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    You are in: Home / Community Forums / Special Diets, Food Allergies/Restrictions/Substitutions, Exercise and General Dieting Tips / Is anyone familiar with NAET for allergy elimination?
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    Is anyone familiar with NAET for allergy elimination?

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    Thu Sep 16, 2010 8:47 am Groupie
    becky1111 wrote:
    Gosh, I've been told my triggers are wheat mix, white flour, oats, sugar mix, Iodine, Nickel ( I have nickel braces). I began with very painful chronic ear infection in 2005. Now I have numerous symptoms. I got braces last year and in one month broke out with eczema on my hands and feet seem to me it's getting worse.
    It can be hard to be patient not knowing if these treatments are doing anything. If I knew they were, it would be easier.
    I am going to see my doctor in about an hour.

    Oh my, the braces could be a huge part of your problem. Is there a hope the have them removed in the near future?

    The eczema is so difficult to live with! It's what my DH suffers from. Unfortunately, he has not been treated yet for whatever is causing that symptom. Our primary concern was our infant daughter & then the housing industry crashed and his lucrative job was gone. Since then we've had to put a hold on our treatments.

    With the wheat, white flour & oat reactions, I would suggest trying a gluten-free diet to see if that gives you some relief while you continue treatment. Of course, I'm not a physician, but I did see my best girlfriend & her whole completely changed for the better after they were diagnosed with Celiac disease and began avoiding gluten. I'm not saying you are Celiac, but I wanted to note that each of them has a different reaction to the wheat gluten (and oats that were grown where a crop of wheat had previously been harvested). It's very interesting to have witnessed her eldest son who had volatile, screaming fits and was unable to sit still for a matter of minutes, to a polite and focused young boy. Her other two children have different symptoms in varying degrees and my friend gets stomach aches and headaches that are incapacitating.
    I believe that my DH's eczema is a reaction to gluten, but I cannot seem to keep him from buying Cheez-its & Chex mixes. icon_confused.gif
    I do what I can when I'm cooking for him, to reduce the gluten in his diet. icon_smile.gif

    I hope your appointment went well!
    Sat Sep 18, 2010 5:45 pm
    Newbie "Fry Cook" Poster
    I stiff have a few months in braces. But I cannot wait to get them off. Only then will I know if my eczema was triggers by the braces:-)

    My appointment was interesting. She says that in stead of treating me for single ingredients each time,she treated me for leukemia & lupus (I don't have either) because my triggers fall under those symptoms and can eliminate multiple ingredient reaction but using these vials. Today she treated me for wheat mix, vitamin C, B vitamins, milk and bacteria. This was my seventh appointment with her and I am probably now 2/3 through the basic 15. Another thing she has always said was that I didn't need to avoid the reactive foods for anytime after. These two things do make me wonder.
    She was on her death bed from celiac disease before she became a practitioner. And says that NAET saved her life.

    There are only two people where I live doing NAET and my current one has been taught through an advanced level.
    Mon Sep 20, 2010 2:32 pm Groupie
    Hmmm.... Interesting that she not only treats you for multiple items at once, but that she doesn't follow Dr. Nambudripad's 25 hour avoidance period.
    The reason for that is because it takes the energy in the body 25 hours to make one full cycle.

    There have been times that I have accidentally come into contact with the item I was trying to avoid. When that happens, I just do some Reiki on myself to clear it & I concentrate on telling my body to not react to it. I know I've cleared for a trigger long before the 25 hours, but I suspect it also depends on how sensitive you are to the item.

    My doctor also checks to see how far away from a trigger I'll still react. For example, before I was treated for sugar mix, I would have either a physical, chemical or energetic reaction to it if I came within 78 feet of it. That's, like 3 blocks away. icon_eek.gif
    As if I could go anywhere during a normal day without getting that close to something with sugar in it. rotfl.gif

    I was also reactive to the grain mix at 78 feet, but I cleared for it after only 7 hours. So, I know it's quite possible to not need the full 25.

    Since I've had 3 doctors with all different theories about how the system works, I suspect there are many other ways of doing it & it just comes down to who do you feel most comfortable with treating you. If you haven't already, be sure to get & read a copy of Dr. Devi Nambudripad's book, Say Good-Bye To Illness. It really gives a good description of the NAET treatment she developed and how it works. The only part I would have had difficulty understanding fully would have been the energy meridians & such, but after office managing for acupuncturists for years, I have a greater knowledge of Chinese medicine. But she still makes it very easy for any patient to follow.

