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    The Word Games Guide

    Kat's Mom
    Wed Mar 19, 2014 11:33 am
    Forum Host
    This is a quick summary of games available here in Word Games. Some games are regular favorites and mostly found on page 1. Other games, such as seasonal ones may be bumped off to later pages so have fun exploring. Sometimes a game thread will become so large that it is closed and a new thread will be started by a host. Feel free to jump in and if you need help, just ask. If two players post at the same time in a game, the game continues with the answer from the player that responded first. Make sure to check the first page of each individual thread for any additional rules.

    Note: In the interest of more effective categorizing, if a game title begins with "The", it is ignored it and alphabetized by the first letter of the next word.

    ...............................................Just for Fun (No Cooking Involved):

    "S-P-E-L-L" This Recipe Game: Each player's job is to find recipes, in the recently posted recipes section, that "spell" the word left by the previous player and link to them, then leave a word for the next player.

    1-Sentence Chain Story: This game is played by adding to the story, one sentence at a time.

    A One Word Poem: Poetry, built one word at a time...

    Another 5-word Story Chain Game: This story about a chef is written five words at a time. Each player contributes only five words at a times with hilarious results!

    Are You A Hammer Or A Nail?: This game uses your imagination to think of yourself in non-concrete terms. Pick the choice that you think describes you best. Tell why you think you are/feel like that choice. Each player will give two choices. Answer that and leave two two choices for the next player.

    Build a better sandwich #3: Each player posts an ingredient, then someone else adds to it. You cannot post again until someone else has posted after your entry. You may complete the sandwich anytime you want. Please copy/paste the ingredients from the previous player.

    But Before That...: This is a story written sentence-by-sentence...but with a twist. It starts at the end...and finishes at the beginning! Each player writes "but before that" and adds a sentence to the story, leaving it open for the next player.

    Can You Name This Song?: Each player quotes a line or two from a song and the next player names it. Then they quote a line or two from a song for the next person to guess...and so on.

    Christmas Carol Medley Game: Each player adds a line or two from a Christmas carol.

    Christmas Cartoon Line Game: A seasonal game played by quoting a line from your favorite Christmas special; the next player has to guess what show it's from and who said it.

    Christmas Quiz Answers (NO PEEKING BEFORE THE QUIZ!!):

    Christmas Quiz: Correctly answer as many as you can.

    Do You Remember This Television Show?: Name a television show you remember that is no longer on regular television.

    Dynamic Duos: This game will pair up two actors/actresses in one movie. The next player will team the last person in the duo with someone else they have starred in another movie with. You have to provide the two names, the movie, and their characters names.

    FAMOUS DUOS: ______and______: Each player has to guess whom the previous player's duos are, then leave a hint for the next player.

    Food For Thought Game: To play this game, add a quote that duplicates at least one word from the previous quote. Please boldface the duplicated word when you post. And please include the author.

    Food Jeopardy: The rules are simple. It's just like the show. Each player posts a food-related answer; the next person will post a question in response AND their own answer for the next player.

    Food of Love Poetry Game: Each player takes the given food subject and make a poem with it. They then provide a subject for the next player to use.

    Food Word Scramble: The object is to unscramble the food word posted by the previous player and then scramble one of your own for the next player.

    For Word-Lovers: Logophiles Running Amuck!: A logophile is someone that loves words [and their meanings]. Each player defines and uses in a sentence a word that might not be commonly known. They then leave a word for the following player.

    Fortunately, Unfortunately: For those who have never played this game before, it's a story told with posts that begin with either "fortunately" or "unfortunately"...the storyline alternates between the two.

    Free Association Game: Almost as good as talking to a therapist! Read the post before yours and reply with the VERY FIRST word that pops into your mind. Every post should be only ONE word long.

    Free Association Photo Game: This is similar to the Free Association thread, but a single photo is used instead of a word.

    Green Glass Doors: Are you familiar with this puzzling game? In the land of the Green Glass Doors there are roofs but not ceilings, Pillows but no covers, Kittens but no dogs, and berries but no fruit.

    Hink Pinks, Hinky Pinky's and Hinkity Pinkity's: Hink Pinks is a game that involves words that rhyme. A hink pink answer would involve two rhyming one-syllable words, a hinky pinky would involve two rhyming two-syllable words, and a hinkity pinkity would involve two rhyming three-syllable words.

    I Went Shopping For Shoes, But...: You went shopping for what the previous player bought, and there weren't any left, so you bought...(fill in the blank).

