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127 Reviews |  By Lorac

Whenever we get back to the Boston area, it's a priority to to have a meal at Legal Seafoods. I recently "re-discovered" this recipe buried in old newspaper clippings. I had tried to recreate it in the past but now know I was missing the most important ingredient - buttermilk. I made it again after posting the recipe so I have edited the original description. It's even better than I remembered, you might want to try just a dash (or more) of cayenne pepper. It's delightful !

Recipe #86307

This is one of my recipes featured in Southern Living. A gal named "Dee" made this and brought it to our office about 40 years ago, and it's been my favorite mac salad ever since. She said you can put almost any fresh garden veggie in this and it will work.

Recipe #85341


Recipe #57228

This cheesecake is so beautiful to look at we almost hated to cut into it! I'm glad we did, because it's the all-time best strawberry cheesecake we've ever tasted! I now use the crust ingredients for many other desserts requiring graham cracker crusts. It is somewhat time-consuming, but is well worth the effort. Many times I do the crust and filling steps one day and the glaze/strawberry decorating the next. (I prefer lemon juice in the glaze or 1/2 lemon juice and 1/2 Grand Marnier rather than the full 3 T of Grand Marnier, but use your own taste as judgment!) It must be chilled thoroughly before serving. (Tweaked from a Taste of Home recipe...) JULY 2011, NOTE: I very rarely make the glaze topping anymore. I'd like to be virtuous and say I'm trying to reduce sugar content, but it's mainly because I usually am short of time or lazy. I make and chill the cheesecake, then cut stems off strawberries and prettily arrange them pointy-side up on the top before serving. The cheesecake is still as beautiful and SOOO good, so you decide which way you want to go.

Recipe #199491

My friend gave me this recipe many years ago, so it a part of my strawberry season memories.

Recipe #234819

A tasty breakfast treat that is made the day before and thrown in the oven when you all start thinking of breakfast.

Recipe #207748

A jug of wine, a loaf of bread and thou!

Recipe #230424

A fast and easy recipe when you don't want to take the time to make homemade pie crust. You may use fresh or frozen shrimp, but parboil frozen shrimp before assembling. Pie may be made ahead and refrigerated until needed, then reheated. (9/15/07 Note: This recipe is over 20 years old and was made when my kids were little. Now I'd be more adventurous and use perhaps pepper jack shredded cheese or green chiles, or other add-ins,but this recipe pleased my family at the time. Of course, pinch the crescent rolls together when you put them in the pan, so they won't separate. Have fun experimenting with this easy and versatile dish.)

Recipe #208944

The fresh peaches and sweet potato helps make this grilled chicken dish delicious and different.

Recipe #234821

My friend Linda gave me this recipe 20 years ago and my family likes it better than the traditional recipe. I like it too, because it's a heckofalot faster and I prefer sirloin to the round steak usually used in most beef stroganoffs..

Recipe #228642

Guests think this a more complicated dish than it really is!

Recipe #230416

This is pretty to look at and easy to make. Recipe has been used for at least 15 years. I'm not a canned salmon lover but my husband is -- even I like this! I use a 9" store-bought deep-dish pie shell, since I flunked making home-made shells.....

Recipe #225710

The ingredient list is daunting, but the results are well worth the effort. My friend Alice gave me this wonderful adaptation of a traditional Eastern European recipe. Gingersnaps in the sauce make this a cut above my hubby's Polish grandmother's "Golumbke". When served with mashed potatoes, crusty bread, and a fruit salad or vegetable of your choice you will have the ultimate in comfort food! (5/28/07: I have increased sauce quantities, since amount of sauce needed varies on how much cabbage is stuffed and size of cabbage head. This quantity will, I am sure, be plenty to cover all the bases!)

Recipe #211547

Every time I try another stuffed mushroom recipe, I return to this one because of its different and delicious taste and ease in making. My family jokes when I return to my old stand-by saying, "These are the bestest!" I've been making them for 25 years now (since I was 3 -- ha-ha!)

Recipe #220849

I received this recipe from my cousin Jeff at least 20 years ago and "tweaked" it a bit over the years. My family and friends always request it for special dinners. It's a wonderful side dish with roast beef, pork and poultry. (I have made this with half the quantities for less than 8 people.)

Recipe #207519

Good for when you're grillin' and chillin'

Recipe #230429

A variation of the ultimate lazy appetizer recipe from the 80's, when you threw shrimp over a block of cream cheese, poured cocktail sauce over it, and served with crackers. I do it this way for a bigger group and also because it's easier to spread on crackers. Note: Many times I use 3 cans (or 1/4 lb. fresh) shrimp, so I can satisfy greedy shrimp lovers who are there. (Note: You may not need to use the whole bottle of cocktail sauce -- use your judgement adding enough to cream cheese to make it spreading consistency and adding a layer of sauce on top of the mixture.)

Recipe #234696

My family loves this recipe, and I love it because it is so fast and easy to make! Use 3 tomatoes if they are large, otherwise use 4. (Note: Most any pasta can be used. I prefer linguini or spaghetti.)

Recipe #200422

Dug this one out of the old recipe file to make for lunch today and decided it was well worth sharing...I believe I originally found the recipe in a local newspaper's now defunct cooking column...I've also tried to make it more heart healthy by using ground turkey breast, a light sour cream and a lower sodium worcestershire...One proviso: Prepare the mixture 24 hours in advance and chill thoroughly in the refrigerator or the burgers may fall apart during the cooking process...

Recipe #228183

An excellent chicken recipe that I like serving with rice or pasta...Add a salad for a complete meal!

Recipe #151682

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