    How great to be just months from getting your braces off! icon_biggrin.gif You'll have such a sense of accomplishment. I know my friend did after she had them as an adult. Plus, to be honest, those of us who had braces as children weren't necessarily good at wearing the retainers & keeping our teeth from going wonky again. icon_wink.gif icon_lol.gif

    Have a great day!
    Fri Mar 25, 2011 10:38 pm
    Newbie "Fry Cook" Poster
    Do not discount NAET because of anecdotal accounts. I have a doctorate in research and there is nothing wrong with anecdotal data, particularly when it is consistently positive. This is merely a first step in the research process. The next is to conduct a larger empirical investigation. It is my understanding that this is underway. However, keep in mind that even a formalized empirical investigation with randomization and larger numbers of subjects is not always 100 % reliable. So please put aside any hesitance because of the anecdotal nature of the information you have received.

    I started undergoing the NAET treatments approximately 2 months ago and I am pleased to report that I have noticed definite improvement dealing with my allergies. I will not go into a lengthy discussion of my particular set of problems, however, let me say that I am allergic to the universe and have numerous problems which have been unresolved by the equally numerous traditional and alternative doctors that I have consulted.

    If you have allergy issues, I highly recommend this treatment.

    Best Wishes
    Wed Aug 10, 2011 11:40 am
    Newbie "Fry Cook" Poster
    I just started NAET for my son who was recently diagnosed with asthma. He just turned 4. My 6 year old has had a hard time adapting to school this year and is pretty hyper. The practitioner gives 1/2 off other family members who get treated at the same appt, so I figured I'd go with her advice and get the 6 year old treated, too, and start myself, also. My 6 year old and myself are pretty healthy. I do get hayfever, headaches, and backaches sometimes, but for $25 a visit, I figured I may as well get started, too so that we could all do the diet at the same time. My 2 year old is very healthy, so i'm not bringing her in right now, although, ofcourse the practioner recommends it for everyone.

    Before I started somehow I thought we'd have to stay away from dairy for 25 hrs, fruits, grains... I didnt' realiize how many foods we have to stay away from for so many of the treatments! The practitioner is quite a ways from us and our schedules conflict a bit. if i were to only have brought in the 4 year old it would't have been so bad,, but now i have to manage with the 6 year old's school and i work on saturdays so i'm finding that we will probably have to slow down on treatments to accomodate to scheduling and having the 6 yr old at home on a sunday for tougher treatments (as far as the diet for the 25 hrs afterwards). i'm eager to get the 4 yo going to keep him out of the hospital during the winter season, as he's been 3 times, now... I'm wondering how difficult it will be if he goes faster and they're on different diets.

    my practitioner said that i can do the pressure points every 2 hrs and with that they could eat what they want and the treatment will keep, so that's a good option, but other than that, i am struggling with planning menus. does anyone have any ideas for menus for little kiddies? especially the B complex mix!!! i'm also not looking forward to the mineral mix as both my son and I have almalgams. I can imagine it will be challenging to keep gloves on him for 25 hrs in the summer in Phoenix! icon_smile.gif

    thankyou! i hope folks are still tuned in to this posting as i know it was started quite a while ago. i'm very glad to hear of all of the success folks have had with the treatment. I've heard nothing but positive from people who have experienced NAET! good news!!
    Wed Aug 10, 2011 2:26 pm Groupie
    LA Person, thanks so much for your comments here. I agree totally. After trying every western medical option or getting no assistance with a problem, NAET was just another treatment to try for us, and happily it worked.

    Keeping an open mind about medicine is key. I often wonder why people are so quick to believe that western techniques are the only way to heal, instead of allowing our bodies a chance to do what they are meant to do.

    Don't starfish grow another limb when one is broken or torn off? If they're seeing a doctor for that, I want a referral! icon_lol.gif

    But seriously, if starfish bodies can heal themselves, then why is it so unfathomable that our bodies can do the same?

    Wed Aug 10, 2011 2:36 pm Groupie
    Hi, kromen! wave.gif

    First of all, thank you for sharing your story with us. I can totally relate to an inconvenient drive, scheduling, food avoidance, and going shopping with gloves on!

