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    Feeling Fit Friends 2013

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    Mon Jan 21, 2013 12:09 am Groupie
    Alisa Lea, hope you had a good bathroom shopping trip. I liked going to check out things when we were putting in our second bathroom. We ended up putting in a basic toilet and a laundry tub for the sink as we needed a big sink downstairs. I am hoping not to be so tired this Friday so I can try Zumba, my girls will have to wait around if I decide to do it as it is too much of a trip.

    Laury, hope you got some rest after your walk so you could rest your poor body. You are doing so great getting in your workouts.

    Me, I took yesterday off, not feeling up to anything but the couch, I really should have worked out because I hardly slept last night. I think I took to much allergy meds yesterday. I decided to try the Reactine with decongestants as my lower sinuses always seem stuffy. My body just doesn't like decongestants. I was shaky, and had horrible dreams all night. I rested all day, but tonight I got in 64 minutes.
    Bonnie G #2
    Mon Jan 21, 2013 6:09 am Groupie
    This is shaping up to be a busy week for me, today out with a friend who'se looking for a new apt. then tomorrow scheduled for a mani/pedi that is WAY over due, then DH is off Friday as this is his short week and between that have to get laundry done, fridge cleaned out, grocery shopping and at least a little housework. So not much time to be on the computer icon_confused.gif
    Mon Jan 21, 2013 6:30 am Groupie
    tasb, I hope that you are feeling better today. It sounds as if you are having a hard time figuring out what is causing your allergies and sinus problems. You were still up to exercising. I hope that Friday you are not tired so you can try Zumba.

    Bonnie G, it sounds as if you are having a week of things to do.

    For me, yesterday was very tiring and sickening. I was in more pain because I had chosen to reduce my pain medicines. Tom was ill also. Neither of us could deal with food for most of the day. We ate breakfast and found we both had upset stomachs. I wasn't hnngry and neither was Tom so we had crackers for lunch and toast for dinner. I am hoping Tom feels better when he wakes up.I exercised Saturday, yesterday and twice today. If I do 1 more today I am done. The lung test on Wednesday, I get wheelchaired to but taking the test is exercise. Friday I hope to be able to walk there.
    Even though I take a wheelchair, we walk a long way to get the wheelchair.
    Mon Jan 21, 2013 12:48 pm Groupie
    I just read an article about weight loss diets, the goods and the bad of each. If you are interested its here-
    Bonnie G #2
    Mon Jan 21, 2013 1:11 pm Groupie
    Great info Laury, I really enjoyed it and answered a lot of questions.
    Alisa Lea
    Mon Jan 21, 2013 7:46 pm Groupie
    No loss this week, I stayed the same. I know I'm still doing what I should tho, so hopefully the scale will reflect that next week.
    Granny Moses
    Mon Jan 21, 2013 10:58 pm Groupie
    Welcome, Kerry! Great to have you with us as we try to be as healthy as we can. It's a journey but with the friends here it makes it a bit easier.

    Hi to everyone else. I've been trying to get on for the last couple of days but just get a blank page. Now I can use my computer again so hopefully I can be here almost every day to stay caught up.

    (((hugs))) Jaq. I am so glad you are on your way to recovery. I remember having to sleep in the armchair for weeks. It does get better, I promise. It's like it's never going to end, then, poof!

    I've done pretty well, especially considering hubby has been home for 5 days. I have been saving quarters - one for every 30 mins of exercise, max 120 mins/day. I was telling him I was no longer saving for shoes but for a fitbit. I was in exercising and in he came telling me about the different ones out there. He ended up bidding on one, much to my surprise. I think now that he sees I am serious he doesn't mind getting me things I'll actually use. Anyway, to keep my short story long, he won! I should have my fitbit as early as Friday or as late as the end of the month. Exciting stuff.

    Bedtime. I'll try my best to catch up with you Wed. Tomorrow is my busy day. I usually am so exhausted after a morning out I end up in bed for the rest of the day.

