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    Feeling Fit Friends 2013

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    Jacqueline in KY
    Sun Mar 10, 2013 11:35 pm Groupie
    Good for you Laury on getting your exercise in. I got a fair amount in today, too. Not stuctured though so I need to work on that. I will be gone tomorrow, I have an appointment with my shoulder doctor.

    Laury, white out should work on those forms with no problem. Have you held an ice pack on your face for the swelling? I have never heard of it staying swollen this long. Couple or three days is all I have ever seen and I have worked in a dental office in the past. Hope it goes down soon.

    Miss hearing from everyone else.
    Mon Mar 11, 2013 1:01 am Groupie
    Laury, good you had someone come and explain your Medicare and Medicaid. Sorry to hear that you have to redo some of your paper work for the lung specialist. But at least it will be covered for you. Good that you are getting some meals too. It will take some pressure off Tom, hopefully his comes soon too. Happy you are able to walk again.

    Jacqueline, don't worry your exercise will be come more regular. Did you have fun at the party you attended?

    Me, sorry I thought I had checked in recently, I must have been getting mixed up with Facebook. LOL Friday I had both girls with me when I went to my son's appointment,as it was a Pro-D day and they didn't have school. I spoiled them rotten. I forgot about packing them a snack,as I am usually fine with my coffee until lunch time, so I had to stop at a gas station for snacks and all I could find was chips so I bought all 3 their own small bag of chips. I really don't think they ever had their own bags before, as we normally share a big bag and it takes us 2-3 snack times to finish it. After his appointment we went out for lunch at Subway, then window shopping at Toys R Us, Walmart and London Drugs. Then we dropped DS off at school and went to the mall, walked though the whole thing as I was looking for the price on an electric knife, and we went purse shopping for one DD as she won a gift certificate for the mall. We got followed by security in one store, we entered the top floor, went straight to the lower floor and wondered around housewares. Maybe because we were in Walmart clothing not Sears icon_lol.gif , I am so evil I just snickered and rolled my eyes when I walked out if her sight. That is when I started looking closer at things. We then went food shopping at 2 different stores. We left home just before 9 and didn't get home until just after 4:30. I considered that my workout for the day.

    Last night I had a shorter workout, just Jillian's Level 1 30DS and PT exercises x2. I was too tired for the elliptical. Then tonight I did the full workout. I did have to stop after 16 minutes on the elliptical for a drink of water and to cut up the Apple Cake so everyone would eat it while I finished my workout.
    Mon Mar 11, 2013 7:40 am Groupie
    Jacqueline, I think exercising by staying busy is almost as good as structured exercise. You will find yourself doing structured exercise soon.

    tasb. it sounds as if your children and you got a lot of walking in. Then you get even more exercise in later. That's great!!

    I only got 2 walks in yesterday. Once Tom woke up we were watching TV and I kept falling asleep. He suggested I just take a long nap. I woke up with a headache and decided to do a lot of things I needed to get done. Today I walked another 20 minutes and hope to do 1 more later. Tomorrow since my doctor's appointment is late afternoon - 3PM I do no exercise but just rest or stay quiet until it's time to go. I went over all the paper work for the doctor and the only thing I needed to redo is my computerized medicine sheet. That would have had to be changed anyway before I see my doctor next week

    Jacqueline, the reason my mouth is taking so long to heal is my immune system is kept very weak. When it has strength, it attacks my body. That's how rheumatoid arthritis works. The only drug which helps stop that is aspirin. I'm allergic to aspirin.
    Tue Mar 12, 2013 1:36 am Groupie
    Laury, good you are listening to Tom and getting the rest you need. It will take time to heal from your surgery and stress, get lots of rest. Hope you were able to get in your last walk today.

