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    The French Menu & Kitchen Explained - French to English

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    French Tart
    Fri Apr 13, 2007 3:01 pm
    Forum Host

    Welcome to our French/English Dictionary!

    This is by NO means a definitive list - and we welcome any suggestions or ideas, for any terms or words that may have been missed out........please leave your suggestions in the forum, rather than this thread!

    Please bear in mind that all languages have their regional linguistic differences - and that some terms may be peculiar to a particular region of France and/or her Colonies!

    This is the French to English Version - there will be another thread for English to French!

    à point : cooked medium
    abaisse : a thin layer of pastry, undercrust
    abats : Meat organs (other than poultry giblets)
    abattis giblets : poultry giblets
    abricot : apricot
    acerbe bitter : (bitter; tart) to the taste
    agneau : lamb
    agrumes : citrus fruit
    aïgo bouido : Provençal garlic soup served over pieces of bread
    aïgo-sau d'iou : Provençal fish soup made with "water and salt"
    aigre: sour
    aigre-doux : sweet-and-sour - (bitter-sweet)
    à aigrir : to turn sour - (wine or milk)
    ail: garlic - gousse d'ail = clove of garlic
    ail semoule: garlic powder/granules
    ail semoule: garlic salt
    aillé : flavoured with garlic
    aïoli : a Provencal garlic mayonaise sauce, served as part of the aïoli complet
    airelle rouge : cranberry -Airelle is a general name applied to the "Vaccinium" berry shrubs. Airelle is used for the British bilberry (whortleberry) or the American blueberry (huckleberry) as well as the cranberry ("airelle rouge").
    alevin fry : bait (tiny fish)
    alimentation food : (food, groceries, nourishment, nutrition)
    alose shad : a silvery fish, smaller than a herring
    amande : almond
    amer : bitter (also acerbe
    amertume bitterness
    amuse-gueule : cocktail snack - (amuse-gueule; amuse-bouche)
    ananas : pineapple
    anchois anchovy - a fish
    anchoyade anchovy purée : Provençal purée made with garlic and olive oil
    aneth dill : similar to fenouil
    angélique angelic
    anguille eel
    anis étoilé anise, aniseed : (anis étoilé; badiane) the anise plant; its dried star-shaped fruit.
    apple pomme
    apron : a fish from the Rhône river, related to perch
    aromate : aromatic plant; herb; spice
    arôme aroma, flavor : (arôme = aroma; goût = taste; parfum = flavor of ice cream;
    arrosé sprinkled : moistened; basted
    artichaut artichoke
    asperge asparagus :
    - botte d'asperges = bundle of asparagus
    - pointe d'asperges = asparagus tips
    aspic aspic jelly
    assiette plate
    aubergine eggplant : [aubergine farcie]
    avocat avocado : (avocado pear)
    avoine oats : (flocon d'avoine = rolled oats; gruau d'avoine = porridge, oatmeal.


    babeurre buttermilk :
    ("Lait Ribot" is a traditional fermented milk made in Brittany, made from fermented basbeurre.)
    badiane anise, aniseed : (anis étoilé; badiane)
    badigeonner,à : paint on a coat [of egg white, for example]
    baguette bread stick : a long narrow cylindrical loaf of white bread weighing 250 g. "Baguette" is the name for anything long and skinny, including drum sticks, strips of wood, etc.
    banane: banana
    banon : Provencal goat cheese wrapped in chestnut leaves, from Banon [Banon village]
    barbe-à-papa: candy floss - cotton candy (Grandpa's beard)
    barbouillade : stuffed eggplant or eggplant stew (Provençal)
    basilic: basil
    baudroie angler-fish : (monkfish, frog-fish, sea-devil) also called lotte de mer
    bavette (steak) : minute steak; the top or skirt of beef
    baveux : moist, runny
    bécasse: woodcock
    becassine snipe
    beignet doughnut : (beignet, doughnut, fritter)
    berlingot de Carpentras : candy
    bette white beet
    betterave beet, beetroot
    betterave rouge de Gardanne : a regional red beet
    beurre butter
    bicarbonate de sodium baking soda : Available from pharmacies.
    biche doe : (female deer)
    bien cuit cooked well done : least cooked: (bleu, saignant, à point, bien cuit) : most cooked.
    bière beer
    bigarreau Pélissier : a regional cherry
    biscotin d'Aix : cookie
    blanc white :
    - fromage blanc = white cheese; vin blanc = white wine
    blanc d'oeuf egg white
    blanchaille blanchaille : very tiny fish from the Mediterranean; used in Pissala.
    blanchir blanch : boil the water, dip the food quickly, for a few minutes only
    blé wheat :
    - germe de blé = wheatgerm
    blé noir buckwheat
    blette beet, white : [Tourte de Haute-Provence]
    bleu cooked very rare : (blue), more rare even than saignant.
    bleu de Queyras cheese, blue moulded : a regional blue-moulded cheese
    blonde de Nice : a regional orange of Nice
    blondir : cook [onions] only until transparent, not quite browning
    bocal bowl : deep bowl with narrow top
    bocal jar : glass (or earthenware) jar for canning preserves.
    boeuf beef
    boisson beverage, drink
    boucherie butcher shop
    bouchon cork : a bottle stopper, made from the bark of the cork oak (chêne liege)
    bouchonné corked : wine that's gone off, with the taste of its cork
    bouillabaisse : a fish soup
    bouilli boiled
    boulanger baker
    boulangerie bakery
    bourride : Provençal fish soup, prepared with tomatoes, garlic, onions, herbs and olive oil, and served with aïoli sauce.
    bouteille bottle
    braisé braised
    brassadeau scalded ring cake
    brebis ewe : female sheep
    brocoli broccoli
    brouillade : a Provençal type of scrambled eggs
    brousse du Rove : fresh goat-milk cheese, from a goat raised for meat rather than dairy products
    brousse du Var : fresh sheep-milk cheese from the Var department
    broyé crushed : (crushed, ground, pounded)
    brûlé burned, singed :


