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Famous Chefs - Mario Batali

A collection of recipes by Mario Batali. Mario believes that olive oil is as precious as gold, shorts are acceptable attire for every season, and food, like most things, is best when left to its own simple beauty. Raised in Seattle (where his father and mother still run an excellent deli), Mario initially studied the golden age of Spanish theater at Rutgers University. Soon after graduating, he took his first bite of culinary training at Le Cordon Bleu in London, from which he withdrew almost immediately due to a "lack of interest." An apprenticeship with London’s legendary chef Marco Pierre White and three years of intense culinary training in the Northern Italian village of Borgo Capanne (population 200) gave him the essential skills and knowledge to return to his native U.S., anxious to plant his orange-clogged foot firmly in the behinds of the checkered tablecloth-Italian restaurant establishment.

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1 Reviews |  By Tish

The addition of Balsamic Vinegar is a surprise but also a delight if you love a good bloody mary. These have a kick. Great for the holidays! I understand this recipe comes from the FoodTV show "Molto Mario" by Mario Batali. I'm not exactly sure when and where I picked it up!

Recipe #40271

A Mario Batali recipe.

Recipe #106241

4 Reviews |  By s'kat

From 'Simple Italian Cooking', by Mario Batali. Posted to accompany following recipes: Rolled Flank Steak with Green Olives and Oregano, recipe #57351; and Timpano di Maccheronni, (the Mythic Pasta Dome), recipe #85372.

Recipe #57352

1 Reviews |  By s'kat

To accompany Mario Batali's 'Timpano di Maccheronni (the Mythic Pasta Dome)', recipe #85372.

Recipe #84344

A Mario Batali recipe. He stresses the importance of not buying crabmeat that has been pasteurized. He claims it loses most of it's great brininess which is essential to the success of this dish.

Recipe #105827

Fegatini con Cipolla e Cren, is the translation of this dish. Copyright 2001, Mario Batali. When I saw Mario make this, it looked very interesting and whet my appetite, and am posting for safe keeping.(Computer won't let me put 1 lb of chicken livers) I have taken poetic license & created some short-cuts, so as to make it feasible for those of us that have more than one thing to do. The livers must marinate in the refrigerator for 6 hours

Recipe #193574

A Mario Batali recipe. Cooking time reflects marinating time.

Recipe #105533

Recipe from Molto Mario and posted in response to a request. I make this every Christmas as hostess gifts and put it in pretty bottles with ribbon. Everyone who gets this is very appreciative. In Italy this is considered a "lemon digestive assistant" - whatever it tastes great!

Recipe #43874

4 Reviews |  By yooper

A hearty, stick to the ribs entree from TV chef Mario Batali. I substitute ground beef for the harder to find veal. Taken from Bon Appetit.

Recipe #30991

Mario Batali's way... He says it works well to put the tomatoes in right before you go to bed and remove them in the morning.

Recipe #106242

4 Reviews |  By s'kat

This is a recipe from Mario Batali, and is incorporated into 'Timpano Di Maccheroni' (the mythic pasta dome, recipe #85372). Fabulous meatballs. My husband has resigned his own recipe in lieu of this one.

Recipe #83627

This recipe by by Mario Batali is fantastic and not that difficult. You will need kitchen string and a meat mallot. Adopted recipe 08/06

Recipe #89144

1 Reviews |  By s'kat

A Mario Batali recipe, to accompany 'Timpano di Maccheroni (the Mythic Pasta Dome)', recipe #85372. When making this, I ended up with ground chuck instead of the regular boneless. I opted not to remove this from the recipe, nor the sausage, which I crumbled. They gave it a nice texture, so just go with whatever you are able to get.

Recipe #84338

Recipe posted in response to a request. This is actually a recipe I found at FoodTV network by Molto Mario. I like to make this pasta at Christmas because of it's beautiful red colour. It is delicious and can be used any way you like, whether it be for some ravioli or fettucine or any shape of pasta you like.

Recipe #57491

Mario Batali: "This is my variation on the San-whomever-festival staple that is served across the United States wherever there are Italian-American communities. During New York's festa di San Gennaro tens of thousands of paesanos descend on Little Italy to consume mass quantities of food prepared in the Napolitano tradition. Having tasted the real things in Napoli, it's sad to see such poorly prepared food, because the originals are exemplars of Italian cooking." from Simple Italian Food.

Recipe #57351

Recipe #106036

2 Reviews |  By s'kat

Description:Notes from Mario Batali: "anyone who has seen Stanley Tucci's cinematic masterpiece, Big Night, will remember Primo's rendition of this classic, which takes its name from a large drum. My version differs from that one in many ways, but like it, it makes for a dramatic presentation. Surprisingly, it is not nearly as tricky to prepare as it looks. Except for the rigatoni, you can prepare the whole thing the day before; just blanch the pasta and assemble the dish in the afternoon before your guests arrive. It can then rest in the refrigerator for several hours before the final cooking. You will need a 4 quart metal mixing bowl for the final assembly. from s'kat: It was two years before I finally found an occasion I could whip this out for. I did all of my prep work in the weeks preceding the recipe, freezing the components as I went along. The day of the assembly, I only had to make the besciamella sauce, which took mere minutes. I also cheated, in that I! didn't make fresh pasta, I bought some from a local Italian deli. Although this didn't come out exactly perfectly, I'm posting it in the hopes that someone else who may want to make this can help me figure out the proper baking times. When I pulled it out, it wasn't warm enough in the middle. I kept it going for at least another 30 minutes, even turning up the temperature towards the end. Additionally, when I went to cut my first wedge and pull it out, the pasta collapsed when free of the dome, instead of sticking together. It still tasted incredible, and there were audible gasps when I hauled this sucker out to the dining room. It is my intention to make it at least once a year, from now on. Have fun!

Recipe #85372

Mario Batali's that I've adapted to use a few more common ingredients...I wasn't much of a stew person until I tried this and was in love. This is so simple, caramelized, and rich, yet lighter due to the chicken stock, that it is now my goto stew recipe.

Recipe #214250

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