    Me, well I had a horrible sleep last night, I didn't turn off my phone until 11 and didn't get to sleep until after midnight. Then slept horribly all night. I was tired all day today, but still was able to get around to doing my workout tonight with more energy put in then I have been putting in lately. I was able to get more mileage in on the elliptical tonight in the same 48 minutes. Also I did my Level 1 30DS, and PT x2.
    Leggy Peggy
    Tue Mar 12, 2013 1:42 am Groupie
    Hi everyone wave.gif
    Sorry for my absence, but life remains hectic here.
    The city just celebrated its 100th birthday.
    What a lot of activities we've had. Lots of fun, but busy, busy.
    Trying to get the house tidy, which seems a never ending task.

    Laury, such a pity that you are allergic to aspirin.
    Keep resting and listening to Tom and the doc.
    Jacqueline, good to know your strength is recovering.
    tasb, hope you sleep better tonight.
    Alisa Lea
    Tue Mar 12, 2013 7:29 am Groupie
    Hey y'all. Not much to report here. I'm hanging in there, eating healthy most of the time and going to Zumba. The time change always kicks my butt for a week or two, I went to bed early last night and stayed in bed an extra 20 min this morning (DD is on spring break) and I'm still tired. <yawn> It's only Tuesday and I'm already ready for the weekend. icon_rolleyes.gif
    Tue Mar 12, 2013 8:53 am Groupie
    I hope that you slept better last night, tasb! Good for you that you were able to exercise even though you were tired!!

    Leggy Peggy, don't worry about taking a break from here. I know that life has to come first. That's why I stepped down from being a host. My life is too complicated for me to make myself be here everyday.

    Jacqueline, was your shoulder doctor happy with your progress?
    Are you able to do more things?

    We are having a very rainy day today. It's even making Tom's body hurt. He has slight arthritis. I have a huge amount of arthritis and my body is very painful. We still have that doctor's appointment today. I hope I like him more than I liked my old lung specialist.

    Last edited by ~Laury~ on Tue Mar 12, 2013 9:33 am, edited 2 times in total
    Tue Mar 12, 2013 8:55 am Groupie
    Recipe Reader
    Tue Mar 12, 2013 10:40 am Groupie
    Hey everyone, just checking in here.

    Jacqueline, I hope things are good with your shoulder and Tasb, I hope you are well rested.
    Leggy Peggy glad you're having fun!
    Laury, good luck with your appt today, sorry for the rainy weather.
    I'm going along like Alisa Lea, not much news to report.

    I am eating fairly healthy and I am walking everyday. Losing a couple of pounds a month right now. I'm not really working too hard at it, so that's fine with me.

    Have a good week, everyone!
    Jacqueline in KY
    Tue Mar 12, 2013 10:46 pm Groupie
    I am like Alisa Lea and Recipe Reader, not much to report. I am trying to eat healthy, but my PCP got on to me today because I have gained 4 lbs since my shoulder surgery. Frankly, to have to sit on my rear for 2 months I don't think that is too bad. I really did work hard at not gaining though.

    Laury and everyone, my shoulder doctor was very happy with my progress but says I still have a long way to go. I didn't need to hear that but I guess he thought I did. I go back to PT tomorrow and get to get more aggressive with my program, I am happy about that.

    Today has been a busy day, so much going on and my house so needs a good cleaning. May be I will get it done on Thursday, Leggy Peggy, I am jealous you are getting yours done.

    Tasb, how do you pass the time when you are on your ellipitical? Mine is seated so it is kind of like riding a stationary bike and I get so bored.

    Sure do miss Joyful Cook, Bonnie an all the others that use to post. I wonder if Bonnie is still in Peru?
    Wed Mar 13, 2013 1:02 am Groupie
    Jacqueline, I use music to keep me going on my elliptical, but only upbeat music. I tend to go the beat of the music, so if it is a slower song I tend to go slower which is what I don't want. I have put together a workout music mix on my phone, I only listen to it when I am on the elliptical. I have stopped listening to music at work so it can motivate me at home.

    Recipe Reader, as long as the scale is going down you are going the right way. Way to go on keeping up with your eating and walking.

    Laury, I hope the rain lets up soon where you are. Try and get some rest and relax that body.

    Alisa Lea, I sure wish I could blame time change for my lack of sleep. Good for you getting in Zumba and healthy eating.

    Leggy Peggy, good to see you checking in. Hope things settle down soon.

