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Single (or 2) - Soup and Chili

Leftover soup makes a great quick lunch. Stored in the freezer it's handy when you need it.
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A recipe from a 3 or 4 ingredients recipe book I own. Great warm-up for cold days! I've substituted milk for the cream with no negative effects :)

Recipe #276990

Just the right amount for 2

Recipe #253167

This soup can be served hot as a traditional soup, but I also love it served cold for lunch on a hot day. It's mild - not spicy at all, but with lots of flavor.

Recipe #236659

Recipe #233029

Recipe from the Rio Caliente Hot Springs Health Spa in the Sierra Madre mountains near Guadalajara, Mexico.

Recipe #207615

This one is simple and inexpensive. My husband liked it a lot. He walked in while it was cooking and said, "Mmm". Normally, he would not touch split pea soup. It's practically vegetarian too--no bacon or ham hocks to touch--and yet still tastes great. Biscuits go really well with this. In fact, I think you need them to make a filling meal.

Recipe #270114

I love to fix this on a cool, rainy day. So simple and inexpensive yet full of flavor and always satisfying. The broth can be replaced with water and the spices can be varied to your taste. It is a very forgiving soup.

Recipe #189582

Recipe #61291

Lightened up for the warmer weather.

Recipe #216836

Steak and Shake was a franchise started in the Midwest. My father would take me there on special occasions. I loved their chili! This is a chili which would be ideal for children. It is very mild with a slight sweetness. I found this recipe on the internet @ I dunno4recipes. The recipe origionally called for 2 (15 ounce) cans of kidney beans drained, but I prefer the taste of chili beans better

Recipe #27171

Warm up your friends and family on St. Paddy's day with this delicious, flavorful soup. Originated from the Best of Bridge

Recipe #214894

This soup is good for a cold winter day for a quick meal.

Recipe #209395

From The original recipe suggests using the broccoli-cauliflower-carrot mixed vegetables. I couldn't find that mix so I used 1 cup of a broccoli-cauliflower mix and 1 cup of a carrots-corn-peas-lima bean-green bean mix. If you are using a shelf-stable tortellini (like Barilla) add an extra cup of liquid, either chicken broth or water. If you are using refrigerated or frozen tortellini, the amounts below should be satisfactory but use more if you like.

Recipe #213768

32 Reviews |  By Bev

I was looking for a way to use up some leftover turkey - Lo and Behold I came up with this wonderful soup from the Food Network on Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller. Seeing as the holidays are right around the corner and there will be plenty of leftover turkey in our kitchens, I thought I would share my new found treasure with you ;) This recipe is super easy and tastes great! Your family will never know they are eating leftovers. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I did.

Recipe #144905

88 Reviews |  By Vina

Don't let the sparse ingredient list fool you. This is a recipe that's so easy to make yet so delicious that everyone inhales it. My mother was raised on this soup and she served it often to us. My grown daughters now demand it when they are home. To this day, entering the house on a cold day and smelling this soup is the most comforting, delicious aroma imaginable. It's also non-fat if you use skim milk. (But I like half-and-half, myself!)

Recipe #74275

This came from a recipe a friend had. I added some different spices and deleted some ingredients my husband did not like. The result was this soup and it is very good. If you so desired it would very easy to add as many more ingredients (veggies) as you like. I used wide Amish egg noodles which make big, flat noodles in the soup but you could use any noodle you like.

Recipe #355406

3 Reviews |  By PaulaG

I needed something for lunch the other day that was healthy and good. This was originally made using Success Boil in Bag Brown Rice and the recipe now has been updated to show that 1 cup of cooked brown rice is used in the recipe. Hope you enjoy!

Recipe #88905

A recipe from Creamettes. I sometimes add diced white chicken meat or substitute cannellini beans for the corn. I've only used kluski-style egg noodles for this recipe, so I don't know how regular egg noodles would hold up.

Recipe #230947

3 Reviews |  By LA Chef

Go to Wal-Mart (or your local grocery store) and buy one of those cheap oven roasted chickens (any flavor will work, but lemon-pepper is the best in my book...) Enjoy a meal with the chicken, then toss it in the fridge. The next day, you have the perfect chicken soup chicken in the fridge! I like it because it is dirt cheap and provides me 2 meals. Plus the soup is better than anything in a can!

Recipe #190885

This recipe I got at a Weight Watchers meeting. Since this makes 1 serving I usually double or triple the recipe.

Recipe #185775

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