    cabillaud : fresh Cod - salt cod = morue
    cacahouète : peanut
    cachaille : cheese-product mixture
    cade : Nice-Toulon pancake
    cajou cashew : (noix d'acajou)
    calisson d'Aix : almond-paste candy
    calmar squid
    câpres capers
    capucine nasturtium
    carambola starfruit : The carambola, or starfruit, is a large elongated yellow green fruit that is star shaped when cut across the bias.
    cardon cardoon : an edible thistle, related to the artichoke, with edible root and leafstalks; leafstalks used as a garnish for some meat dishes
    carotte carrot
    carvi caraway
    cassis blackcurrant : The red groseille is a red currant. The black groseille is called "cassis".
    cassis, creme de blackcurrant liqueur
    cébette : like a leek; in Provence it's shredded for salads or eaten raw
    céleri celery
    cerfeuil chervil
    cerise cherry
    champignon mushroom
    champoléon : moulded raw cheese
    chapelure bread crumbs
    chapon : crust rubbed with garlic
    chapon capon : a young castrated and fattened rooster
    chapon de mer : rascasse rouge fish (for bouillabaisse)
    charcuterie cold cuts
    Chateaubriand : a thick fillet of grilled tenderloin steak, especially from the fat cattle in Brittany around the town of Chateaubriant.
    chevreau de lait : milk goat (kid)
    chichi-frégi : a beignet
    chicorée frisée chicory lettuce :
    - (chicorée frisée; endive frisée)
    chique : candy
    chou cabbage :
    - chou-blanc: white cabbage; chou-rouge: red cabbage; chou pointu de Châteaurenard: a regional cabbage
    chou de Bruxelles brussels sprout
    chou-fleur cauliflower
    choucroute sauerkraut
    chutney mangue mango chutney
    ciboule scallion
    ciboule spring onion
    ciboule welsh onion
    ciboulette chives
    cigale de mer : shellfish
    cinabre cinnabar : a bright-red pigment for colouring
    citre : a regional vine plant (Citrullus lanatus) related to the watermelon, used for making jam
    citron lemon
    citron de Menton : a regional lemon
    citronnelle citronella : applies to various plants with a lemon scent: verbena, lemon balm, melissa, etc.
    citrouille pumpkin
    coco rose : small bean, white with pink veins
    coing de Provence quince : for jams
    compote : compote eg. apple sauce etc.
    concombre cucumber
    confit : preserved, jelly: confit de canard is filleted duck legs cooked and preserved in its own fat; confit de [fruit] is candied, jellied or crystallised fruit.
    confiture jam
    confiture d'agrumes : citrus-fruit jam
    confiture de genièvre : juniper-berry jam
    congre conger eel
    coquelicot poppy, wild red : the wild red, or corn poppy, petals are used in salads, and in Provencal jelly
    coriandre coriander
    counne rind, skin : example: "couenne de porc" is porc rind
    courge squash
    courgette zucchini : [Courgette farcie]
    craqueliln de Carpentras : one of the "berlingot" candies of Carpentras
    crème cream
    crème aigre sour cream
    crème chantilly whipped cream
    crème èpaisse thick cream
    crème fleurette light cream : a low-fat cream used in cooking, in place of crème fraîche; also "crème liquide"
    crème fraîche cream, full-fat : used for making butter, sauces, etc.
    crevette shrimp : scallion; welsh onion
    croquant : brioche cake
    cuillerée spoonful
    cuire au four bake in the oven
    cumin cumin


