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    Feeling Fit Friends 2013

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    Fri Jan 04, 2013 9:07 am Groupie
    Weight Watchers is great for those who want to lose weight and keep track of how much fat and calories they eat. I prefer to just eat healthy and go to the 2 month goals my doctor and I work out.

    tasb, I can't believe that the youth group, or the youth group would leave anything you had to clean or fix. That is just wrong
    especially leaving an oven on. You did get your exercising in and that is fabulous.

    Debbul, there is little to no chance that my doctors will lower the amount of medicines I take. I actually have had some great blood draws and my doctor feels I should still keep taking my diabetes to make sure it stays that low.

    Jacqueline, I hope that you only have something minor causing yoir shoulder pain. I do know wiping with my left hand would be difficult.

    Bonnie G, I also count housework as exercise and when I want to exercise, I often will dust or straighten things so the exercising gets done.

    I have no idea why my body has decided to give me problems today. I am going back to rest.
    Jacqueline in KY
    Fri Jan 04, 2013 8:38 pm Groupie
    I have thought about joining WW on line myself, but don't know if I'd stick to it. My problem isn't that I eat too much, because I can't but I eat the wrong types of food. I have got to get back on track with my eating habits and I don't know how that is going to work with me being a one armed bandit for a while, I know how that will work with exercise, it will be null. OK I am going to try to use my elipitcal and there is no reason I shouldn't be able to, since it is a seated one, and I can forego the arms.

    I need some postive vibes sent my way for me to get on track because I have gone way to far off track and I have spent too much money, time and effort to have come this far and let it all go.
    Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:06 pm
    Forum Host
    Tasb, have echo everyone else cannot believe they be such slobs and leaving the oven on could be very dangers.

    Bonnie, you are in great company as every woman I have ever known counted house work, gardening and even some types of cooking (ok only my mother on the cooking) as house work.

    Jacqueline, sending you all the support I can!
    One little tip that instead of trying to make a major change or revamping your whole program that you just change one little thing. Then after about seven or eight weeks when it has become a habit you make another little change and keep going from there. It takes about seven to eight weeks for each little change to become a habit.
    Sat Jan 05, 2013 1:55 am Groupie
    Thanks again everyone. I decided to not say anything until I get back to work on Tuesday, then heads will roll. I am tired of the messes left. I am not a janitor and I shouldn't be cleaning on holidays. Plus things shouldn't be left for the janitor anyways. I have done my best over the years to leave as polite as I can possibly make, for people to clean up messes, clean out the frig, but they all get torn down. I guess people dont like it.

    I put all my excuses aside. It is 10:45 pm and I just got off the elliptical. I was trying to make the Friday excuses and my shoulder hurts, but I did it anyways. I just held on for dear life to the heart monitor bars since they are stationary, but I went up to level 6 resistance to make up the fact I wasn't using my arms and gave in and started using my arms on my second round of level 6. Kinda regret that now. But I know I need to build more muscle for my shoulder, it stops hurting once I get into building some lean muscle. Shouldn't scrubbed my cupboards so hard I guess. I also told my hubby for the second time I have promised myself I would do this, so hopefully he starts getting on my case to do this. But we do have a kind of unspoken rule that we don't pressure each other. He knows I am very sensitive and take things the wrong way sometimes. I don't know why I do.

    Laury, hope you got some rest today.

    Jac, spending you some healing vibes. Hope all goes well with you.

    Debbwl, how goes you battles?
    Sat Jan 05, 2013 12:01 pm Groupie
    Jacqueline, I hope that you are able to get yourself to use the elipitcal, Do what you can where you are compared to how you will ve able to fix your shoulder.

    Debbwl, I agree with you in changing one thing at a time. When I look at a situation where I need to make many changes I get overwhlemd and change nothing.

    tasb, very good job with exercising!!

    I am sorry but once again I am not feeling well. We went out for breakfast with my sister, nephew and BIL. They were noticing that I seem very weak, pale and tired. I have decded to not exercise until Tom tells me to do so. I do need a lot more rest. I simply don't understand why,

    Have a good weekend, all!
    Alisa Lea
    Sat Jan 05, 2013 1:30 pm Groupie
    I dragged myself off to Zumba this morning, even though I really didn't feel like it. I made it through class ok but stopped at the grocery store on the way home and that wiped me out. I need to get over this crap because I'm suppose to start working OT on Monday (10-11 hour days). I've been staying on track with eating healthy and keeping my food log. Actually looking forward to stepping on the scale Monday!
    Sat Jan 05, 2013 1:55 pm
    Forum Host
    Yah tasb for putting the excuses aside! So very sorry your shoulder hurts hope it gets better soon.