    I know that the 25 hour (or whatever your practitioner recommends) avoidance seems daunting. And, yeah... it is. But here's where my mind finally went with it:

    Is it really going to kill us to eat tater tots all day... for ONE day?
    I decided it was a lot more stressful trying to plan actual meals to avoid everything than it was to make "Tuesday Tater Tot Day". It sounds crazy, I know, but the kids actually think it's fun and funny to have a day where we're only eating one or two weird things. They like the idea of eating "junk food" all day and actually, it has an interesting bonus factor.
    I do not get constant requests for frozen yogurt or tater tots or whatever, for a good month after allowing them to gorge on that item for a day! icon_lol.gif

    My best advice, after 5 years, is to just go with it. Take the list of items that are allowed and make a crazy meal or crazy eating day out of it, but don't let the list of CAN'T eats dictate your stress level. icon_biggrin.gif

    I'm running out the door now, but when I get home I'll pull out my list and see what items are on my can eat list for the B's and the minerals to see if I can help ease your stress a little.

    Wed Aug 10, 2011 3:14 pm
    Newbie "Fry Cook" Poster
    Tink, Thx so much for your quick response! i'm excited to see what u had put together for your B mix! having a one yummy food for the day does sound like a pretty good idea. i still wonder how my kids will do with that, but it does take some of the stress away to think about it that way!

    Also, you say you have 5 yrs of experience with NAET. it's nothing like what u did in the beginning I hope? One person told me that it's kinda like having a primary care physician that she calls for things that come up, but once she was cleared from her allergies and the ailments, she did not have to go back for those, just for colds and things that would come up down the road... I'm hopeful that we can get rid of my son's asthma for EVER and not have it keep coming back. Even the practioner said to always have an inhaler for 5 years after the last asthma attack "just in case." It's such a commitment that i'm really hopeful it will work! if it does, i'm gonna want to shout it out to the world and let everyone know because it's a shame that people suffer and don't know about this remedy.

    thx, again Tink!
    Wed Aug 10, 2011 3:26 pm
    Newbie "Fry Cook" Poster
    Tink, I had some questions about the vitamin C mix, also, since that's coming up pretty soon. (my 4 yr old did the egg mix yesterday, my 6 yr old and I did BBF, and so she is going to my 4 yo do an egg component (I don't know what, cuz i didn't see any other mix with the word "egg" in it) so that we can all be on the same schedule. Another thing i didnt mention is that my 4 yo has some signs of aspergers and is in special needs pre-school class for develpmental delays, but he hasn't been diagnosed, yet.

    our practitioner said that if he's on the autism spectrum he will most likely need at least 50 treatments, even to heal from the asthma, which is quite overwhelming! i dont' know if i'd hang on after 15 if i didn't see some progress (at least with the asthma). another couple NAET practioners told me that they'd surely cure him after 10 or 25 sessions (the one who said 10 said it's cuz she also used EFT with the NAET-emotional focused therapy, which you could find on youtube if anyone's interested).

    one reason i chose this practioner is that i saw that she spends lots of time with us and is always wanting to make sure my questions are answered. i spoke to a patient who was healed through her treatments and she does remote work and will teach me how to do treatments so i don't have to go into the office each time. she said she's talked a mom into how to pull the child out of an asthma attack over the phone before!

    anyway, back to the question (I hope the added info is helpful to someone!). for vitamin C, trying to come up with a variety that the kids might like, this is what i came up with:

    -breakfast-boiled eggs. With crackers if not fortified.
    -lunch-chicken nuggets and corn. No ketchup or butter! make sure nuggets aren't fortified.
    -supper- pasta cooked in olive oil, garlic and parmesian cheese (can we have milk products? it said no milk or butter, but didn't specify cheese or yogurt. the ingredients said zero vitamin C).
    -snack-graham crackers (with yogurt?).

    thx so much!
    Sat Aug 13, 2011 4:31 pm Groupie
    Sorry I couldn't get right back here, kromen! I wanted to, but I've been busy with a ginormous cake at work (plus my usual baking) and we're hosting a BBQ here tomorrow, so I'm trying to get the grocery list ready, shop and then do as much prep/cooking/cleaning as I can tonight.

    So, looking at your menu I can see that..... you are a way better mom than I am! icon_lol.gif
    Seriously, your menu looks great, with the exception of the milk/yogurt products. I think I would avoid them, just in case, but it's probably more like a secondary reaction. From the VitC the cows have in them, passing through the milk. Like my DD's reaction to turkey being eliminated after being cleared for hormones; long before the turkey treatment was going to come up.

