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You must have nokedli with your chicken paprikas. Also make these little fluffy delights for stew or any dish with a nice thick gravy.

Recipe #54823

Hungarian noodle dish served with braised meats and paprikash dishes. I come from a long line of Hungarian's and am a first generation Hungarian-American. We call it Nockerl and many Hungarian cookbooks call it by this name. Get over it.

Recipe #8563

1 Reviews |  By CAMom49

These are light and fluffy dumplings that are quite easy to prepare. They don't tend to be as heavy as other dumplings.

Recipe #268280

These little dumplings are delicious and fluffy and a stable in a traditional Danish Soup

Recipe #358908

This is another recipe from the forum. My Mom sometimes used dumplings instead of noodles in her chicken.

Recipe #189625

Homemade pasta or dumplings that can accompany any dish that would use pasta rice or potatoes.

Recipe #305409

3 Reviews |  By Nif

Warning - this is a real comfort food! My Grandma told me that her German Mother used to make these and not for comfort - it was making a meal out of things they had on hand. If they didn't have any eggs, they used more water. No bacon? They made it without! When I was younger, my family would get together and make up a huge batch of these and we always had soup as well as fried dumplings. I just loved watching my Mom, Aunts and Grandma chop everything and fry up the bacon and onions. They would get kitchen shears and cut the dumplings right into the splashing boiling water and it never seemed to bother them! I am not as tough as they are so I have made this recipe into my own and I don't get burned! :) I make this for my kids now and they love them! If you like things made from dough, you should love these! It's not that hard to make, it's about multitasking. I'm not sure where the name originally came from, but they have always been German bullets! Enjoy!

Recipe #418912

Light Fluffy dumpling that looks like a snow ball. Those southern thingies are pot pie noodles any good Dutchman could tell you that. This can be used for Sauerkraut dishes such as pork or hot dogs and sauerkraut or in our version of Chicken and dumplings, Ham and dumplings, Beef and.. you get the picture.. any meat stew.

Recipe #139491

Before modern baking powders were available, fresh breadcrumbs were often used in puddings and dumplings to give a light texture.

Recipe #440011

Thick and delicious pasta dumplings with the filling mixed right into the dough so you don't have to stuff them. Pronounced pyeh-RAW-ghee (this is the plural form, just one is called pierog, but they're so good you'll almost never eat just one.) This sweet cheese version topped with butter-browned bread crumbs makes for an interesting dessert, but also makes a nice light lunch.

Recipe #118246

1 Reviews |  By Jezski

Vintage recipe from St. Mary's Polish Church, McKeesport, PA. The name for this thick and delicious noodle stems from the fact you mix the cheese right into the dough. You don't even have to stuff the dumplings! It is an easy dish and very tasty. Meatless, it was a Lenten favorite years ago. We need to save these old-time recipes before they are gone forever! NOTE: You can substitute regular cottage cheese rinsed and drained VERY WELL. The farmer cheese called for is very similar in texture to cottage cheese; it is not the solid formed sliceable cheese you sometimes see... And the buttered breadcrumbs are key! It IS a Polish recipe, you know.

Recipe #263677

2 Reviews |  By Bunsby

I grew up with these perogies. Yummy! You can save potato water from potatoes you boil for your meal the night before. The water can be refrigerated and used the next day. Best to have at room temperature, though. You can use some of the dough right away and freeze the rest for a later date. Works well that way.

Recipe #31641

This is a very simple and traditional Polish recipe. Its very similar to Italian Gnocchi. There are 2 toppings included with the dumpling recipe.

Recipe #189248

1 Reviews |  By Jezski

Similar to #263677 Pierogi Leniwe (Polish Cheese Dumplings) but maybe a little easier and less time-consuming. Simple to make and very good. Great for Lenten meals. From a Slovenian Cookbook in my collection.

Recipe #367889

From the website of June Meyer who chronicles the home recipes of her mother on her website. Rivilchas are similar to the German spatzle and commonly used to strech out Hunagrian soups and stews. From her description, these are a bit noodle and a bit mini-dumpling. I have not tried this recipe but am posting it for the Zaar World Tour.

Recipe #140570

Pork Sauerkraut and Dumplings was always on my Grandmother's list for New Years Day. This traditional recipes uses the Pigs Knuckles instead. You can also use Hot Dogs. Put Hot Dogs into hot sauerkraut. If using Vegetarian Hot Dogs put in when you put the dumplings in. This recipes is NOT my Grandmothers. It is from: Pennsylvania Dutch Cook Book Fine Old Recipes, Culinary Arts Press, 1936.

Recipe #196682

This is quick and easy using Bisquick and a rotisserie chicken. There's no veggies here, but feel free to add what you like. Also we individually season our portions, according to what we'd like. Try a ground pepper blend, or smoked paprika, or dry chipotle seasoning, or a lemon herb blend.

Recipe #219330

16 Reviews |  By Bergy

Spaetzle are like noodles but better! They are served with many Hungarian meals and also Bavarian/German meals. They are used as the starch part of the meal in place of potatoes, rice or pasta Once cooked you can fry them in butter or just toss them with a little butter. Serve with gravy etc.your choice. The picture with the Spaetzle on the red plate is the way they look right after boiling them and have a little butter on them, they are quite good served plain like this. The photo in the fry pan is the way I like them most. I used a little bacon dripping, fried some onions and mushrooms added the cooked spaetzel and browned it very slowly took approx 30 minutes. Chopped bacon is also very good mixed in. Spaetzel is a nice change from regular pasta.

Recipe #19844

8 Reviews |  By MBP

You must have a spatzle maker to use this recipe! It is a grater with very large holes and a container that passes back and forth to press the rather runny batter through the holes.

Recipe #16676

This is a fake-out recipe. Not really spaetzle, made with kluski NOODLES. Great side dish. Easy make-ahead.

Recipe #265709

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