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    Feeling Fit Friends 2013

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    Jacqueline in KY
    Thu Jan 31, 2013 3:58 pm Groupie
    Hey folks, good to see everyone still posting, but me. LOL I hurt my shoulder at PT on Monday and had to go back to the pain meds for a bit.

    Laury you asked how did driving go, well I won't be driving again for a while, I didn't wreck or hit anything but it sure was hard on me and very uncomfortable.

    Bonnie I have a non-diet related question. My Ninja came in yesterday, I have read a little about it and when it says place potatoes in the bottom of the pot and then the rack, do you put that rack over the veggies and lay the meat on top of it?

    Ladies it is so good to see you all helping Laury and each other out and the encouragement from here radiates. I appreciate everyone of you.

    Please keep those good thoughts and prayers coming, I so want to get on with life quicker than the doctor said.
    Granny Moses
    Thu Jan 31, 2013 4:43 pm Groupie
    Hi. This finally let me in. Last time it did everything disappeared before I could hit post. It's great to get to be with you all. New faces, too! That's wonderful.

    I have a lot of catching up to do. You all were on page 8 last time I could get in.

    Hope everyone's January was as successful as they had planned. I call mine successful. I had a few NSVs (non-scale victories). I can actually feel my hip bones when I put my hands on my hips. Also some of that bra overhang on my sides is vanishing. I didn't get to to the doc office for a monthly weigh due to the weather. I hope to do that next Tues so I can use it as a reference point.

    Have a super weekend! icon_smile.gif
    Fri Feb 01, 2013 12:40 am Groupie
    Zurie, controlling that many dogs, they must be well trained. I couldn't enjoy my walks with 1 dog when I did have one. I always worried that they would take off running on me, I think if I kept up walking with them they would have gotten into that habit, thinking cars were things to protect me from.

    Laury, I am sorry to hear that you had to cancel your appointment, but it is probably better for you to wait for Tom to be there, not only to push you around (pun intended because you would be in a wheelchair) but just in case something happened too. Happy you found a group for your fibro/arthritis, and that you found answers with them. You inspire me because even when I am sitting on the couch making excuses I remind myself of all the pain you are in and the fact you still walk around your apartment, and yet I am able bodied and only in pain because my muscles are too weak. Nothing medically wrong with me for me to be sitting there.

    threeovens, good for you giving up soda. When I can't (aka wont) drink plain water I brew a herbal tea bag and add it to a liter of water, no sugar. That way I have some flavor. Keep an eye on those sugars, I would have to stick myself too. I had to do the finger prick tests when I was pregnant with 2 of my kids and hated it. I am actually very bad for walking slower at work. But when you work in a school and are harping on kids all day for running they try and point fingers at you when they find you speed walking. When I want to be I can be a very fast walker.

    Alisa Lea, good for you dropping 2 lbs, keep up your Zumba classes and all other things you have done positive for yourself.

    Bonnie, good to see you checking in. Hope you had a good weekend last weekend, and a great week too. Super Bowl, what is that? A big bowl of food. LOL JK no plans here.

    Joyful Cook, welcome to the group, come join us and post often.

    Jacqueline, sorry to hear you got hurt at PT. I hope it doesn't set your recovery back. Take care and post when you can. Sorry to hear that driving didn't go so well.

    Granny Moses, WTG non-scale victories are sometimes the best of all because they can be seen with the eye.

    Me, well I was able to get in another 90 minute workout tonight (Jillian and the elliptical), I started earlier this time so I would be done before 10. I didn't get to sleep until after midnight last night, and with a 6 am wake up, it made for a long day. To answer Granny's question my January was better than I had planned, I thought I was going to be doing the elliptical for a really long time, as I had grown so weak, I could tell by the pain in my shoulder and back. My shoulder is better now and my back is getting less painful by the day. I could be doing better on my eating, but my stomach isn't happy right now, so I find I can only eat meats, cooked/dried fruits, only raw veggies in tiny amounts, I can eat cooked ones no problem. I do have to make more Multi-grain bread, and get back into eating oatmeal again, been too tired and been eating cold cereal instead. I have cut out milk products when I am working, I do have them at home, so it does mean I pack my own lunch more often, but cup of noodles isn't healthy. I find stress causes my lactose intolerance to act up more, and work is a stressful place.
    Fri Feb 01, 2013 7:10 am Groupie
    Jacqueline, I am so sorry that you injured yourself in PT. Take the time it takes to heal properly and you will be back much faster.

    Granny Moses, non-scale victories are great!

    tasb, 70 minutes is a long time to exercise. Your body must be getting so much stronger. It does seem that there are many things you can and will work on when you are ready.

    For me, today might be an interesting day. Tom is going to see his friends at a bar/restaurant they spend time at. My sister and I may be joining him for lunch. The reason I say may is with the flu going around it would probably a better move to stay home.Today is a cold day in Florida by which I mean weather in the 40s and 50s. My body is having a hard time coping with the weather change.
    Bonnie G #2
    Fri Feb 01, 2013 7:36 am Groupie
    Jacqueline in KY wrote:
    Hey folks, good to see everyone still posting, but me. LOL I hurt my shoulder at PT on Monday and had to go back to the pain meds for a bit.