    I honestly wasn't joking before when I said we made meals out of tater tots. For the VitB I gorged on fish and chips for a day. I was overwhelmed at first trying to cope with the idea of not planning an actual food pyramid meal. Then I let go of the stress, picked things off the list of Can Have's and just ate those for a day. I quit worrying about not having 3 balanced meals during those times, cause basically, those healthy meals were making my baby/me/DH sick anyway. Right?
    I did worry about getting tired of tater tots or white rice and veggies, but that didn't happen in just the 25 hours each one took.
    Biggest pain, was not touching things that contained those ingredients. The list gets easier though. When starting out we're working on the base ingredients for everything, it seems, so as those get cleared your food choices become easier and easier.

    It looks like you are doing really well with your meal planning. You've got it way more together than I ever did at that stage! icon_biggrin.gif

    I'm skeptical that the asthma can be cleared in 10 treatments. I mean, there are a few items that (if your doctor will/does) can be treated together; like fish & shellfish, spice mix 1 & 2, Amino acids 1 & 2, but other than those, most have to be cleared individually.
    My doctor has done the testing for all 78 items on the list and the majority of items that irritate my asthma don't start until after #40. I have only 5 positive in the first 16, but even then, the 10th treatment would only just hit the first of my many asthma triggers.
    That being said, I'm glad you ended up with the doctor you felt most comfortable with. It took us 3 doctors, but we did the same thing. The one that spends some time with you without making unrealistic promises or selling you $1000 a month worth of supplements (that you're still allergic to) is the one. icon_wink.gif icon_biggrin.gif

    Sun Aug 14, 2011 4:39 am
    Newbie "Fry Cook" Poster
    Tink, thx for your response!

    My practioner ure took away a lot of the stress by talking with me about other options on how to do the treatments. it's wierd cuz she was the first one to say that many folks do things that aren't NAET, saying it's NAET. but, she said she has something she could treat that Dr. Nambrudipad would not endorse, so if 5 yrs down the road he got the allergies back... she'd give our money back for those treatments done.

    she talked about how Dr. Nambrudipad taught a gentleman who to do a different form of NAET where they left the vile attached to the body for 25 hrs after the treatment and they didn't have to do the diet and the guy's been doing this for at least 6 yrs and folks hold the treatment. so, as a way to not have to have such a strict diet, for the next one we're gonna try that for my 6 yr old and hope he doesn't pull the tape/vile off while he's at school.

    i'm trusting the practioner pretty well, and what she had to say made sense about this other way to treat and she had her theories on why Dr. Nambudripad doesn't endorse the treatment at this time. but, i figured we'll try it for now. it's hard, cuz the whole process has been hard to trust. i'm hoping to see SOME improvements after a handful of treatments. i think she said his runny nose might go away within the first 10-it always depends, cuz we don't know which item is causing it, and with him, unfortunately it's severall, i think.

    it's good to hear of so many folks who NAET has worked for. in searching the web i only found one person out of several who said it did't work and they might not have finished the process or something...

    this practioner also said she could do "remote treatments" and did one today as my son started having an asthma attack and she "got" to treat him for "fear." there are many concepts within that one sentence i just wrote that wierd me out, but i've heard so many good things and that it works, even the remote treatments part that i'm trying to give it a chance-it'll save money and time when we do it remotely, too.

    have u heard of remote treatments? i googled it and saw a couple of things, but nothing really scientific to ease my mind. icon_smile.gif

    it's just all hard to grasp, cuz how do we KNOW that we KNOW that we cleared a treatment if we didnt know there was a sensitivity in the first place. part of it in the beginning is pure faith in the practioner and process, it seems.

    anyway, i'll let u know what happened with doing the treatment with the vile if u're interested. i don't think many practioners do that since Dr. Nambudripad isn't endorsing it at this time. also, the remote healing is used with the NAET, but i don't think it's a methos of Dr. Nambudripad. i've seen other specialists mix NAET with other things, like EFT.

    i'm hopeful! icon_smile.gif
    thx so much for your stories of yoru experience. it's really helpful!!!
    Wed Aug 17, 2011 4:31 pm Groupie
    Although my doctor doesn't tape the vials to us for the avoidance period, she does have us hold them, or when DD was a baby she slipped them in her sock, for 15 minutes after the treatment.

    She doesn't do remote treatments, but I'm a Reiki 3 practitioner and I do remote work and I know it works.

    It's difficult for anyone to really grasp the concept of retraining the body to heal itself, but slowly, more and more people are taking at least a passing interest in alternative healing. I mean, growing up I lived down the street from a Chiropractor. He had a wood carving of a spine in his yard. It freaked me out (3rd grade) and we would actually walk on the other side of the street to avoid his house. I had no idea what a Chiropractor was, I only knew that a spine was a creepy thing to have on your lawn if it wasn't Halloween.