    (((hugs, FFFriends))) Together we can reach our goals!

    Last edited by Granny Moses on Tue Jan 22, 2013 6:38 am, edited 1 time in total
    Tue Jan 22, 2013 1:41 am
    Forum Host
    Wow, this is an interesting thread!!

    I so agree with what some of you said -- that walking can be so boring! At the moment it is just too hot and humid for walking, so icon_redface.gif I'm not getting much exercise, except doing shopping!

    In 2008 I found my blood glucose was too high, and although I did not have any tests my doctor said it was diabetes or pre-diabetes. This was an immense shock to me, as I love food!

    I was only slightly overweight, but lost 17 kg (about 38 lbs, I think) -- first because I lost my appetite -- but then I consciously began cutting out the foods which quickly converts to glucose in the body: the carbs. It's also the foods which make us fat!

    I never use pasta of any kind any more. Bread: about 1 slice per week (I really, really miss bread!!). No cakes, pastries, buns, jams, candy, even fruit -- no sweat, as I'm more of a "savoury" person than a sweet tooth.

    The weight dropped off very fast -- I lost those 17 kg within 6 weeks -- far too fast, actually. Not so good for skin health.

    But I've kept it off easily.

    I've spoiled my DH with good cooking for ages, so I have to plan dinner well ! Our breakfast/brunches are simple, and I usually have yoghurt for lunch, or a crispbread with cheese.

    (I found a type of crispbread -- that "expanded" type which is not thin, is crisp, and can take nice toppings -- in place of bread: only 6 g carbs per slice).

    So it's protein (meat, poultry, fish at least once a week, eggs, cheese) and lots of fresh veggies every day for dinner, plus a mixed salad, always. I so love potatoes that I haven't cut that out!

    I enjoy my wine with dinner -- didn't seem to make any difference to weight.

    I did find out one thing: you cannot cut out carbohydrates PLUS fats, because then you are always ravenously hungry!!

    So I do not worry much about "normal" fats, using olive oil, canola, butter, cream on occasion. I do cut excess fats off meat, but definitely not all, as that gives flavour to meats. I love using butter (grew up on a farm where butter was made from rich Jersey cream!)

    Cutting the carbs seems to be the quickest way to drop weight -- but it's not always the easiest, until you get used to it!

    Eating this way has kept my weight steady for the last 5 years. Best is that the nicest recipes and the tastiest foods are usually those with a low carb count.
    Tue Jan 22, 2013 1:45 am
    Forum Host
    Oh -- a postscript.

    I know we need carbs -- but in our bodies just about everything we eat in the form of vegs turn into carbs/glucose eventually, and all veggies contain some carbohydrates. So it's not as if the body does not get any at all!

    And carb-rich vegs like sweet potatoes are so healthy, and also low-GI.
    Leggy Peggy
    Tue Jan 22, 2013 5:19 am Groupie
    Hello everyone wave.gif so glad I was directed to this forum.

    So interesting to read everyone's story. I confess I haven't read them all,
    but I have read enough to get a feel for the group.

    I try not to obsess about my weight. I'm average height and weigh 156 pounds.
    I'd like to get down to 150, but would be happy enough to stay as is.
    Twenty-five years ago I weighed 133 which was perfect for me. I think I
    weighed that for a week or two, and usually hovered around 138. Thank
    goodness, I never planned on being a catwalk model. icon_rolleyes.gif

    So I'll be working on more exercise and eating less. I already eat healthy.

    Edited to add a PS re Zurie. We met in 2009 in Stellenbosch, South Africa.
    Let me tell you folks -- she looked like she'd stepped out of Vogue magazine.
    A real show stopper. icon_smile.gif
    Bonnie G #2
    Tue Jan 22, 2013 6:31 am Groupie
    So glad to see you both here Zurie and Peggy. wow, Zurie - that's a lot of weight in weeks but so impressive that you've been able to keep it off and maintain. Some really great advise as I KNOW carbs are my big culprit. I need to follow some of those suggestions.