    Laury you asked how did driving go, well I won't be driving again for a while, I didn't wreck or hit anything but it sure was hard on me and very uncomfortable.

    Bonnie I have a non-diet related question. My Ninja came in yesterday, I have read a little about it and when it says place potatoes in the bottom of the pot and then the rack, do you put that rack over the veggies and lay the meat on top of it?

    Ladies it is so good to see you all helping Laury and each other out and the encouragement from here radiates. I appreciate everyone of you.

    Please keep those good thoughts and prayers coming, I so want to get on with life quicker than the doctor said.

    Gosh, wish I could answer that question but I've never made that particular recipe so can't. Personally I think I'd follow it exactly as it says or maybe go on the Ninja site and ask that question. Remember I was only home 10 days to use mine I did get in the cake (awesome) spaghetti (easy peasy) and chili - so did pretty good considering the time. Once you try it let me know, I'll be really interested so I can try it.

    tasb - yes a "table full of food" is a pretty good description of the Super Bowl, to me it's an excuse to enjoy the company of friends and show off some of my fairly newly acquired skills around the kitchen. I'll be taking Caramelized Onion Buns (to go w/friends chili) Mr. Food Chocolate Chip Cookie Pizza (for something sweet and the kiddies) Super Bowl Taco Dip (for the man stuff) and Super Bowl Mini Pizzas (for snacking) so food overload but when I make this much food don't usually have much of an appetite to eat any and there'll be plenty of fresh vegies for dips too.

    Glad to see everyone is doing so well, it'll be a busy weekend for me.
    K9 Owned
    Fri Feb 01, 2013 6:03 pm
    Forum Host
    wave.gif I'm coming in!

    I'll start with saying how much I admire you all. Many have disabilities, life issues and very little time yet are committed to being healthier and happier. My hats off to you!

    My story is somewhat embarrassing after reading all of yours and I was tempted to just say "I want to lose 14 lbs" and leave it at that. There is something about group dynamics that make me feel that I would be cheating by doing so so here is my story. Writing it down here seems to make me feel more accountable and it is all totally fixable if I only got off my skinny butt. Yeah - that part is still skinny icon_sad.gif

    I have spent most of my adult life being too thin. I am 5'8" and was a size 4 for the longest time. (I am small boned) Then I started to work from home and the size 4 morphed to a 6 which actually delighted me. Then, still working from home I joined Zaar. OH BOY! I have always had a good appetite but all these new things to try! The weight came creeping on but I wasn't eating large portions or much in the way of junk. I never did have a soda and snacks habit. Fast forward a year and I found myself in the hospital having a heart attack. I was totally floored as I had always been very active with canine sports as well as golf, riding and a couple of hours a day of dog walks. Nearly 3 years later I am sitting here with very little to wear. My 4's were donated a few years ago and I have a basement full of clothes in sizes 6 and 8 which don't work on my now size 10 or 12 body. I refuse to buy more clothes in a larger size.

    Now most people seeing me would say I was slim. The truth is that I have embraced large tops leaving my skinny legs and lower arms available for viewing. icon_wink.gif I HAVE to lose at least 12 lbs - I am at 152 right now and while that doesn't sound in the least heavy it is on me. I have a rather unfortunate body composition at present. My boobs grew and grew from a 36C to a 38D and I'd be much more comfortable in a 40. My hips expanded to 36" (yay) but so did my waist - boo! There is no indentation - none, zero, zip between my hips and shoulders. At my most recent physical my doctor pointed out that I have increased my risk for another heart attack by having a waist measurement bigger than my hips. I gather this is all horrible fat deposited around my organs.

    I didn't have to look too far to see what had brought about these changes.
    From being outdoors and active for 2 - 6 hours per day I now walk for 20 minutes twice a day. Jeesh - it's bloody cold out and slippery.
    I have a treadmill I hang jackets on. I sit at this desk for up to 12 hours a day with breaks to make meals or to take a nap. A nap because I am tired from what????? I curl up in my big chair to read when I'm not perched on this chair. I like my wine in the evenings.

    I think I eat a decent diet but I don't eat anything until around lunch time and then it is likely to be crackers and cheese. I eat a reasonable amount at dinner but have taken to staying up later and later so I have more snacks. Cheese, crackers, chocolate - whatever I can grab quickly yet the apples, oranges and bananas sit and rot. icon_rolleyes.gif The biggest change for me is the inactivity. Lethargy begets lethargy and I can't seem to make myself get up and move!

    So my goal here is to reduce my waist by 9 inches. I'm guessing the bra issue will fix itself. I'm hoping that now that I have written this I will be too proud to come back week after week saying 'no change' or 'no increased exercise'. I'm also hoping I won't be cowardly enough to just vanish back to my own little forums and try to dodge the rest of you. icon_lol.gif
    K9 Owned
    Fri Feb 01, 2013 6:04 pm
    Forum Host
    Wow! I apologise for the novel!
    Recipe Reader
    Fri Feb 01, 2013 6:14 pm Groupie
    Hi K9, wave.gif
    Nice to see you, I've just recently joined in too.