    Me, well I got in my 4th workout this week, Jillian, elliptical and PTx2. I am feeling not too bad. Still not sleeping, but I am at the point of accepting I just don't sleep well. I was up every hour last night. I do tend to get a nap in most days after I get home from work, or at least time just stretched out on the couch. I am trying my best to eat healthier, but I can easily get sucked back into eating something fattening easily. We had burgers tonight as I was just too tired to cook anything that required brain power, I regret not popping something into the oven when I got home which was my original thought when I was at work. I have salad fixings in the frig, but just didn't want to deal with them. I do have to give myself a pat on the back for atleast having Greek Salad earlier this week, and fresh veggies as a side dish another night.
    Wed Mar 13, 2013 8:00 am Groupie
    Recipe Reader, it's wonderful that you are able to go walking everyday!! That plus eating healthy will help you lose some weight.

    Jacqueline, gaining only 4 pounds is not that significant especially since you weren't able to exercise. I hope that you enjoy going to pt and get readu to wok a little more on exercises.

    tasb, I hope that youo start sleeping better soon. I still don't see how you can exercise when you are that tired, I wish I could exercise when I was tired.

    I went to the new lung doctor yesterday, He wants to take a piece of my lung to study it. There are 2 ways he can do this. He can put it scope with a brush down my wind pipe or he can have a surgeon drill 3 holes in my ribs to get to my lungs. They both sound painful and I don't like either idea all that well. I am going to be spending today pretty much offline so I can stay in bed and think. I may not be here everyday because I need a lot of alone time.

    Have a good week all!!
    Jacqueline in KY
    Wed Mar 13, 2013 10:31 pm Groupie
    Laury a biopsy of your lung is probably a good idea and even though it doesn't sound good if it can help in the long run it would be a good thing. Pray about it. Hope you get a lot of rest and thinking done.

    Tasb, I need to hunt my I-pod out and see if I can get into my I-tunes account and get me some decent music or I guess I could put it on my tablet if I can't find my i-pod. You asked a few posts back how the party went, well it was very nice. Didn't understand much that was being said, but we enjoyed ourselves and it was just wonderful seeing what a close knit family they are. We got home at 2 AM and I was beat.

    Talked to the Physical Therapist today about my hips hurting me when I try to walk or do much on my elliptical and she told me if I could get my PCP to write and order for it that we could work on them along with my shoulder, so I stopped by his office and he wrote the order so I have a feeling PT is going to get much more intense. I can't wait.

    Hope everyone is doing OK.
    Alisa Lea
    Thu Mar 14, 2013 7:09 am Groupie
    Oh Laury I know that sounds scary, but with a biopsy maybe they can tell what's really going on and find a way to help you. Hang in there girl!

    I've started something new. Every time I go to the restroom at work (and with all the water and green tea I drink that's SEVERAL times a day) I do 25 squats and 25 wall pushups. Hey every little bit extra helps! And I can definitely feel it in my shoulders and ribs this morning.
    Leggy Peggy
    Thu Mar 14, 2013 7:20 am Groupie
    Alisa Lea wrote:

    I've started something new. Every time I go to the restroom at work (and with all the water and green tea I drink that's SEVERAL times a day) I do 25 squats and 25 wall pushups. Hey every little bit extra helps! And I can definitely feel it in my shoulders and ribs this morning.

    Such good thinking. Habit is a wonderful routine. icon_wink.gif
    I do big stretches whenever I sit on the couch.
    I do different stretches in other places. Makes a difference, I hope.
    Must now add a toilet-break stretch or exercise routine.
    Thanks for an idea that was already staring at me.

    Laury, I agree with others. The biopsy may give you/docs many answers.
    Sorry that it's scary, but it is what it is. And may help in the long-term.

    tasb, sorry you can't sleep. Sometimes I can't. So annoying,

    Hope everyone else is doing well.

    As for me, I'm putting together a video for a competition to win six
    months of all-expense-paid travel. I have to post it by Monday. I am
    already a travel blogger and hope my experience helps me.
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