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Vinegar So Good It WILL Almost Catch Flies

[Cover photo by Rita L.] Seasoned vinegars to cook with or give as gifts.
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Another Aquavit recipe, this vinegar/pickling solution is truly delicious. According to Marcus Samuellson, it can be used on anything from berries to herring. I used it to make his pickled beets and loved it. It's easy to make and just needs to to marinate for at least six hours. It will keep in the fridge indefinitely.

Recipe #122894

3 Reviews |  By Rita~

Here's a spicy vinegar for those of you that like it HOT! You can use any chili pepper you can get. Use to flavor your salad dressings or to marinade any piece of meat you like. This is a great way to display the excess peppers from your garden. It's so pretty I've seen people not use it and just display the pretty bottles. Great for gift giving.Oh Yes you can eat the peppers if you can handle them!

Recipe #102420

1 Reviews |  By Rita~

Nice to gift wrap and put into a fruit basket. This takes 1-4 weeks to infuse flavors. Can be doubled.

Recipe #69092

Make this for a gift or for yourself. I've also added the herb version on the bottom of this recipe

Recipe #46465

Herbal vinegars are easy to prepare, beautiful to look at and can be used in any recipe that calls for vinegar. Plus they make great gifts from your garden. The prodecure for making any herbal vinegar is the same, no matter what herb or combination of herbs you are using. All you need are some herbs, top quality vinegars, glass jars and a glass or stainless steel saucepan. For the best retention of flavors, store flavored vinegars in the refrigerator or a cool dark place. If properly prepared, flavored vinegars should retain good quality for two to three months in cool room storage and for six to eight months in refrigerated storage. -=Attention=- Should you decided to display pretty bottles of herb and fruit vinegars on a kitchen window sill. If left out for more than a few weeks, these bottles are then considered as decoration and not used in food preparation.

Recipe #1380

Makes a nice gift or decoration in your kitchen. For use in salad dressings or on steamed veggies.

Recipe #145585

Herb Companion May 2005. This should be a no brainer but if you are like me and just hit the wrong key and sent this back a page and had to retype it.. Enjoy with grilled fruit and in dressings and sauces.

Recipe #142515

The recipe, from Ontario's Cataract Inn, is an excellent base for a salad dressing. The vinegar keeps well if refrigerated; expect it to last about a year.

Recipe #122188

Another treat from my Southern belle MIL. Goes well in Green Goddess Dressing recipe. NOTE: You can make basil and rosemary vinegar this way also.

Recipe #121125

Recipe #81387

This recipe is posted by request. Original recipe from "The Rodale Food Center".

Recipe #70730

Recipe posted by request. Original poster is "Rodale Food Center".

Recipe #70718

From Aglaia Kremezi. If a fragrant peach is not available, dried apricots or other fresh fruits such as pears, strawberries or raspberries can be substituted. Also, instead of fresh rosemary, try dried Mediterranean oregano, thyme or savory -- herbs that are more robust in their dried form as opposed to fresh. Use this vinegar to dress salads, especially delicate ones that include fruit. 3-4 week standing time.

Recipe #65709

From Aglaia Kremezi. Her attempt to create an interesting vinegar resembling balsamic vinegar. It has a deep flavour and a woody aroma, and makes an excellent addition to any salad or raw or cooked vegetables. 3-4 week standing time.

Recipe #65708

Using this spiced vinegar in place of regular vinegar to make pickled beets or marinated bean salad will give either a great depth of flavor. I often use this vinegar to make my barbeque or rib sauces or for use in salad dressings. I keep this on-hand at all times and keep finding new uses for this tasty concoction with a kick!

Recipe #63820

This is so good! I use it to make Recipe #62483. Great in a salad!

Recipe #62481

This is a fast and easy recipe for making herbal vinegars, using the herbs in your garden. Since the herbs oxidize extremly fast, it looks better if you use it right away. Since it is so simple you can make the vinegar anytime you need it. This recipe is from the recipe book Flavored Vinegars by Michael Chiarelle.

Recipe #62290

We were overwhelmed by chilies and rosemary a few years ago and decided to buy some pretty containers to put this "infused" vinegar in. Great as a gift!

Recipe #62261

Mixed with good olive oil, this makes a fabulous delicate salad dressing or marinade.

Recipe #30845

Stefan and Emily used to make this stuff when her herb garden was overly productive. The last batch I made was with a blend of thyme, summer savoury, basil, oregano and a bay leaf.

Recipe #24478

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