    daube beef stew
    daurade royale gilthead - a fish
    à délayer to thin : (a sauce)
    à dés to dice :
    - couper en gros dés = to dice; cut into chunks
    à détailler to chop
    dinde turkey :
    - dinde: hen turkey hen; dindon: tom turkey; dindonneau: young turkey
    dorade sea-bream - a fish
    doux mild :


    eau water
    eau de fleur d'oranger orange-flower water : Distilled from orange blossoms, especially the Bigaradier orange of Provence, and used in cuisine in Provence and North Africa.
    ébullition boiling
    écaille scale : fish scale
    à écailler to shell : (crabs), scale
    echalote shallot : scallion; welsh onion
    à échauder to scald
    ecorce rind : fruit rind; fruit peel; rice husk
    à écraser to crush : écrasé: crushed or flattened
    écrevisse crayfish, crawfish
    à écumer to froth : (to foam)
    à éffiler : cut into thin strips; strip the stringy part from string beans; flake almonds.
    égoutter drain : drain off (water); strain (cheese)
    à émietter to crumble
    à émincer to mince : sliced thinly (meat or onions); shredded (vegetables).
    emissole dogfish : Mediterranean, smooth dogfish, shark fish.
    en dés chunks
    en poudre powder
    encornet squid
    endive chicory : also known as white leaf.
    endive frisée chicory lettuce :
    - (chicorée frisée chicorée frisée)
    à enfourner : to put into the oven
    entrecôte (steak) ribsteak
    entremets : sweet desserts and sweet side dishes. The word origin is from "in-between dishes" served between courses at Middle-Ages banquets while the minstrels entertained.
    à épépiner to seed : (remove the seeds)
    épicé hot
    épinard spinach
    à éplucher to peel
    à équeuter to tail : (a fruit)
    estragon tarragon : tarragon
    à étaler to spread : (spread out evenly)
    à étendre au rouleau to roll flat : (dough)


    à faisander to hang : (game, for aging)
    faitout, fait-tout pot : stew-pan, cooking pot
    - (faittout, marmite)
    farci stuffed vegetables : (légumes farcis)
    farine flour :
    - farine de sarrasin = buckwheat flour
    faux-filet (steak) sirloin steak
    favouille [favouïo] : small green crab
    fenouil fennel
    fiélas (congre) conger eel
    figue fig :
    - figue de Tarascon
    filet (steak) tenderloin steak
    filet de dinde turkey filet :
    filet mignon filet mignon : the small choice end of tenderloin of beef (or of veal or pork)
    fleur de Courgette zucchini flower
    fleur de muscade mace : (spice; also called macis
    - fleur de muscade = mace spice
    - noix de muscade = nutmeg
    foie liver
    à fondre to melt
    fondu melted
    fougasse : a type of bread
    fougassette : an enriched bread
    fougère musquée celery : celery
    à fouler to press : (force with a pistul)
    four oven
    fourré filled : filled, stuffed, creamed
    fraise strawberry :
    - fraise de Carpentras; frais du Plan de Carros
    fromage blanc : a soft white cheese like a thick yogurt
    fromage de chèvre cheese, goat
    fromage rapé cheese, grated
    fruit Confit d'Apt : candied fruit