    Peggy, sounds like you are able to maintain a steady and healthy weight, I need to do that instead of bouncing up and down.

    Hope everyone else is having a good week, I've been getting my share of walking in going with a friend to look for a new apt and it's fun too so doesn't seem like work
    Leggy Peggy
    Tue Jan 22, 2013 6:58 am Groupie
    Don't give me too much praise, Bonnie.
    I yo-yo between 156 and 164. Fortunately I haven't seen 164 since 2010.
    It's all a constant battle, but at least I don't pine for 120! icon_smile.gif
    Granny Moses
    Tue Jan 22, 2013 7:10 am Groupie
    Hi Zurie & Peggy. Great to see you on the thread.

    When I couldn't lost weight my doc told me to cut out carbs. I wasn't eating much of them in the first place. My fibro specialist told me 3 things I shouldn't eat was: white pasta, white potatos and pizza. Presumably the take out kind.

    I did what lots of folks hate. Started tracking what I ate. I tracked calories, fiber, carbs, sodium, fats and cholesterol. To my surprise I was barely getting enough beneficial carbs & fats. I added healthy fats - olive oil, avacados, nuts. I boosted my freggie intake. Sodium is hidden in so many foods that you'd never expect. I do watch cholesterol but will not give up my laid-this-morning eggs a couple times a week.

    Result: within 2 weeks blood pressure perfect, weight finally started to move in a positive direction, and cholesterol down. I was usually at the doc a couple times a month. Around Sept everything was great. I smiled so hard when the doc said "see you next year at your annual check-up". He was smiling too.

    I left out the part about how I told him I was eating more including fats. I wish I had a video of the surprised, almost confused expression on his face.

    I do have to go back for pain meds on occassion, and they hinder progress, but I feel great and have energy 95% of the time. No more lying in bed days at a time.

    That's my story. I'll try not to have so many long posts. Now, off to start my very busy morning. This afternoon I'll be in my lounge chair soaking in vitamin D. It's going to be about 60 here in Colorado!

    Have a Feeling Fit day, Friends!
    Tue Jan 22, 2013 10:45 am Groupie
    Alisa Lee, you are right not to worry about not losing weight. Just keep on doing the right things and it will happen.

    Granny Moses, I'm glad that your husband is being supportive of your weight loss and exercise. Granny, tracking what you eat is a great idea!!

    wave.gif Zurie! You found what works for you food wise. I'm glad that you discovered how you could lose weight and maintain it. The sweet potato is the food I researched recently. It is many times better than the potato. In fact, once I showed Tom the facts he stopped buying potatoes and started buying sweet potatoes.

    wave.gif Leggy Peggy! I'm glad you came to see what's happening here. I'm sure that you can lose however much
    you want to with just adding a little exercise.

    I hope that in February I cna start cutting carbs. Right now my doctor has asked me not to eliminate any type of food. She prefers I eat things in moderation. I am exercising the way she suggests. Walking outside for 30 minutes sounds more interesting than what I am suggosted to do. I walk 30 minutes in 3 sets of 10 minutes 4 days a week without going outside at all. That is kind of boring.

    Have a good week everyone!!
    Recipe Reader
    Tue Jan 22, 2013 1:45 pm Groupie
    Hi everyone!
    I'm glad to be here and be inspired by this group.
    I have lost 15 lbs since last summer. So my goal is to lose 15 or 20 more in the next 6 months.
    I started walking because I was planning a vacation and wanted to be in better shape, so that I wouldn't get worn out seeing all the sights in New York City.
    At the same time I decided to eat a little healthier - no actual diet. Making better choices, some portion control, less snacking, and more water.
    It has worked! I'm so excited about it. Really, it's the first time I've ever lost weight (aside from pregnancy).
    Right now, I'm up to walking between 1 and 1 1/2 miles, 4-5 days a week. I take my ipod and listen to an audio book or a podcast to keep from being bored. I never liked exercise, but this - I can do!
    It feels good.
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