    Just thought we are one fine lot with yours and Jacqueline’s shoulders, Bonnie’s foot, Laury’s overall health issues and well my just getting crosswise.

    Laury so sorry you could not enjoy your family breakfast how disappointing and stressful because I am sure you did not want them to know you did not feel well.

    Alisa Lee can almost feel your energy and excitement from the Zumba class. You go girl!!!

    Ok now back to the question of how I am doing with my battle. Well let’s think roller coaster yesterday was a straight down as the bumping going on at work (worried I could be bumped either into a position I hate or out of a job all together), staying OT to help offset DH’s unemployment and a giant can of mixed nuts left on my desk with a big bow, just led to one big binge but did get in a 20 minute walk on my lunch break.

    Today I was up 3 pounds (thinking water weight from all the salt) “Yes I know bad Debbie” but I did make the herb tea bag to a litter of water am drink on it as I type. The even better up is DH and I walked up to Target to buy the stuff for veggie soup tonight and that is about a 2 to 2.5 mile walk round trip. icon_biggrin.gif
    Bonnie G #2
    Sat Jan 05, 2013 2:36 pm Groupie
    Jac, my best wishes and good thoughts are flying your way, you've enough going on with your shoulder right now - don't beat yourself up over eating, that will come when you are feeling better. Right now you just need to prepare for that surgery.

    Debb, great advise on one small change at a time, once you are successful at that then you can move ahead. As to your rollar coaster - well, my guess is that's pretty normal for all of us. The important thing is to KNOW what went wrong - recognize it and move on to the next positive step. And your weight shows you know how to do that, specially with the stress of the economy these days. Hope everything goes well with your job.

    Laury, just get the rest you need - sometimes our bodies are just trying to tell us something and you need to listen.

    tasb- Great job with the eliptical. I have one at home and have a really hard time going much more than 5 minutes at a time so you blow me away.

    Alisa - it should be a "happy time" on Monday when you weight, sounds like you are doing great.

    I'm now trying to add more walking time to my schedule and have been mildly successful with that. But afraid my eating yesterday went on that "rollar coaster" ride and it was a diffinant down hill run. Seems when DH is off, there's always someplace to go and differant things to try - Just an excuse I know, but love trying the differant foods around here and afraid the Trini food is NOT what you'd call light.
    Sat Jan 05, 2013 4:45 pm Groupie
    Alisa Lea, good job on doing a Zumba class today. On days when you have to work 10 or 11 hours, some people feel that taking walks at lunch or sometimes using the stairs instead of the elevator is a good thing.

    It was very obvious that I was not feeling well at lunch. I didn't say anything but I looked extremely pale and uncomfortable.I did apologise for not being my normal self. My sister and her family told me that apologizing was not necessary since I had no control over how I feel.

    Debbwl, good job on walking at lunch and up to Target!!

    I am going to not exercise until I feel much better. I don't feel its a cop out in my situation.

    Last edited by ~Laury~ on Sun Jan 06, 2013 7:02 am, edited 1 time in total
    Sun Jan 06, 2013 12:08 am Groupie
    Laury, sorry to hear that you aren't doing well. Get lots of rest. You have such understanding family. They knew you were pushing yourself to be with them and understood that you shouldn't be.

    Alisa Lea, wow 10-11 hour work days and exercise. You go girl. When I do shifts like that I am dead. And I don't do them that often. Actually I have only done one this year.

    Debbwl, I think that is why we are such a good group, we aren't all gung-ho fitness guru's so we can understand each others daily struggles just to maintain what we do. Don't worry about the set backs, eating nuts have some benefits too. Just put any leftovers in a place where everyone else can share them, maybe put a note saying you are thankful for them, but gotta share. Good you and your hubby got out for a walk. The work situation I could totally understand. Every year near fiscal and school year end we are all stressed that we may be cut. I have taken an hour cut last year so we could keep everyone employed to the end of the school year. Then I came back this year with the hour cut still and no raise.

    Bonnie, I have had to work to get my minutes as high as I have. When I first got one years ago it was hard, I was going backwards every few minutes just trying to keep on going, thankfully muscles have memory so I don't have to start from scratch everytime I give up on it. icon_lol.gif Enjoy your eating new foods. Must be such a taste adventure. Just going to have to walk a little further before eating icon_twisted.gif icon_wink.gif

    Jac, have you tried out your elliptical right now to see how hard it is? try to get in as much lean protein as possible before your surgery. Any surgery is stressful, no matter how beneficial it will be after you are healed. And stress usually turns into eating not so well. I know I did the same thing before my gallbladder surgery. I knew fats, dairy flared it up, but guess what I was eating alot of.