    galinette : a fish
    gâteau cake
    genièvre (genévrier) juniper : juniper; gin; geneva
    géranium odorant geranium
    germe de blé wheatgerm
    gibier game : pheasant, boar, etc.
    gigot lamb leg : Leg of lamb or leg of mutton, usually roasted
    girelle : a fish
    girofle clove : "clous de girofle" are whole cloves, and "girofle moulu" or "girofle en poudre" are powdered cloves.
    gnocchi : A small Niçoise dumpling made from potato paste. [photo]
    - Our Provencal and Nicoise cuisine information is focused on this area, and often ignores other origins, either parallel or older. Gnocci, for example, is Niçoise, but it is also Italian (Nice and Italy were the same thing just over a century ago).
    gousse clove, pod : clove (of garlic); pod (of bean or pea)
    goût taste : (arôme = aroma; goût = taste; parfum = flavor of ice cream;
    à goûter to taste
    grain seed : seed (grape, mustard); bean (coffee)
    graine seed : (of a plant)
    grenade pomegranate :
    - grenade de Provence
    griofle gurnard : (gurnard, gurnet = griofle, grondin)
    grondin gurnet : (gurnard, gurnet = griofle, grondin)
    gros sel rock salt : also suggested: coarse salt, sea salt, kosher salt. Gros sel is used for cooking; sel fin is used as table salt.
    groseille currant, red : The red groseille is a red currant. The black groseille is called "cassis".


    haricot bean
    haricot blanc white beans
    haricot coco rose d'Eyragues : small local bean, called "coco rose" ( small white bean with pink veins)
    haricot rouge kidney beans
    haricot vert green beans
    Herbes de Provence Herbes de Provence
    huile oil
    huile d'olive olive oil :


    infusion herbal tea :


    jambon ham
    jambonneau knuckle of ham
    jaune d'oeuf egg yolk
    jujube jujube : (from thejujube tree)
    - jujube de Provence


    kaki muscat de Provence persimmon : [see flora]

    labre cuckoo wrasse - a fish
    lait milk
    lait de noix de coco coconut milk
    laitue lettuce
    langouste lobster : spiny lobster or rock lobster; also called crawfish.
    langoustine : Dublin Bay prawn; Norwegian lobster.
    laurier bayleaf : (also laurel leaf)
    laurier laurel leaf : (also bayleaf)
    lavande lavender
    légume vegetable
    à levain to leaven : (the "raising" compound in bread) see leveure (yeast)
    levure yeast :
    - levure chemique = baking powder
    - levure de boulanger = baker's yeast
    levure chimique baking powder
    levure de boulanger baker's yeast
    liche albacore - a fish
    liege cork : the material; the bark of the cork oak (chêne liege)
    lotte de mer angler-fish : (monkfish, frog-fish, sea-devil) baudroie
    louche ladle
    loup sea bass - a fish :


    macaroni macaroni
    maïs corn : (American corn = English maize; English corn = American grain)
    maïs maize : (American corn = English maize; English corn = American grain)
    à malaxer, pétrir to knead : (dough); to work (butter)
    mandarine tangerine : manderin orange or tangerine.
    mange-tout : "eat-everything", baby peas in the pod
    marbré marbled : (also persillée for blue cheese)
    marjolaine marjoram, sweet : sweet marjoram; see also oregano (wild marjoram)
    marmite : cooking pot
    marron chestnut : from the Châtaignier; the nuts from the marronnier are inedible
    mélisse lemon balm : melissa; lemon balm
    melon cantaloup : (cantaloup de Cavaillon) [Cavaillon]
    menthe mint
    merlan whiting - a fish
    mérou grouper - a fish
    mesclun Niçois : mixture of different lettuces
    miel honey
    à mijoter : simmer, stew slowly, with low heat; prepare with great care or love (also mitonner)
    Mitonnée aux Cinq Légumes
    à mitonner to simmer; cook slowly : simmer, stew slowly, with low heat, in water or bouillon (also mijoter)
    - prepared very carefully (Mitonnée aux Cinq Légumes)
    - cook long and slowly (ragoût)
    moelle bone marrow
    morille morel : a tasty mushroom; dark brown conical cap, pitted with cavitites.
    mortier mortar : heavy bowl for grinding with a pestle; pilon = pestle
    morue cod, salt - a fish :
    - fresh codfish = cabillaud
    moule mussel
    moulé moulded
    moules mussels :
    - moules marinières = mussles cooked in white wine with onion or shallots
    moulin à poivre peppermill
    moutarde mustard
    mouton mutton
    moutounesso lamb, dried
    muge mullet - a fish
    mûr ripe
    mûre blackberry : blackberry, brambleberry, mulberry
    - mûrier noir = fresh blackberry
    muscade nutmeg : Nutmeg is "noix de muscade", often just called "muscade".


