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Ελληνικά Greek / Greece

Greeks use food for everyday gatherings. Cooking is a big part of our lives. We want to show people our hospitality.' - Ioanna Hawkins Capital (and largest city) - Athens Official languages - Greek Government - Parliamentary republic Formation First known Greek civilizations - 3000 BC Last previously independent state - 1461 Independence from the Ottoman Empire - March 25, 1821 Recognized - 1829 Population 2001 census 10,964,020 Time zone EET (UTC+2) Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3) Calling code +30 Currency - Euro Part of my heritage
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From the Greek Gourmet Traveler Summer 2006 edition for Kerasma. This looks like bruschetta but with a spicy cheese spread topped with pieces of green pepper. Prep time is chill time.

Recipe #314008

From The Book of Greek Cooking (present from my second cousin.)Sometimes I get a craving for this and it hits the spot.(The sauce isn't supposed to be as lumpy as I made it in the picture. I forgot to stir it!)

Recipe #233501

Originally titled: Grilled Bread with Olive Paste, Marinated Anchovies and Red Florina Peppers. From the Summer 2006 edition of Greek Gourmet Traveler for Kerasma. Florina peppers are sweet pimiento peppers. Substitute sweet roasted red peppers if you can't get them.

Recipe #314062

Originally named: Grilled Bread With Creamed Florina Peppers & Smoked Trout. From the Greek Gourmet Traveler Summer 2006 edition for Kerasma. The picture of this was GORGEOUS (and that's saying something because I LOATHE fish.) I just wanted to eat them right off the page! It looked like a piece of bruschetta topped with the crushed peppers and a sliver of fish.

Recipe #314064

From Kerasma's brochure on Greek Peaches.

Recipe #314358

From Kerasma's Greek Gourmet Traveler Summer 2007 Edition. This recipe is by the Hotel Grande Bretagne's (In Athens, Greece) Executive Chef, Martin Kirchgasser. This recipe was part of the "Spa Foods" article. THIS FISH IS RAW.

Recipe #314709

From Kerasma's Greek Gourmet Traveler Summer 2007 Edition. This recipe is from Life Gallery Spa's Chef, Dimitris Lemonis. This recipe was part of the "Spa Foods" article.

Recipe #314710

From: New York’s 25: Taste Of Greece – Oct 16-Nov 18, 2006. “I had a dessert about 10 years ago at a Greek restaurant on Ninth Ave.,” says pastry chef Kate Zuckerman “I was astonished by how simple it was. A small ramekin of strained yogurt topped with some honey. To this day I am constantly playing with this flavor combination in my desserts.” - Chef Kate Zuckerman of Chanterelle "Serving Suggestions: These custards can be served with a crisp wafer or cookie or some fresh seasonal fruit (raspberries, blueberries, figs, melon, peaches, pineapple or strawberries)." Prep time is a guess, Cook time is chilling time.

Recipe #313938

From the June 27, 2008 Athens' Plus Magazine. "The more well-known “flaska” and the green flaska (are) from the island of Tinos." Use any eggplant if you're not in Greece :-) "This dish goes well with a fresh tomato sauce with hot pepper or even a spicy sauce made of Florina capsicums (bell peppers). It goes well with a light, aromatic Macedonian retsina, or a rose with high acidity in order to balance the oiliness." Prep and cook time a guess.

Recipe #313473

From the July 11, 2008 Athens Plus magazine. "Ideal as a dip or a side dish with fish or chicken" Make sure you get "wild" daisy blooms. Zaar won't recognize daises as an ingredient so that is why they are posted along side the garlic in the ingredient list.

Recipe #313469

Recipe #308280

From Kerasma's Summer 2006 Greek Gourmet Traveler magazine. By David Tsirekas, Owner-Chef, Perama, Sydney.

Recipe #315338

From: New York’s 25: Taste Of Greece – Oct 16-Nov 18, 2006 "California legend and peripatetic chef Jonathan Waxman draws on this classic Greek meze combo to create a dish that fits in with his Manhattan bistro, Barbuto." Prep time is an approximation, Cook time is a guess.

Recipe #313922

These dolmades have much more meat than rice in them which is how my dad always liked them. This is the first thing I remember cooking with my mom when I was little. She would let me "help" roll the dolmades.

Recipe #233134

From the Sept. 16, 2008 edition of the Dallas morning news. * * * * * * ******************************************************************************* This recipe was accompanied by an article which stated, "This recipe is one that St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in Fort Worth has used for many years under the expert supervision of Anna Panagopoulos. "It's her specialty," Marina Beasley says. Galaktoboureko is baked daily at the church's Greek festival, which is in its 41st year. And it's so popular that "we can't keep it in the coffee shop," Ms. Beasley says." * * * * * * * * * ******************************************************************************** NOTE: "Ms. Beasley recommends laying each large sheet of dough so that its width fits inside the length of a 9x13-inch glass baking dish, leaving half of the sheet lapping over the side of the dish. After brushing butter over the dough in the pan, lift the remaining width of the phyllo sheet, fold the layer over itself, and butter it, repeating 10 or 12 times for each of the top and bottom layers enclosing the custard."

Recipe #331297

Found this recipe (and description) at Australian Gourmet Traveller (yes, with 2 "L"s) online. "These can be filled with a sweetened mixture of fresh cheeses, as in this recipe, while regional variations may be filled with tahini, ground walnuts and cinnamon in Thrace, or with dried fruit and either finely chopped candied bergamot, orange rind or glacé figs in the Peloponnese." Recipe by Rodney Dunn. Prep time is a guess.

Recipe #315266

From the Summer 2006 edition of Kerasma's Greek Gourmet Traveler. Yield is a guess.

Recipe #315140

Original recipe from "Bread-Making" By the Greek philosopher Chrysippus in the second century B.C. Recopied into "The Philosopher's Banquet" by Athenaeus in the second century A.D. (This recipe has gone through the ages!) Recipe "modernazation" found in "The Philospher's Kitchen" by Francine Segan.

Recipe #246721

From the Oct. 3, 2008 Athens' Plus Magazine. Cook time is a guess.

Recipe #329927

The original name of this was, "Set passion fruit tzatziki with olive oil ice-cream and chocolate baklava cigar" This is a 3 part recipe, the passion fruit "tzatziki", the olive oil ice-cream and the chocolate baklava "cigar." Here is the accompanying recipe for Recipe #315381. This recipe was found at Australian Gourmet Traveler online. This recipe was created by George Calombaris, The Press Club. Prep time is a guess.

Recipe #315273

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