    Years later, not only did I end up office managing for Chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists and a Chinese herbalist, but I ended up seeing the doctor from my childhood quite often and even became very good friends with his assistant.

    I think keeping the vile with you after the treatment makes sense and if it means no avoidance, then I'm all in! icon_biggrin.gif
    Wed Aug 17, 2011 8:39 pm
    Newbie "Fry Cook" Poster
    Tink, thx for your comments! Very reassuring. for the calcium treatment, right now my 6 yr old has the vile on. the school called freaking out about it, though, cuz he was showing the students! ha ha. they sent him the the nurse's office and i got a call. "uuuugh, what's this thing taped on your son's back that he's showing all the kids?" i'm glad they're permitting it (with a note each time) cuz the practitioner said some schools won't allow it.

    so, my 6 year had the vile and my other son and i were donig the other nontradional method that's not endorsed by Dr. Devi, which is to do the points every after eating or within the 2 hr window (i think she explained it that the energy goes through each body organ every 2 hrs). my 4 yr old and i already messed up not catching the points quite on time! so, i'll be interested to see if we cleared.

    so, if we did the points, again, i'd say to do them right after eating. even setting the timer i was distracted and messed up. but, i'm with u, the vile is easy! i'm gonna ask her to let us all just do the vile. we have so many other things going on that easy is helpful right now. i don't feel as confident about it, but really it kinda does make sense!
    Wed Aug 17, 2011 9:14 pm Groupie
    rotfl.gif I would SO get too distracted to do the points too! I'd totally try it, but I know I'd mess it up somehow.
    I do know there was a time when DD & I were both getting a treatment for different things and since I was still nursing her at the time, I had to avoid her food for 25 hours BEFORE treatment, as well as after, so she wouldn't get it in the milk.
    Well, having to keep track of who can have what and staying away from what and whatever else I had going at the time, I got myself all confused and ended up eating something I wasn't supposed to. I did some serious positive thinking about how I was still going to clear for it, that I had stayed away long enough, and I ended up cleared when we went back. So I think there might be a lot of factors contributing to the effectiveness of each treatment and we may need 25 hours for something that we had a severe reaction to, but only 5 to something that was a relatively low reaction. Maybe things that we are psychologically allergic to (remember Dr. Devi's example about the mom eating an apple when she gets a bad news phone call and being allergic to apples after that?) clear faster than something that is purely physical, like animal dander or a chemical.
    My doctor also tests how close in proximity I will react to an allergen. It doesn't matter that much, but is very interesting to know. Like sugar, I would react if I was within 78 feet of it. That's like a block away! Crazy.

    Funny how your DS wants to show all the kids (mine would have been the same way at that age), but the best part is the school allowing him to wear the vial. That's just awesome!! And I'm glad that it's working, cause it reduces the stress of eating right. icon_biggrin.gif
    Wed Aug 31, 2011 1:40 am
    Newbie "Fry Cook" Poster
    Tink, so sorry for the delayed response! i don't check the email that's connected to much. i use that email address to sign up for things where i'm not sure if i'll be getting lots of mail or junk mail. i only found while looking for more info on NAET, funny enough!

    that's interesting and funny about the sugar!

    As far as if it's working or not, i don't see any signs, yet, of it working; it's all kinda believing what the practitioner says at this point. it's wierd to me, still. i think "maybe i wasn't "strong" enough when she did the muscle testing that time-maybe i tweaked what she's doing. maybe she doesn't know what she's doing! i'm a believer and really hopeful on one hand, but really still kinda wondering if we'll see results. i guess one of my big questions are if there are many practioners that were trained by Dr. Nambrudipad that are not successful in their work-maybe they're not very skilled at it or something. it does seem like it takes skill, at least for the muscle testing. maybe not everyone is as in tune as the next person. she seems pretty darn confident, though, so we're gonna keep going. another couple times and she'll teach me to do treatments from home and i won't have to come in so often; she'll check to see if it cleared and it's 1/2 off the cost! so i'll be able to do 2-3 a week instead of once a week. i'm excited about that, especially since my 6 yo just got put on a behavior plan in school for his impulsivity and the winter is when my 4 yo typically gets hospitalized for his asthma.

    what really keeps me holding on are allllllll the positive reviews and things said about NAET over and over again!
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