    navet turnip
    navette : a boat-shaped cookie (Marseille; Provençal)
    nèfle du Japon medlar fruit
    noix walnut, nut
    noix de coco coconut
    noix de coquilles Saint-Jacques : the white flesh of the scallop
    noix de muscade nutmeg
    nonat alevin : alevin, fry, young fish
    nougat blanc : white nougat candy
    nougat noir : dark nougat candy
    nouille noodle
    nourriture food :


    oeuf egg
    oeuf à cheval : steak or hamburger topped with a fried egg
    oeuf à la coque egg, boiled : steak or hamburger topped with a fried egg
    oeuf à la moelle egg, poached : with a white-wine and bone barrow sauce
    oeuf à la neige : a dessert of beaten egg whites poached in milk and served i a caramelized valilla custard
    oeuf dur egg, hard-boiled
    oeuf dur le plat egg, fried
    oeuf poché egg, poached
    oeufs brouillés eggs, scrambled
    oie goose
    oignon onion : [oignon farci]
    olive olive
    ombre commun umber fish : or freshwater grayling
    omelette omelette
    orange orange : orange de Nice; blonde de Nice
    oreillette : a sweet fritter (beignet)
    orge barley
    origan oregano : wild marjoram; sometimes called marjolaine (sweet marjoram)
    ortie nettle : used in some old-time Provencal cooking
    os, à la : on the bone
    oseille sorrel
    oursin violet sea-urchin :


    pageot pandora, red : larger than sea bream (dorade) and less delicate flavor; also called "rosseau"
    paillasspm potato pancake : thin pancake made with shredded potatoes.
    paille straw
    pain bread : [Pain à l'Ancienne]
    pain bouilli : a regional rye bread
    pain complet whole wheat bread : similar to bran brad (pain de son)
    pain d'Aix : a regional raised bread
    pain d'épice gingerbread
    pain de campagne country bread : usually a large, round loaf, dusted with flour.
    pain de mais corn-bread
    pain de mie sandwich bread : white, sliced bread
    pain de sarrasin buckwheat bread
    pain de seigle rye bread
    pain de seigle rye bread
    pain de son bran bread : similar to whole wheat bread (pan complet)
    pain perdu french toast
    pamplemousse grapefruit
    pan bagnat : A large round sandwich from Nice, with lettuce, anchovies, tuna fish, black olives, etc. Popular in the summer from beach-side stalls and terrace cafés.
    panais parsnip
    panier basket : usually a wicker basket.
    panier de crudités raw vegitables : served whole or chopped, in a basket; eaten by hand, with or without "dipping".
    panisse : fried beigne of chick-pea flour
    panisse chickpea pancake : Provencal thick pancake made with chickpea flour.
    paprika paprica
    parmesan parmesan
    passoire colander : une passoire conique (conical colander) is used to "filtrer au chinois"
    pastèque watermelon
    paté paste
    pâte verte green pasta
    patience : cookie
    pavé (steak) : a thick piece of prime grilled steak
    pêche peach :
    - pêche sanguine de Manosque = a local variety
    à peler to peel
    persil parsley
    persillée : marbled or blue-veined (for blue moulded cheese)
    petit épeautre : a regional wheat
    petit pan roll
    petit pois peas
    petit poisson de roche : small rock fish
    petit salé salt pork : salt pork, or salt chine of pork
    petite friture : tiny fish
    à pétrir, malaxer to knead : (dough)
    pétrissage : kneading
    pieds et paquets : sheep tripes
    pignon pine nut
    à piler : to grind, crush (in a mortar)
    pilon drumstick : drumstick, leg of poultry
    pilon pestle : short thick club for pounding substances in a mortar
    piment pimento : pimeinto, red pepper, hot pepper, capsicum
    pintade Guinea Fowl
    pintade farcie stuffed Guinea-hen
    pissala : a sauce
    pissaladière : onion quiche
    pissenlit dandelion : used in some old-time Provencal cooking
    pistache pistachio
    pistou : a Provencal garlic-basil sauce (see Basil); sometimes used to mean basil (basilic)
    poire pear :
    - poire crémesine et martin-sec = a regional pear
    poireau leek
    pois chiche chick pea
    pois mange-tout : "eat-everything" peas (small young pea pods; you eat the peas and the pod)
    poisson fish
    poivre pepper
    poivron bell pepper : bell pepper (green, red, or yellow) [poivron farci]
    poivron pimenté chili pepper
    poivron rouge bell pepper, red : bell pepper (green, red, or yellow)
    poivron vert bell pepper, green : bell pepper (green, red, or yellow)
    polenta jaune boiled corn
    pomme apple :
    pomme de terre potato :
    - pomme de risoul et pointue de Trescléoux = mid-season potatoes
    - pomme de terre de Pertuis = mid-season potatoes
    pompe à l'huile : an enriched bread
    pompe de Noël : an enriched bread
    potimarron : pumpkin variant, with slight chestnut flavor
    potiron pumpkin
    poulet chicken
    poulpe octopus
    poutargue de Martigues : fish egg
    poutine alevin : alevin, fry, young fish
    praline : an almond-sugar mixture used as a filling in some pastries and candies; this is not the same as the American or Belgium chocolate praline. [Brioches aux Pralines]
    prune plum
    pruneau prune :


