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Recipes for Flavor of the Month in the North African/Middle East Forum 4/2010.
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4 Reviews |  By MeliBug

This is a very popular drink in East Africa. It's like the ones you can buy at the grocery store but you can add your own variations to it with lime juice, honey, cinnamon, or vanilla.

Recipe #310798

Use this sauce to complement enchiladas, fish, chicken, or roasted pork. It turns a plain dish into something special!

Recipe #347468

I really love sweet tamarind chutney, and I've had a hard time finding one that resembles the chutney my favorite Indian restaurant makes. This is the closest recipe I've found. I found it on the internet, but can't remember where exactly it came from.

Recipe #384100

2 Reviews |  By chia

another quick dinner idea.

Recipe #81341

It is tangy and hot and very very yummy!

Recipe #9002

This is a sweet/sour sauce that goes wonderfully with savories.

Recipe #91319

Found this on an asian cooking website. When I originally posted this recipe, I had never tried it. Well, since then I have tried this recipe and must say I was not very impressed. Feel free to make this if you think you might like it, or maybe make some adjustments to it, but I made it as it is posted and I didn't like it. I love agua de tamarindo so I thought this might be good, but turned out not to be what I thought. Just FYI!

Recipe #138523

My favorite Pad Thai recipe :) Delicious and healthy!

Recipe #381905

This is another Thai dish that is exceptionally good. Some of the tips for Thai cooking are as follows: 1, To tone down a dish that is too spicy, add coconut milk or plain yogurt. A little sugar may also diminish some of the heat. 2. To tone down a dish that is too salty, add lime juice, or lemon juice. 3. When you find a dish not salty enough, add fish sauce instead of salt or soy sauce if you are vegetarian. This way you will get more flavor as well as the saltiness you're seeking. 4. To sweeten, Thai dishes, you can use plain white sugar, although brown sugar is closer to the rock sugar most Asian chefs use. 5. If you find your dish not sour enough, a little lime juice, or tamarind water will suffice nicely (a small amount of tamarind paste mixed in water). 6. Not spicy enough? That's easy! add more fresh (or dried) chiles, cayenne pepper, chili powder or a tsp. of Thai chili sauce.

Recipe #369448

Pad Thai sauce is not always available, especially in Mexico, so I'm posting this recipe because it includes homemade sauce. Pad Thai sauce has a special quality, it's salty, sour, sweet and spicy. The recipe comes from The Gourmet Cookbook however I've made a few revisions.

Recipe #376321

A lighter, vego version of pad thai. Also gluten free. From Darlene Schmidt at

Recipe #364379

This is my take on the famous Thai dish, the real version of which I have enjoyed in Thailand on several occasions. Pad Thai is probably the most popular Thai noodle dish in the world. Like many Thai dishes it is sweet, sour, and salty all at the same time(a taste called "YUM"). Those of us that like our food spicy can put a little kick in this dish with ground chili.

Recipe #359404

From Gourmet Magazine, December 2007. Vegetarian if you use soy instead of fish sauce. It's a little spicy if you use all the Sriracha -- cut back if you don't like spice, or add more if you do. As good as anything I've had in a restaurant. Oh and I added some carrots for healthiness. And made a bunch of other tweaks. Also, even though it involves some deep frying, it is not too difficult to make.

Recipe #338515

This is my adaptation of the Cook's Illustrated recipe. Best with the tamarind but you can sub out 1/3 lime juice + 1/3 cup water. It's still good but not AS good. You must prepare everything before you start cooking or it gets chaotic! You can sub out boneless, skinless thighs. For more authenticity, you can add 3 c. bean sprouts, 2 T dried shrimp and 2 T Thai salted radish but I either don't like them or don't have them on hand and think it works fine without. If you want to add them add in step 15. Also, if you want to add fish sauce, add 3 T to the sauce mixture.

Recipe #295420

A vegan version of a popular dish from Thailand.

Recipe #317083

3 Reviews |  By rhiamom

A recipe I got from an online forum; it's the poster's Thai girlfriend's recipe, so authentic.

Recipe #314825

Straight from

Recipe #273612

A melange of tastes from salty-sour to sweet/nutty/and tamarind fruity... Noodles that waft the smell of street side vendors in Bangkok. A must for any Aisian food fanatic.

Recipe #291604

1 Reviews |  By Hanny

Hands down the best pad thai my husband and I have ever had! Incorporates chicken, shrimp, and tofu so omit and substitute at your will. Although it may be a bit daunting to undertake, with its numerous ingredients, pad thai is actually pretty simple to make. Be sure to use a well seasoned wok and don't skimp on the oil, even if it may seem excessive. Too little and the noodles will stick and you 'll end up with a mess of a dish... and a wok.

Recipe #286748

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