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    Garlic/Onion Allergy

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    Thu Dec 09, 2010 4:15 am
    Newbie "Fry Cook" Poster
    Hi, I never used to suffer from allergies until about 2 years ago (now 37). After doing a lot of research I discovered that I had candida. Apparently allergies can only exist if you have candida. Over the years you can get a candida overgrowth if you eat too many sugary foods or yeast products - even antibiotics (I did all 3) So over the years you can develop intolerances and allergies to foods and the environment.

    Fri Dec 17, 2010 6:15 am
    Newbie "Fry Cook" Poster
    I used to be extremely allergic to all alliums, AND all crucifers/brassicas, AND sulphites, AND fennel, AND coriander, AND asparagus - all of which are high in sulfur compounds. I got all the symptoms of GI irritation others have described here - EXTREME diarrhea, within 30ish minutes, plus nausea, very strong - burning right through the whole digestive tract, palpitations and sheer panic as well. I know the pain of ordering at a restaurant! I started off just allergic to onions, then the whole onion family, then the crucifers piled up too, then garlic - I was just getting more and more sensitive to sulfur foods. I knew the problem was sulfur - that was the obvious common link - however I was always ok with the sulfur containing amino acids - methionine and cysteine - contained in meats and egg yolk, amongst other things. My mother is exactly the same, as is her father, and my two daughters were also affected. I was extremely sensitive like others here- I couldn't eat anything prepared in a kitchen with onions in it because of the high risk of contamination.
    BUT - I am cured!! (I can hardly believe it as I type.) Everyone is probably about to log out thinking I"m about to spam - but I"m not - and no, I'm not going to make a penny out of this post - I just want to help people.
    The problem was sulfate-reducing bacteria. These pathogenic bacteria are present in some people's digestive system. They should not be there. They "feed" on sulfur compounds - converting them into toxic sulfite and hydrogen sulfide - which seriously irritate the gut and cause full-blown allergic symptoms in some people. So, in reality, I was never allergic or intolerant to onions, I was merely responding quite appropriately to toxins created by bacteria when they had access to onions. The reason methionine and cysteine (eggs) didn’t bother me, was that the bacteria were unable to release the sulphates from the amino acid form.
    So I got better by getting rid of the bacteria. I went from having an insane reaction to an “accident” with onions in July 2010, to eating any onion or brassica or whatever – in ANY amount- only months later in November. My 2nd daughter (who went through the same treatment as me) is also completely cured. My first daughter was nominated as a control subject – poor thing – in this ‘experiment’ of mine (all treatment of these things must be done basically by yourself – doctors never seem to help – including many alternative meds.) and anyway – she is still as allergic as ever. My mum is slightly improved having started work on the bacteria a few weeks after me. Daughter number 1 is now in line to get her bacteria dealt with too, of course.
    I’m happy to share how to kick this with anyone who needs the info. HOWEVER – it will not apply to all onion allergy sufferers. For a start, this was a non-anaphylactic reaction. Anyone who has an anaphylactic reaction is more likely to react to the onion itself than to a toxic bacterial by-product – although this is worth a try anyway – to increase your safety – NOT to start eating them again – that is far too dangerous.
    How do you know if these sulphate reducing bacteria are the cause of your problem? Here’s a few guidelines:
    1. Chances are, your symptoms will be mostly in the digestive system
    2. It’s likely to have gotten worse over time, and to start including more and more foods (As the bacteria adapt and become more ‘efficient’. Garlic was the last thing to bother me of the alliums as it also has antibacterial effects, which probably helped a bit.
    3. If you’re also no good with brassicas/crucifers (cabbages etc) I’d say it’s more likely, but I was ok with some of them for a year or so after finding out the onions were bad – so don’t discount it.
    4. if you can’t handle methionine and cysteine (egg yolk, meats) then it might not be related to these (although it’s possible that I would eventually have become this bad if the bacteria can “learn” to get at the sulphur in these foods – and therefore worth a shot)
    5. IF your reaction is immediate – less than 5-10 mins – it’s unlikely to be bacteria as they take some time to make the conversion
    6. If you’re not sensitive to sulphite preservatives (such as sodium metabisulphite) then I’d say it’s less likely, although not impossible.
    7. If it’s been passed on from one generation to another – it’s more likely – ESPECIALLY from mother to child, rather than from father (although father is possible – as my mum got hers from her dad) – as mothers give more bowel flora to their babies than fathers do (for obvious reasons.) It’s less likely to be passed on from a mother to her child born by caesarean than it is to naturally born children. Neither my brother nor sister are affected – caesar babies – yet I – naturally born – am. My daughters are both naturally born and both affected.
    8. If you get positive results on a skin prick test I’d say you’re probably actually allergic – rather than responding to a bacterial toxin – although in theory you could have the bacteria on your skin too? I’m not sure on this as I never did a skin test until after I was cured.