    quadrillage : a criss-cross topping on a tart (with strips of pastry) or pizza (with anchovies)
    quart quarter :
    - un quart de vin = a carafe with 25 cl of wine
    quartier : a segment or quarter of orange, lemon, melon, etc.
    quatre-épices four spices : a blend of ground cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, pepper.
    queue tail
    quiche quiche :


    radis radish
    rafraîchi chilled : or cooled
    ragoût stew
    raie skate : or ray
    raisin grape
    raisin sec raisin : (dried grape)
    à ramollir to soften
    râpé grated : or shredded.
    rasade : full to the brim.
    rascasse hog-fish : used for bouillabaisse
    rascasse rouge red scorpion fish : chapon de mer fish (for bouillabaisse)
    ratatouille : a Provencal vegetable stew
    ravioli ravioli : stuffed pasta
    recette recipe
    réchauffé warmed : or re-heated.
    à réfroidir to cool : or chill.
    réglisse licorice
    relevé spicy : or seasoned.
    à remuer to stir slowly : also to toss (a salad); mix
    repas meal
    requin shark - a fish
    à revenir to brown : (to soften - cake)
    rince-doigts finger bowl : [Camargue]
    ris de veau sweetbread : also ris d'agneau (of calf, lamb or kid goat)
    riz rice : [Camargue]
    riz de Camargue : rice from the Camargue [Camargue]
    rocambole rocambole : aka Spanish garlic; a large wine coloured bulb that is used similarly to shallots; grown in the South of France
    rogatons leftovers : slang for the leftovers of a meal.
    rognon kidney
    rognon blanc : white meat from the testicle.
    romaine : lettuce with long, crispy leaves.
    romarin rosemary
    ronce blackberry bush : wild, with thorns. The briar patch.
    rondelle : thin, round slice (such as thin slices of cucumber).
    rosseau pandora, red : larger than sea bream (dorade) and less delicate flavor; also called "pageot"
    rotengle red-eye : also called gardon rouge, or rud; (freshwater)
    rôti roast
    rôti roast : meat roast; "rôti de porc": pork roast; "rôti de dinde": turkey roast.
    à rôtir to roast
    rouget red mullet : small red fish used in Provencal cooking; also applies to goatfish or surmullet.
    rouget de roche red mullet - a fish
    rougette : lettuce with small reddish leaves, popular in Provence.
    rouille : Provencal spicy red sauce (literally "rust"); like a garlic "aîoli" sauce with chilli pepper.
    roulade : stuffed meat or fish, rolled and sliced.
    roulé rolled
    à roussir to brown, singe :


    safran saffron
    saignant cooked rare : More rare than à point but not as rare as bleu.
    saint-pierre : a flat fish
    à saisir to seer : Begin the cooking by seering the outer surface hot and fast: put a small amount of oil in a pan, bring it up to a high temperature, put in the food, spread out, to quickly brown the surface, turn to brown the other side(s).
    salade lettuce
    salade de mesclun : a salad of lettuce, dandelion, chicory, watercress, herbs and rocket
    salade mixte : lettuce and tomato salad
    salade niçoise : a salad of lettuce, tomatoes, olives, anchovies, tuna fish, bell peppers, hard-boiled eggs, etc.
    salé salted
    sansonnet starling : étourneau sansonnet = Sturnus vulgaris, common starling, a bird, and sometimes delicacy in Provencal and Corsican dishes.
    sard : a fish
    sardine sardine
    sarrasin buckwheat
    sarriette savory
    saucisse aux herbes ou au chou : meat-vegetable/herb fresh sausage
    saucisson d'Arles : dry sausage
    sauge sage
    saumuré pickled
    saveur flavour : (arôme = aroma; goût = taste; parfum = flavour of ice cream;
    scarole endive & type of lettuce
    seiche cuttle-fish
    sel salt
    sel de céleri celery salt
    sel, poivre salt, pepper
    semence : seed (that you sow)
    serpolet wild thyme
    socca : Nice-Toulon chick-pea-flour pancake [Socca de Nice]
    sorbet sherbert
    soufre sulphur
    soupe soup
    spaghetti spaghetti
    spigol : a spice similar to saffron
    steak steak
    steak - bavette : minute steak; the top or skirt of beef
    steak - entrecôte : beef ribsteak; cut from the front ribs and wing-end ribs
    steak - faux-filet : sirloin steak
    steak - filet : tenderloin steak
    steak - filet mignon : the small choice end of tenderloin of beef (or of veal or pork)
    steak - pavé : A thick piece of prime grilled steak
    steak haché ground beef
    steak haché minced beef
    steak tartare : finely ground, raw lean beef mixed with raw egg yolk and garnished with chopped onion, capers and parsley.
    stockfish haddock - a fish
    suce-miel d'Allauch : honey paste
    sucre sugar :