    I've had a good week - I walked about 6 miles over 5 days.
    My minimum is a mile a day, 4 days a week; so I think I did great!
    Bonnie G #2
    Sat Feb 02, 2013 6:51 am Groupie
    You did great Recipe Reader (RR) keep it up.

    A very big welcome K9, I can certainly understand everything you are talking about. I KNOW moving and increased activity are big MUST on my page. I have to personally thank you for taking the time to write your story as it so mimics mine and I'm fighting the same battle. Thankfully I've not had a heart attack - but have had health issues with recent back surgery and now a bruised foot that really limits me. But both of those are improving quickly so I really have NO excuse.

    It's just a matter of getting outside, away from the comfort of my home and MOVING. Like you, I'm very much aware of what I need to do - but doing it is a struggle. For you it would be tougher, as I'm sure everyone keeps telling you you don't NEED to lose - even though you know what's needed. With me, I'm short, only 5'2" and also very small boned. Never had to diet in my life and could eat what ever I wanted, which was and is pretty balanced. But when I hit 50, the weight seemed to just pile up and my activity decreased. I've always been active before, with gardening, playing at dog training, hiking and anything outside.

    Guess what I'm getting at is we all have our issues we are trying to overcome, rather health, ambition or both. So welcome and I think you'll like this thread as no one will ever condemn, but you'll ALWAYS find support and caring. icon_wink.gif
    Sat Feb 02, 2013 8:15 am Groupie
    wave.gif K9Owned! I hope that you find help in losing the weight you want to. Thank you for sharing your story. When I see that everyone else exercises I get motivated to keep going.

    I was unable to exercise today and it makes me feel angry with myself. I have a little cold. A little cold with rheumatoid lungs is not an easy situation. I did try to exercise but after about two minutes I was wheezing. I have a feeling that I am going to spend time in bed with the TV and my Kindle today.
    By the way, yesterday lunch out was cancelled.
    Rheumatoid lungs are lungs which build nodules inside them. I have rheumatoid arthritis, and many other medical issuwa. The thing that slows rheumatoid arthritis down is aspirin. I am allergic to aspirin.
    Jacqueline in KY
    Sat Feb 02, 2013 8:42 am Groupie
    Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I came to post that Laury was sick, that she called me yesterday but see she has already posted today. I read and checked on everything yesterday but my shoulder has not been feeling well since Monday and yesterday it felt some better and I think I over did it.

    Laury please take care of yourself.

    As for me, I am waiting for the next round of snow, which is just now arriving. I am worried this one will take out the electricity.
    Sun Feb 03, 2013 12:22 am Groupie
    Laury, too bad lunch was cancelled, but it was probably a good thing as you were hurting, and now fighting a cold. Take care of yourself so you get over your cold sooner. I have been trying my best not to get the colds the girls have had.

    Bonnie, have fun at your Super Bowl Party, enjoy the company and some healthy snacks.

    K9, welcome to the group and thank you for sharing your story with us. Keep checking in often. We can be very motivating and extremely understanding to what you are going through.

    Recipe Reader, great for you getting at least a mile a day in. Keep up the good work.

    Jacqueline, hopefully you didn't lose power, keep nice and warm.

    Me, well I didn't exercise yesterday. I think I was too lazy and let time slip away. I wasn't in pain at all, but it motivated me to workout tonight. I got in another 90 minutes (Jillian and elliptical). Then today we went shopping and even got to see my parents, hubby seen them first but wasn't sure it was my dad. I went and checked and it was, then I said to hubby "Now you know why I didn't recognize him last time". Still can't get over my dad doesn't have his beard and mustache. He should be able to go it back this summer. My sister's chemo ends in March maybe April.
    Jacqueline in KY
    Sun Feb 03, 2013 10:31 am Groupie
    Good morning everyone, or at least morning where I am. Still snowing here, but did not lose power. All the churches about to be running on their snow schedule, which I don't really understand because the roads are just wet, the snow has been removed, of course there could be black ice out there.

    I am happy to report that after pretty much just keeping my shoulder in the sling and icing it many times yesterday it feels much better today. I am also very happy to report that I sitll have not gained weight sitting here on my rear, but have managed to maintain.

    Glad to see you all posting and soon I hope to be able to post to everyone individually like I use to do. Just hurts to much to type that much.

    Love and blessings to all,

    Sun Feb 03, 2013 12:04 pm Groupie
    tasb, I don't understand something you said. You say you didn't exercise although you used the Jillian/elliptical. Isn't that last bit exercise? 90 minutes a day is quite a bit.

    Jac, I am so happy that your shoulder isn't hurting as much.

    I have been up for a while using the computer. Then I went baxk to bed. I need to return to bed and not try to exercise until I am feeling better.
    Jacqueline in KY
    Sun Feb 03, 2013 3:35 pm Groupie
    Sorry to make a personal message here.

    Laury, I don't know how to move posts from one forum to another, didn't know we were allowed to do it. Appears it got taken care of though. You have your settings where you are not receiving personal messages so I couldn't send you one private.
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