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Single (or 2) - Sandwich

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I was in the mood to try something new, and happily came up with this creation. It was a little more done up than a regular turkey sandwich, but still simple enough to make, and pleased the palettes of both my kids and husband! That makes it an instant success in this home =). It's also basic enough that you could substitute any type of meat or toppings you like, and it'd still be tasty. Hope you enjoy this one!

Recipe #327986

Just an old fashioned, plain ham sandwich. Perfect for packed lunches, and easy to make.

Recipe #220703

Whether your team WINS or loses your tastebuds will be satisfied! The secret is in the condiments...

Recipe #222902

One of my Grandson's favorites...and Grandpa's too. The key to this sandwich is twofold. One...don't overcook the egg. Two...use good onion rolls. Enjoy. CAUTION: The Surgeon General has determined that using deli ham instead of keilbasa will alter the nationality of this sandwich and could result in cultural pollution. It does work though.

Recipe #109504

I recently ate at a small lunch place in Southington, CT. I ate a version of this sandwich, although they used smoked pork loin instead of turkey. Obviously, if you happen to have any leftover pork loin or even roasted ham, feel free to substitute for the turkey. I made my own version at home, and the turkey was what I used (I also used the lesser amounts).

Recipe #98638

In the Summer, it's tomato sandwiches all the way but when you want a little more to your sandwich, this is always next on my list. OK- So this is a no brainer but it is sooo good! I've eaten sandwiches like this since I was a kid. I recently posted a picture of this on a swap that I had and I wasn't the only one that liked my sandwich like this! If you've never made this, do yourself a favor and try it out. :)

Recipe #371669

A sandwich that originated in Cuba! Yum! Adapted from Cooking Light magazine.

Recipe #178556

Just quick and easy. I have a Toastmaster Snacksters that seals the sandwiches. You can make in a frying pan. This recipe is for two. Just plain yummy.

Recipe #162312

Author Sue Grafton describes this sandwich in her book "Q is for Quarry". The protagonist moans in joy when she first tastes this. From the description, I just knew I had to try it. This is very good! You may be tempted to add mustard or other condiments, but don't. The flavors stand on their own.

Recipe #97357

22 Reviews |  By Derf

Nice quick lunch for yourself or for you and your honey. Recipe can be cut in half to make for one. We like to add 1 or 2 of the variations, there's always something left over in the fridge to be used up, use your imagination. (the oil can be replaced with veggie cooking spray, it works just as well) Our standard is deli chicken slices, a mix of cheddar and parmesan, green pepper sticks, and chopped green onions and fresh cilantro, served with hot salsa. Yummy!!!

Recipe #12787

This one sure is different but just might grab ya. My husband and I thought they were quite yummy.

Recipe #82162

A Weight Watchers treat with only the points from the tuna ,mayo, and wrap--about four points.

Recipe #137567

SANDWICH. This is the way a Reuben is served at a locally famous pub in my area.

Recipe #211645

Quick and easy lunch or light dinner.

Recipe #99478

This is a sandwich I made for my father (the man that hates everything that isn't just plain old meat and bread sandwiches) and he loved it!! I was so happy that I had to share this recipe with everyone, so I did! Thank you for trying it. ENJOY!

Recipe #80366

I like this sandwich paired with a soup for lunch. Toasting the croissant and using mayo means this sandwich holds up well to being packed in a lunch.

Recipe #191264

This is just a simple breakfast sandwich that my family loves. This sandwich can be eaten as is, or doctored any way you choose to suit your taste. Some like to add lettuce and tomato....some like to add cheese.....some prefer wheat bread...others prefer white.....just feel free to adjust any way you like!!!

Recipe #162949

I was just trying some different things out when I made this. I enjoyed the results. Note: Recipe makes 1 serving

Recipe #312058

Scrambled eggs spread on buttered white bread

Recipe #150527

For our 5 year olds lunch box for either snack time or lunch for his first year at kindergarten that are reasonably healthy but will bring a smile to his face when he finds them. Kids tire of the same old sandwich, so I came up with this as a new and fun way to make sure he doesn't skip his sandwich! I was surprised at how much lunch meat and cheese I was able to get in the muffin! If you child likes lettuce you could stuff some of that inside as well. You could actually fill the hole with just about any type of sandwich filling. :)

Recipe #249576

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