    tamis sieve
    tarte pie
    taureau de Camargue : beef from the Camargue [Camargue]
    telline : shellfish
    terrine : varnished earthenware jar
    thé tea
    thon tuna - a fish
    thon rouge tunny - a fish
    thym thyme : - wild thyme is serpolet
    tisane infusion : an infusion of herbal tea
    tomate tomato : [Tomate farci]
    tomme : moulded raw cheese
    tomme d'Arles : moulded raw cheese
    tourte pie, covered
    tourton : vegetable pie, without pastry
    à tronçonner to cut up : (into sections or lengths)
    truffe truffle - truffe noire d'hiver = winter black truffle
    turbot turbot - a fish :


    unilatéral : one-sided (saumon à l'unilatéral = salmon grilled only on one side)
    usé worn : red wine that has faded in quality because of age.


    vapeur steam
    veau veal : calf's meat
    vermicelles vermicelli
    verveine vervain
    viand meat
    viande en dés meat chunks :
    - figue de Tarascon
    vierge virgin :
    - huile d'olive vierge = pure cold-pressed olive oil
    vieux old, aged
    vin wine
    vinaigre vinegar
    violet : shellfish
    violette de Tourette : candied flower


    yaourt yogurt :


    zeste peel : peel (of lemon, orange)

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    Queen Dragon Mom
    Mon Apr 23, 2007 4:31 pm Groupie
    Good gracious! You guys are way busy.
    Will be fun. Waiting with bated breath. icon_wink.gif
    French Tart
    Mon Apr 23, 2007 4:46 pm
    Forum Host
    Thanks QDM!!! I would have posted here already - but I cannot transfer the files from my laptop to my dad's laptop whilst I am away from home!!!! icon_rolleyes.gif
    Tue Apr 24, 2007 5:53 pm
    Forum Host
    this looks so interesting - and its the first time that I have visited this forum - hope that its o.k. if wriggle my way in a bit and enjoy all the wonderful things that you all have to share icon_smile.gif
    Queen Dragon Mom
    Tue Apr 24, 2007 6:51 pm Groupie
    wave.gif Hi, JC! Sure glad to see you. We have a lot of fun. (It helps to speak French, too. Truly! They get up to tricks, sometimes. icon_lol.gif)
    French Tart
    Wed Apr 25, 2007 3:18 am
    Forum Host
    JoyfulCook wrote:
    this looks so interesting - and its the first time that I have visited this forum - hope that its o.k. if wriggle my way in a bit and enjoy all the wonderful things that you all have to share icon_smile.gif

    Joy - I am so pleased to see you!!!!! Have a glass of wine and pull up a chair! And, I will have time to hopefully call you tomorrow - as I am off out AGAIN today! Making hay whilst the sun shines!!!!
    This topic will be up and running when I get back to France early next week - I brought my laptop with all the text for this with me - but cannot transfer it to my dad's laptop!! icon_sad.gif icon_lol.gif Plus, I AM on holiday!!! It will always be here in the French forum - and I hope to do two French to English and one English to French!!!!!!!!
    A bientot!
    FT icon_biggrin.gif
    Wed Apr 25, 2007 3:55 am
    Forum Host
    Queen Dragon Mom wrote:
    wave.gif Hi, JC! Sure glad to see you. We have a lot of fun. (It helps to speak French, too. Truly! They get up to tricks, sometimes. icon_lol.gif)

    Thanks - I do wish that I had learnt french. We often go across and do some shopping - bringing back all the lovely cheeses and pates' etc..... I can now say a few phrases.... and seem to understand a lot more than I can speak.