    Me, well day 5/5, 32 minutes this time around so I could get in that 3rd round of level 6 resistance. Today was a very lazy day, I spent the morning on the couch, even dozed off for a bit. Even had a surprise visit.SIL came by, she was up shopping for hubby's dad, he became a bachelor this summer, when his wife left him. Hubby and SIL have been helping out, but doing their best not to make him dependent, which he has been trying to do. Especially with SIL her round trip between her home and his is over 600 km. We are about 30 km away. Hubby has taken him to the local store a couple times, but hubby was never really close to his father so he can lose patience. I also baked bread today, we were down to 1 slice. I made 6 loaves, but we ate 1 loaf and 2 slices for dinner. I was bad and had 3 slices with my bowl of chili, couldn't help myself, it was that good.
    Sun Jan 06, 2013 7:13 am Groupie
    Alisa Lea, I do know that working 10 or 11 hour days is exhausting. When I had to retire in 1995 I was often putting in that type of day. I hope that you won't have to work OT all that long.
    Debbwl, nuts are very good for your body. They are usually high calorie but the nutrition is good. I know that my diabetes instuctor did mention keep nuts around if every I start feeling like I am running out of energy.
    tasb, good job with keeping up the exercise.
    So far, today, I have done 2 10 minute walks. I have one more to do. The third one I usually wait on until Tom's turn on the computer. When he takes his turn, I go into the bedroom and do my last walk, watch TV and read my Kindle.
    Bonnie G #2
    Sun Jan 06, 2013 1:53 pm Groupie
    Hello friends, it's been a lovely weekend and we spent some time at a huge local farmers market - it was so much fun and picked up a lot of fresh veggies for the week. So many of them I don't recognize, but got a lot of the old stand bys such as tomatoes, eggplant, broccolli and even some locally made cheese that is great - it was all so fresh and so cheap buying it local. Now we have plenty of veggies on hand for the week. To make it even better, parked several blocks away and walked over to the site.
    Sun Jan 06, 2013 6:29 pm
    Forum Host
    Tasb, please don’t beat yourself up over the bread you will just do better tomorrow. Great job on getting the exercise in and moving up to resistance 6.

    Laury, so glad you are feeling better enough to get some walking in.

    Bonnie, your day sounds heavenly to me. Love going to famer’s marks and in a new country with all kinds of new foods how fun and that counts as exercise to me.

    Well my roller costar is going back down again as spend the day dealing with DH and his issues which prevented me from exercising icon_sad.gif but on an up note did get breakfast and lunch made for the next two days which will be a big help as I will be on OT.
    Alisa Lea
    Sun Jan 06, 2013 7:44 pm Groupie
    Hope everyone has had a good weekend. Tasb, fresh baked homemade bread is hard to pass up. I know it's one of my weaknesses. Bonnie, I love going to the farmers market, and you have a great opportunity to experience new and different produce. There's a farmers market in Galveston on Sundays. If I stay well and the weather is nice I may go next weekend.

    I'm finally feeling better but now DH is sick. I've done pretty good over the weekend, drinking water and keeping my food log. I did go over on calories yesterday but it was all healthy food, just a little too much of it. At least I wasn't standing in front of the freezer with the ice cream and a spoon! icon_lol.gif

    Tomorrow is Monday and a whole new week. Another chance to eat healthy, exercise and take good care of our selves!
    Mon Jan 07, 2013 12:54 am Groupie
    Laury, good job getting in 2 walks, you have probably did #3 by now. Happy to see you are up and about already.

    Bonnie, yummy, fresh veggies from farmer's markets, I don't get to them often, hubby isn't a patient shopper. I love going to the Saturday ones because it is a block long, I walk through atleast 3 times, once checking things out, come back start buying and a third time to make sure I got everything I was drooling over the first walk icon_biggrin.gif . Try any strange veggies?

    Debbwl, good for you getting some prep done, it sure helps stay on track and not to for something easier. I tried not to get too upset with the bread, normally I don't eat that much, as I bake it all the time.

    Alisa Lea, Good for you keeping up with your food log. I could never keep one as a cook, I can't keep track of all those testing spoonfuls I eat in a day. I am getting better at seasoning things so I have to taste test less often.

    Me, I had a LAZY day, I spent the day on the couch watching tv. I just wasn't feeling too well. I was even dizzy when I got up for my second coffee. But the excuses are getting easier to deal with. Since I was too lazy all day I did push back my exercise, but got it in, but I was able to work myself up to be happy to exercise. I wasn't doing to and dreading it. I put it off until the kids were in bed, even though I was ready before, my youngest doesn't like getting sweaty kisses and hugs.
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