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Photo of Uncle Bill's Beets and String Beans in a Cream Sauce.
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This is from Jessica Seinfeld's Cookbook called Deceptively Delicious. I have not tried this, but am posting recipes for others. When I do make them, I will make a version that does not use pancake mix and share my results.

Recipe #259466

I made up this potato salad just now and the hot-pink colour immediately reminded me of the neon brightness of Bollywood films. :-) Although I didn't put any curry powder into the dressing today, I will do so soon, as I love curried potato salads - and the Bollywood of the title would be slightly more justified. ;-)

Recipe #376140

My mom made these all the time when I was a little girl and I loved them. These eggs are such a pretty color when they're done and although they look nice they're very spicy and bite you back when you bite into them! They're quite pretty sliced over a salad or as an appetizer on the buffet table or just eat the yummy things for no other reason than the fact that you want a cute, spicy, pickled egg! They get their gorgeous color from the beets which are delish too. The onion rings can be used to garnish a salad as well. Heck, use all the goodies from the jar; you just can't go wrong with this one.

Recipe #160948

Recipe #269902

Beets are good for us - full of Vitamin C, folate, potassium and fiber. But if you are like me, you hardly ever eat them! The orange flavour in these beets is a fun twist to a vegetable that doesn't deserve the faces made at the thought of eating them

Recipe #408756

12 Reviews |  By Rita~

Every Easter my Mom would make this potato salad. This is not exactly hers but my version. Don't wait for Easter make it for your next picnic! Do use new potatoes if you like them firm but I myself like my potatoes soft so I find myself using russets, and if you don't want a precise cut salad with firm potatoes use russet. I find myself rough cutting the russets potatoes because they do fall apart and add to the creaminess of the dressing. FYI-You can toss the cubed, cooked, still warm, potatoes with the vinegar or beet juice and let set till cool even up to over night. Then add remaining ingredients.

Recipe #66870

Beets?!? To some they are scary tubers that stain everything bright pink, but they are really tasty if you give 'em a chance. This recipe is a classic Israeli side dish and originates in Tunisia (N. Africa) Serve alone or over greens.

Recipe #228227

This is a delicious, light salad for those summer brunches -

Recipe #333339

The beet is one of the most nutritious vegetables. A good source of Vitamin C, K, folate, and magnesium. Paired with carrots and celery, it's a good cancer preventitive. Also good for the unrinary tract and ulcers.

Recipe #188540

2 Reviews |  By Rita~

Colorful Traditional West African Dish eaten with your fingers!

Recipe #173211

From Clean Start: Inspiring You to Eat Clean and Live well as found on the website. This made for a delicious main dish meal last night. If you don't have the beet greens, go ahead and substitute other greens: heirloom lettuce, arugula, watercress, m^ache, red loose leaf, etc.

Recipe #453359

This is a delightful and light side dish with any dinner meal. It took me 2 attempts to come up with this delightful dish. It is also very good served on a slice of Italian or French bread. With all the fresh veggies that are in the markets now, this is a good time to make this recipe. The 30 minutes time is for boiling the beets and beans.

Recipe #318470

This makes a beautiful dark pink to red dish with some contrasting green (steamed broccoli florets would be nice tossed on top for more effect). I've made this with fettuccine, but find that it's easier to get a more uniform mix of pasta and sauce using chunkier shapes like bow tie. It is best with fresh beets but actually works ok with canned (chopped into matchsticks). I've posted the recipe as published in Bon Appetit (April 2004) but I am noting my changes along the way. Gloves are a good idea for handling the beets (and take precautions if you have a countertop that stains easily). The recipe is supposed to make 4 main-course servings, but we (2 of us) usually get one dinner and a lunch out of it; maybe we just eat a lot!

Recipe #342305

A recipe my Ukrainian grandmother Chunik used to make.

Recipe #173911

3 Reviews |  By Bergy

This dish is from Maharastra, India and it is usually served with rice and lentils. It is very creamy and you may want to cut the yogurt back to 8 oz, depending on personal taste. Believe it or not it is low cal and high potassium

Recipe #16564

This is a fantastic way to use a variety of root vegetables! The end result is beautifully colored with each ingredient being its own shade of pink. I also like the way that it has layers of texture. It can be hard to do with root vegetables. If you don't care about the texture you can make it all easier by boiling everything and just dicing it all and mixing it up like regular potato salad. I think doing it this way is worth the effort though.

Recipe #275883

This is just a wonderful fresh carrot pasta, and variations for other pastas are also included - so good!! It's so nice to make your own pasta -

Recipe #378502

This vibrant pasta, tossed with beet greens and creamy goat cheese, is an ode to Charles Barsotti’s 1994 New Yorker cartoon of a rigatoni noodle on the phone to a friend, exclaiming, “Fusilli, you crazy bastard!” Tarry Lodge chef Andy Nusser says, “Mario [Batali] and I saw the cartoon at the same time. It became the punch line to every joke.” Food and Wine, January 2009.

Recipe #349599

I first had a similar salad at Annie Gunn's in St. Louis and really liked it (licked my plate clean), but felt something was missing from it. I just figured it out. . .I think the dressing should have a touch of sweetness! That being said, here is my retake on the recipe. If you aren't a fan of goat cheese, feel free to sub it out with Boursin or feta. Also sometimes they serve this salad with strawberries instead of blackberries, but I think the blackberries always look prettier!

Recipe #433883

4 Reviews |  By PaulaG

This is a winning recipe that was printed in the April/May 2009 Taste of Home. It is credited to Kristin Lossak of Bozzman, MT. I have not used the goat cheese but have made this several times using crumbled feta. When adding the cheese, I don't measure but give a nice sprinkling. The dressing makes it all come together.

Recipe #370877

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