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Greeks use food for everyday gatherings. Cooking is a big part of our lives. We want to show people our hospitality.' - Ioanna Hawkins Capital (and largest city) - Athens Official languages - Greek Government - Parliamentary republic Formation First known Greek civilizations - 3000 BC Last previously independent state - 1461 Independence from the Ottoman Empire - March 25, 1821 Recognized - 1829 Population 2001 census 10,964,020 Time zone EET (UTC+2) Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3) Calling code +30 Currency - Euro Part of my heritage
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Use less flowers for more filled flowers, use more flowers for lightly filled flowers. From

Recipe #372544

Greek yogurt = Heaven. Basically, this is like frozen yogurt. Got this recipe from, the publishers of Greek Gourmet Traveler. Cook time depends on your ice cream maker or the temp. of your freezer.

Recipe #338993

Nostimos is the Greek word for "tasty" and this is exactly what this pizza is! Take whatever cheese pizza you like best and add on this delicious combination of toppings for the tastiest pizza yet! I made this up 4 or 5 years ago when I was at my aunt's house in Utah with my little sister and she had given us money to order a pizza when she and my uncle had to go out for a military event.

Recipe #333197

Now I'm not a fan of fish, but I think I'd try this. Found it in the 10/31/2008 edition of Athens' Plus magazine. They credit this recipe to Carlos Crego.

Recipe #334401

From "The Grecian Plate" cookbook. Mmm cheese! Use this Recipe #308328 recipe in this recipe.

Recipe #308269

Wonderful sweet cake from The Book of Greek Cooking by Lesley Mackley(present from my second cousin.)

Recipe #233328

From: New York’s 25: Taste Of Greece – Oct 16-Nov 18, 2006 "Greek flavors “just sing together”, says chef Jim Botsakos, “Although the cuisine is very simple, the Greeks like to celebrate the freshness of ingredients. The foods may be simple but some flavors can be quite complex.” - Jim Botsacos & John Piliouras of Molyvos. Prep time is a guess, Cook time is an approximation.

Recipe #313937

This goes great on pitas or Lavash, chicken or fresh vegetables. Yum! I was trying to find a substitute for Trader Joe's Spicy Feta Dip because my family will no longer buy it because it contains canola oil. This is not as thick and clumpy due to the fact I put it in the blender. I'll try to give the closest measurements I can because I made it by just throwing things into the blender.

Recipe #218215

From: Nychterida Restaurant, Akrotiri, Crete, Chef-owner Babis Mastoridis. recipe printed in the Greek Gourmet Traveler Summer 2006 edition. From looking at the picture accompanying the recipe, I'd say the dish is probably in an 8X8 baking dish. Prep (includes sitting time) and Cook time is an approximation.

Recipe #314020

A Greek meze to serve with roasted or marinated veggies, fried fish or even pita bread. From the cookbook, "The Best of Casual Mediterranean Cooking - Taverna" by Joyce Goldstein.

Recipe #281273

From the Summer 2006 edition of Kerasma's Greek Gourmet Traveler. This recipe was created by Panos Karatassos, Kyma Restaurant, Atlanta, Georgia.

Recipe #315167

From Kerasma's Fall 2005 edition of Greek Gourmet Traveler. This is a Greek meze (just like a Spanish "tapa".)

Recipe #315550

From "The World Of Greece: Odyssey" Magazine - May/June 2008 issue. This recipe is for the traditional Greek "Glyko Koutaliou" or "Spoon Sweet." "Syrup-laden baklavas, karydopitta, or even the thicker, cakey ravani-style desserts are served on holidays and special occasions, but the everyday sweet is customarily a spoonful of a glyko koutaliou. To this day, spoon sweets are a traditional offering, literally a sweet welcome for visitors into the Greek home, whether they’ve come for a chat or on a more formal occasion. Spoon sweets are also served at the village kafeneion, a teaspoon-sized serving on a small dish set before the guest or visitor with a glass of iced water and a cup of strong Greek coffee. Traditionally each household put up their own spoon sweets according to the availability of fruit in season. Sweets were made in small quantities, usually to recipes handed down from one generation to the next." Spoon sweet can be eaten by itself or spooned over yogurt or ice cream. Yield is a guess.

Recipe #314789

From the Summer 2006 edition of Kerasma's Greek Gourmet Traveler magazine. These looked YUMMY!!! Cook time includes chill time.

Recipe #315138

My mom's tabouli recipe that has been tweaked - the tabouli was a year long work in progress! The first picture is of the recipe prior to the major tweak - and it wasn't my favorite. Now, with the improved recipe, I could literally live off this stuff - especially when I pare it with Recipe #218012 or spread it in my Recipe #331572!

Recipe #232941

I LOVE RICE PUDDING!!! (Despite hating rice.) From "The Grecian Plate."

Recipe #308309

I LOVE RICE PUDDING!!! (Despite not liking rice.) From "The Grecian Plate." Edited (8 cups was too much too when I cooked it) This pudding is very thick (and YUMMY)

Recipe #308377

Now I love potato salad and this one is so different than my favorite - German potato salad :) From the September 19, 2008 edition of Athens' Plus Magazine. It was listed to go with a meal of European Barracuda!

Recipe #331261

From the July 4, 2008 Athens' Plus Magazine. Recipe created by featured chef Nikos Pouliasis. "(He) is the chef – and owner – of the famous Koukoumavlos (the word for a male owl in the local dialect) restaurant at Fira on the island of Santorini." This recipe never mentioned any pita bread but if I was making this, I'd put everything on a pita instead of separately on a plate so it'd be an actual gyro!

Recipe #313654

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