    I'm Going On A Picnic, And I'm Taking...: If you've ever played this game before, normally one person will start with the letter A, telling what they're going to take to a picnic. The next person repeats what the previous person said, then adds their own, beginning with B. It continues through the alphabet, each person trying to remember all the additions that came before them. This is similar, but it's a recipe promo game. The alphabet additions will be from the new recipes posted each day. Put a link to the recipe, and add the name of the person that submitted the recipe. When we get to the end of the alphabet, just start over again at A. Wildcard recipes may be substituted for the letters Q, X and Z. But you need to announce that you are doing so.

    Just Think How Life Would Be If...Game: What if...all those cool things they do on the big (or not so big) screen were real? What would life be like? Finish the sentence "Just think how life would be if...". You may play as many times as you like, but you may only post one scenario per post, and there must be at least one other player between your posts.

    Make A Short Story From Suggested Words: Use the three words given to write a short story, then leave three words for the next player.

    Missing Link: This is a bit like the word association game but you supply the missing link between the two words/phrases.

    Movie Titles with a Twist: The twist in this game is that players suggest an alternate name for a movie and the next player guesses the actual name of the movie.

    Name That Product: The player before you will provide an advertisement jingle. Then you have to guess the product and provide a jingle for the next player.

    On This Day in Zaar History: Players add recipes to their 'Zaar cookbooks based on the date a recipe was posted.

    One-Month-Survival ABC Game: For the next month, you can only eat and cook with 26 ingredients (including spices/herbs) for each letter of the alphabet. Water is a freebie, so don't list that. You will not be able to "go to the store" will only be able to cook from THIS think carefully about what goes well together.

    Recipe Ingredient Tag (no cooking): Each player names three ingredients. The player that takes up the challenge has to find a recipe using those three ingredients and then post the link to the recipe. It doesn't matter which recipe you long as it contains those three ingredients. However, it cannot be one of your own has to be that of another Zaar chef.

    Recipezaar Search Spy: Players post the last thing they searched for on Recipezaar.

    Restaurant ABCs: This game is played by naming restaurants alphabetically. It goes from A-Z then starts back at A. Type the next letter in the alphabet (following the previous poster) and name one of your favorite restaurants that begins with that letter!

    Scramble 'em Up: A scrembled word is posted and each player posts one word they find using all or some of the scrambled letters.

    Sing That Song! (Your Way...): This game is played quite a lot like the quotation game, except there will be a line from a song with one or more words missing and you have to fill in the blank.

    Strange Characters: There are six categories in this game; each category will contain one clue. It's like six games in one, so the game can keep rolling. Each time you correctly solve a clue, you put a new one in that same category, along with the date you put it in. The clues you do not solve should remain in your post with the original date on them. If unsolved after three days, your clue will be removed and placed in the "Unsolved Mysteries" section on page one of the game. Once placed there, if the clue is answered by a player, they will get their name next to it in that section. If a clue is taken to the unsolved mystery area, the clue area will be blank until the next player fills it with another clue.

    The "Getting to Know You" Game: All you have to do is list 20 things about yourself that you think others might be interested in knowing. What you put down is completely up to you.

    The "What Do We Have In Common?" Recipe/Photo Promo Game: Each player posts a photo from a recipe's photo gallery along with the chef's name and the photographer's name. The next player will pick another recipe that has a common ingredient along with a photo from that recipe's photo gallery and the chef's/photographer's names. And so on. It can be your recipe or someone else's.

    The "Who's Line Is It?" Game: In this game, your answers may only be phrased as a question, like the game they play on "Who's Line Is It, Anyway?" No statements are allowed...only questions.

    The 1440 Question Game: There are 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day, the sum total of which is 1,440 minutes. That's how many minutes you will (potentially) have each day to take your turn in this game.

    The 3-Ingredient Pass-It-On Game: Each player finds a recipe (their own or someone else's) that contains the three ingredients posted by the previous player. They then post three ingredients for the next player, but ONE of their ingredients must be the same as the previous player's ingredients.

    The 5-Word Movie Game: All replies in this game must be movie lines or titles PLUS no more than 5 words.

    The 5-Word Story Chain: Each player adds five words to continue the story. If desired, you may complete a sentence in your post and start a new sentence at any time.

    The ABC Cookbook Recipe Game: This game is similar to The ABC Recipe Game, but it is played ONLY with recipes saved in your cookbook(s). The recipes can come from your main cookbook or any of the cookbooks you've created.

    The ABC Pantry Game: We're going to fill our letter at a time! Each player adds an ingredient starting with the next letter of the alphabet. Copy the previous answers, paste in the reply box and add your answer.

    The ABC Recipe Game: Each player links a Recipezaar recipe (their own or someone else's) starting with the next letter of the alphabet. Quote the previous player (removing quote formatting) and add your answer.