    Wed Apr 25, 2007 3:58 am
    Forum Host
    Hi there FT... well i have the glass of wine icon_biggrin.gif I hope that you are having a really great time - the weather could not have been better for you -

    hopefully we can chat when you have the time...... when do you go back home???
    Wed Apr 25, 2007 2:08 pm
    Forum Host
    welcome joyful! i don't speak french either unless you consider reading /understanding menus icon_smile.gif
    French Tart
    Wed Apr 25, 2007 2:12 pm
    Forum Host
    Yes, but speak so many other wonderful languages, friendship is just one of them! icon_wink.gif icon_biggrin.gif
    FT icon_biggrin.gif
    (plus all your great recipes..........! icon_biggrin.gif )
    Wed Apr 25, 2007 3:55 pm
    Forum Host
    French Tart wrote:
    Yes, but speak so many other wonderful languages, friendship is just one of them! icon_wink.gif icon_biggrin.gif
    FT icon_biggrin.gif
    (plus all your great recipes..........! icon_biggrin.gif )

    FT what a nice thing to say..... o.k. so i dont speak french... but i do Speak passable Urdu and Swahili... but must admit that i dont get to practice it much........ thats maybe a hint into why I am keen on Indian/Asian cooking becides all the rest..... Thanks for making me feel welcome - hope to be here again tomorrow
    French Tart
    Wed Apr 25, 2007 4:26 pm
    Forum Host
    JoyfulCook wrote:
    French Tart wrote:
    Yes, but speak so many other wonderful languages, friendship is just one of them! icon_wink.gif icon_biggrin.gif
    FT icon_biggrin.gif
    (plus all your great recipes..........! icon_biggrin.gif )

    FT what a nice thing to say..... o.k. so i dont speak french... but i do Speak passable Urdu and Swahili... but must admit that i dont get to practice it much........ thats maybe a hint into why I am keen on Indian/Asian cooking becides all the rest..... Thanks for making me feel welcome - hope to be here again tomorrow

    We will be waiting for you.............. icon_wink.gif icon_biggrin.gif I love Indian and Asian food's my life as a rolling stone.........South Africa, Hong Kong, on!!!
    What will you have? A cafe creme or a glass of Kir??? icon_wink.gif icon_lol.gif
    FT icon_biggrin.gif
    Wed Apr 25, 2007 5:10 pm
    Forum Host
    A cafe creme
    will be great.

    we seem to be travellers.... me... it was Pakistan. Germany, uk. Migrating to the the states. Kenya, Australia etc.

    no wonder we like all kinds of food. I used to sit and watch the cook when I was home from boarding school... he made the most wonderful meals - all on a Tula ( which was a huge mud stove.) no oven. but three outlets to put your pots on... though my dad did try and make mum a small stove to go on top , made out of a 2-3 gallon tin, which he carefully put a door in and a shelf in the middle.

    i have not posted many asian recipes. and a lot are just from watching the cook as a child..... anyway I talk too much so al off to bed

    French Tart
    Sat Apr 28, 2007 3:25 am
    Forum Host
    I am posting all the dictionary text soon...........Monday or Tuesday when I am home in FRANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tue May 01, 2007 2:21 pm
    Forum Host
    This is probably off-topic ... !

    I just read (halfway!!) through FT's extensive kitchen dictionary. It reminded me that I once wanted to do a Master's degree in Afrikaans, and I dearly wanted to do it on the influence of the French Huguenots' language on Afrikaans. I had such wonderful examples. (I did not, because it had been done before, but the particular thesis was not available to check out).

    (It must be kept in mind here that the Dutch ruled at the Cape at the time when the Huguenots arrived, and although the French were given wonderful land -- they started viniculture in SA -- they were not allowed to have French schools or anything French. The Dutch tried hard to turn them into Dutch Frenchmen ...)

    Every now and again I come across a word which to me, as a "language person", is fascinating.

    I read a French recipe the other day, and came across the ingredient "cabillaud". See the first word under C in FT's dictionary!

    I had NO idea what this was. I sat here and pronounced the word aloud several times. And then it hit me: kabeljou!!!

    It is a kind of cod-type fish, certainly. Very tasty, too. And in my mind's eye I imagined French Huguenots angling with Dutchmen, catching this fish, and exclaiming, maybe with mild puzzlement: "Cabillaud?"

    The two words, when pronounced aloud, are almost exactly alike! icon_biggrin.gif And there are many more examples of French influencing Afrikaans. So the Dutch did not wholly succeed in their repressing of French!
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