakfasts, sides and meals in much of China. They are especially popular in Shanghai (Baozi) and Beijing (Mantou), where window-stall and small shop vendors sell them. Because this is the less unhealthy version with some whole wheat substitutions, they can be finicky based on dampness and temperature -- I fnd adjusting down the amount of flour is the best bet. These are fantastic piping hot, or with any of my three filling recipes!

Recipe #176555

This is a basic dough for steamed buns (mantou) or steamed filled buns (baozi). These fluffier, white buns are more similar to the ones sold by street vendors in China, but less healthy than the whole wheat version above. These buns are a popular breakfast meal or dinner side, and are filled with an astonishing variety of things, or baked with an amazing number of flour substitions, from corn to buckwheat.

Recipe #176587

These tasty little nuggets can be a complete meal. Or you can make them as an appetizer. Spice it the way you want or consider adding some cooked sausage.

Recipe #487625

204 Reviews |  By BDMK

"Ready, Set, Cook! Contest Entry." Bacon lattice and cheese topped flaky biscuits filled with fresh chopped tomatoes and onions in a seasoned cream cheese and mayonnaise mixture. This recipe is not only eye appealing but also adds a lot of flavor to your taste buds!

Recipe #486496

whole grain dough kept refrigerated (or frozen) for pizza, pretzels, or buns. The method is similar to Reinhart's "artisan breads every day". Preparation time does not include refrigeration overnight.

Recipe #486979

This is a very simple and quick French Bread. It has a finer texture and more of a chewy crust than what you get from the bakery. I found this in an Bon Appetite years and years ago. I sometimes make rolls rather than loaves. With this coming together so quickly you can easily make large batches; with two students helping to shape the rolls I've made 6 batches, start to finish in under two hours. Prep time doesn't include rising time.

Recipe #114709

36 Reviews |  By Zurie

This is the perfect road food, fisherman's lunch, school lunch bread, breakfast ... I can't be without this recipe, given to me long ago by a friend. It definitely does not need butter -- just slice and eat. Please note that this does not pretend to be a low-fat recipe! It is meant for long days away from home, when one slice means sustenance.

Recipe #133908

A friend gave me this recipe; with only 4 ingredients, it's super easy. Tasty, too!

Recipe #474629

I make this often for my family, and there are NEVER any leftovers. It's a great way to use up over-ripe bananas and sneak a fruit and a good protein source past the kids!

Recipe #223279

I have nowhere to proof dough as I Live in Florida and only turn the heat on every 5 years or so. I was so glad to learn this from some cooking show on PBS.

Recipe #479028

Puffy, crisp and high sides with a tender bottom. The lowfat content of the milk and the cornstarch replacing some of the flour in other recipes insure the puffy crispy sides.

Recipe #479002

1 Reviews |  By DJ Seph

What the title says. No need to knead baguettes

Recipe #435953

These are a delicious home-made bread replacement that are practically carb free and very high in protein. They are just like heaven so I call them clouds. Compliments of Kristin Patterson.

Recipe #411501

Think of chicken pot pie meets cupcakes. This make a great meal on the go or lunchbox surprise. They freeze well. Serve with a leafy salad and that's dinner!

Recipe #478524

Nan-e Barbari is a popular Persian flatbread. It is often eaten with salty soft cheese such as feta with herbs (sabzi) or jam and a cup of tea for breakfast. It is similar to Armenian matnakash bread. I made this once for my Iranian boyfriend's parents and they approved :)

Recipe #453533

Crunchy outside, light and fluffy inside, lovely cheesy taste - and so easy to make! Whole wheat flour, non-fat yogurt and olive oil make these good for you, while the Parmesan cheese adds a delciious flavour. Serve with eggs for breakfast, soup for lunch or with a casserole or salad for dinner.

Recipe #476217

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