    The ACRONYM Word Game: Create a logical or humorous sentence from the word supplied by a previous player - adding a picture is optional, but fun icon_smile.gif. You then supply the player to follow with a word.

    The Backwards Q&A Game: The first player posts an answer and the next player posts a question in response to the previous answer...sometimes with hysterical results. They then post an answer of their own for the next player.

    The Blogthings Doubles Challenge: Each player takes the blogthings quiz posted by the previous player and posts the results. They then find another quiz, take it and post the results and link to the quiz for the following player.

    The Blogthings Game: Each player takes the blogthings quiz posted by the previous player and posts the results. They then post a quiz for the following player.

    The Cities Game: This game starts out with a city. The next person names another city that starts with the last letter of the preceding one. The names of the cities can be anywhere in the world, and can be more than one word.

    The Empty-Your-Purse/Wallet Game: Empty your purse/wallet. What's in there? What do the items in there say about you as a person? Do they reveal anything about your personality and lifestyle? Is there any one object that stands out as a reflection of some aspect of you?

    The Food Word Game: This game starts out with the name of a food. The next player names another food that starts with the last letter of the preceding answer.

    The Funny Bone: It's all about jokes and text-based humor. We all need a chuckle once in's the mother lode!

    The Funny Pages: It's the place for humorous photos and cartoons. We all need a chuckle once in's the mother lode!

    The List Game: Each player picks a number and names something the following player needs to list...and so on.

    The Movie Game #2: Similar to The TV Game thread, this game goes back and forth between movies and star. The connecting link is that the star must have been in both films linking each other.

    The Multi-Lingual Last-Letter/First-Letter Game: The theme is cooking, though the definition is very broad. Any language is allowed. If you're changing language/alphabet, you only need to match the last sound of the previous word - not the letter which may not exist. If using a word in any language apart from English you must give the translation. Please be aware that not every computer is set up to use every alphabet so please use a transliteration into the Roman alphabet (this one) when using words from languages like Russian, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

    The Music Game: Post a song title that has at least one similar word from the previous title posted.

    The Next Person to Post...: Each player answers and then asks a true/false or yes/no question.

    The Photo Scavenger Hunt Game: Each player posts a Zaar recipe photo, along with a link to the recipe, from the 'Zaar category posted by the previous player. You may play as many times as you like, there must be at least one other player in between your posts. Only post a recipe link if the photo is already showing up on not post photos that are still waiting for approval.

    The Question Game #4: Each player answers the question the previous player asked and poses a question of their own.

    The Quote Game: Players complete each other's quotes, sometimes with hysterical results.

    The Random Recipe Game: At the bottom of each page of is a Random Recipe link. Click on it and post a link to the recipe in this thread.

    The Skillet Game: Each player will think of an item the other players need to guess. They will give three clues pertaining to what it is. In each of these clues, they will use the word "skillet" in place of their hidden word. The other players may ask up to twenty questions about the item that can be answered with a "Yes" or a "No". If the item has not been guessed by the twentieth question, the player is to reveal what the item was and a new player gets to pick another item. If another player guesses what the item is, they get to be "it" and pick an item.

    The Soundtrack Of Your Life: Answer a question using your shuffled music (see first post), and then create another question/situation for the next player to answer.

    The Trip Around the World Game: Players search for recipes from all regions around the globe.

    The TV Game: Similar to The Movie Game #2, this game goes back and forth between TV show and star. The connecting link is that the star must have been in both shows linking each other.

    The Vending Machine Game: You insert anything into the vending machine, EXCEPT currency, then sit back and watch what comes out the other insert the object, someone else tells you what you will receive. Then they insert something...

    These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things: What are a few of your favorite things?

    This Or That #2: Which do you prefer... ___ or ___? Each player answers the previous question and leaves a question for the next player.

    Title Chain: Each player posts the title of a TV program or movie that has at least one word that is similar from the previous title posted.

    Twisted Movie Titles: Take two movies and combine them to make a humorous new movie title.

    What is your TV personality?: Everyone has a few TV characters that they can relate to in some way. What are yours? Please list 3 characters that you sometimes act like...or just your favorite 3 characters.

    Word Scrabble: Change one letter to make a new word. A letter may be added or taken away, but the word may be no shorter than three letters.

    You did...WHAT?: Each player makes an unfinished sentence and leaves it for the next person to fill in the missing word. The trick is, the person finishing the sentence will fill in the blank spot with "recipe #" (minus the parentheses) and select numbers AT RANDOM. The corresponding recipe will be the "word" that goes into the blank.

    You Know You Are Addicted To Recipezaar When...: Not a game, as such...but definitely good for a chuckle. Add some more, if you'd like! icon_biggrin.gif
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