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The Ultimate NA*ME cookbook!

A glorious compilation of recipes for use in the NA*ME Forum!
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this seems to be made a coupla ways 1 with flat bread the other with sub roll but they both have the chili potato chips crushed in them i will go with the flat bread version any one knows about this chime in

Recipe #493492

Turkish coffee is not just limited to turkey, but is a traditional drink all over the middle east. You can buy freshly roasted and prepared coffee beans while you wait Turkish coffee from most middle eastern grocers in the united states. They usually use a combo blend of light and dark coffee beans and grind cardamom up in it at the same time.You can even purchase Turkish coffee pots that Turkish coffee is made in at most grocers. If you don't have a Turkish coffee pot, don't worry, you can use any pot. This recipe is the next best thing.*Measurements are approximate, so you may add or decrease according to taste buds*

Recipe #141885

This is an authentic recipe for the traditional style of coffee that is drunk in Bahrain. The key to a great cup of coffee is the ground coffee - if you can get Gulf Coffee then do so. Gulf Coffee is light / medium roasted beans which are then ground with cardamom & saffron. If you can't get Gulf Coffee then use a coffee which is as lightly roasted as possible & add a little extra cardamom & saffron to the coffee as you make it.

Recipe #304029

This blend is used in Middle Eastern cooking. This spice mix will keep for up to 6 months.

Recipe #224763

A chilled soup that is creamy and smooth! Great for a hot summer day! African origin, but bananas grow in the tropics and so this recipe is Caribbean and Southern too!

Recipe #174553

This is how some Iranians drink their tea. I just love it!

Recipe #407506

Beautifully delicious with garlic, olive oil & recipe#298652 or lemon marinated fish kababs.

Recipe #452701

2 Reviews |  By Annacia

Gifts or fridge. *Uses: on steamed or grilled fish, in couscous, to add interest to a roast chicken sandwich, melted over steamed carrots with honey*

Recipe #489593

Perfect with Arabic coffee or tea.

Recipe #456606

Used in Tunisian cooking. HOT!

Recipe #206852

Submitted by Cris Fleck for An Afternoon In New Orleans

Recipe #456417

Inspired by the flavours of the Middle East, especially Morocco, I created a rub for white fish. Simple to put together, there is plenty to use for the following days and weeks. Just put away in a container. For the fish, I used Tilapia, but other white fish, such as Halibut and Cod can be used as well.

Recipe #427120

4 Reviews |  By Mirj

I came up with this version of hummous tonight and I am very pleased with it. This is a great carb meal for Somersizers with some toasted whole wheat pita or bread. You can vary the amounts of garlic and pepper to suit your taste, and add whatever spices you like.

Recipe #82859

This blend of heat, warm spices and colorful tumeric gets its inspiration from the marketplace of north Africa. Use as a rub on meats for the grill, in marinades and stews.

Recipe #376676

These are the traditional spices used in stews, soups, rice, etc. made in Oman.

Recipe #492862

ZWT7, Italy. Crisp romaine/cos lettuce and sweet orange slices are tossed with a light honey vinaigrette. 5 Stars on

Recipe #370046

This is a typical Persian beverage that is enjoyed by many Iranis and has a flavor that is not unlike a cross between grape juice and lemonade with a touch of flowers. It truly has to be experienced to get the full understanding of how good it is, and it goes wonderfully as a complement to any Middle Eastern meal.

Recipe #88546

Instead of buying a bottle that will sit in the fridge for ages and takes up space. I find it easier to make my own garlic sauce for when I eat falafel. It is a lot cheaper as well. Also you can adapt it to your own taste. it is very easy to make and takes up no time.

Recipe #396261

I didn't have much time late yesterday afternoon to search for a North African/Middle Eastern type yogurt-based salad dressing and came up with this rather quickly. No herbs other than mint were added and especially [no] spices so that the dressing flavors wouldn't collide with the flavors of the chicken: Recipe #414809. The amount of ingredients is estimated.

Recipe #474024

2 Reviews |  By KateL

Entered for safe-keeping. From June 2012 Vegetarian Times. Yet another version of this spice best known as seasoning in Moroccan couscous, as you will have to experiment to find your favorite version to suit your taste preference and spice availability. Compared to my Recipe #374781 #374781, this version has much less cinnamon, and a lot more ground coriander, and it uses smoked paprika. Ras El Hanout can contain up to 50 different spices and vary in heat and intensity. VT said its version is mild and simplified, yet full of flavor.

Recipe #479884

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