    9. yes, you can react from inhalation only as you can sometimes swallow enough when you’re breathing it in. my mum reacts if my dad cuts up an onion in the house, yet this is definitely her problem.
    So how to fix: you have to get rid of the bad bacteria in your gut. Probiotics may help a bit (but I’d tried them for years without benefit); and there is a diet that can help you starve out bad bacteria (by eliminating all foods that are likely to go undigested – undigested food is fermented by bacteria) except the right kinds of fibre which feed our friendly flora. – the diet is called the GAPS diet – stands for gut and psychology syndrome. I read hte book a while ago and dismissed it as we have no psychology problems – but it is also for those with any gut flora problem. have a look at for more info, or and try buying the books “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” by Dr Natasha Campbell McBride and “The GAPS Guide” by Baden Powell (no affiliation with either of these or any of the sites posted, I promise.)
    The diet is a fairly long haul to get the bacteria completely eliminated – I think. I also had some kinesiology done. (my daughter no.1 and mother followed the diet without the kinesiology – they are only improved – not cured – those of us who did diet plus kinesiology are 100% cured now.) Based on mum’s and daughter’s progress, with the diet alone, it would be a couple of years to get them eliminated. less for younger people, more for older. BUT – the diet helps with all sorts of other problems too and if you did kinesiology alone without doing the diet (with its probiotics) you could encourage even worse types of pathogenic bacteria to grow in your gut to ‘replace’ your sulphate reducing bacteria – so it’s a very risky thing to do the kinesiology without doing the diet for a while – and DEFINITELY doing probiotics and fermented foods (yoghurt, ‘real’ sauerkraut etc) is a must after kinesiology treatment for this.
    To get the kinesiology, find a qualified kinesiologist (I’m in Australia and mine is registered with the ICPKP, I think that’s international??). Here’s where it gets REALLY WEIRD. Warning you – I’m a very scientifically minded person and this makes absolutely no sense to me at all – but it works – so who am I to quibble? If you’re as desperate as I was – you won’t care either (though you’ll probably try to find the cheapest kinesiologist you can!)
    Ask them to ‘muscle test’ to ask if there are sulphate-reducing bacteria in your gut. If so, ask if they convert compounds in onion into toxins that cause unwanted symptoms. If so, ask if onion would cause any adverse reactions if those bacteria were not present. If the answer is no – then you have a cure.
    Ask the kinesiologist to ask if your B-Cells recognise (i.e., are fighting off) the sulphate reducing bacteria in the body. If not, a good kinesiologist should be able to “correct” for this. Once that is achieved, ask if there are any other bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi or anything else that are converting sulphates into toxins or irritants. Do any further corrects for any pathogenic bacteria which are not being recognised by the B cells. Then ask how long it will take for the bacteria to be 100% eliminated. If the answer is a very long time (over 6 months) ask if there are any corrections which can be done (or any lifestyle changes) which will speed up the process. do any corrections which come up.
    Once you have completed this time period, go back to a kinesiologist and get re-tested, asking if there are any sulphate reducing bacteria in the body. if not, ask if eating onions will cause any allergic effects. if not, give it a try.
    Don’t try to eat anything taboo until you muscle test clear of the bacteria. And don’t do your first trial on garlic as it can cause other bacteria to die off- and that can cause symptoms on its own (this is if you are following the GAPS diet when you will be more susceptible to bacterial die-off). Try garlic after other things.
    If this is the cause of your allergy – you should be 100% fine with any of these foods in any amount (within reason of course – I think 6 onions in one go would make anyone sick!). My first taste of these was a big bowl full of broccoli. DISCLAIMER- please do not try any of your previously allergic foods without medical supervision, and do not try them at all if your symptoms are dangerous in any way. Personally, I wouldn’t bother doing a trial until you have had some time go by without any ‘onion mistakes’ – but if you get to a point where you suddenly realise you haven’t had an accident for an unusually long period of time - then go, get your muscle testing to confirm bacteria are gone, then it’s worth a shot. Also be aware that it’s perfectly possible for someone to have sulphate reducing bacteria wreaking havoc with onions, but for that person to ALSO have OTHER problems with hte onion family, of an immune nature. if so, that person must be really unlucky, but it’s possible, so do be careful with your food trials. (I personally had butterflies in my stomach for over an hour after my trial because I was so nervous!!)

    anyway, sorry for the massively long post. We are still on the GAPS diet and I was actually here looking for special recipes – but when I saw this topic I couldn’t ignore you all suffering in the same way that I used to and I KNOW that some of you could be completely cured hte same way that I was. I particularly think of the poster who’s son was in the bathroom at the same time as her – you sound exactly like our family did.
    I hope this helps someone. I just joined up here to post this, but will respond to any queries if I can. I will also cross post this to the onionfree group mentioned, eventually.
    Mon Jan 03, 2011 1:59 am
    Regular "Line Cook" Poster
    I actually had to create my own Faux Burger because I was very upset that I couldn't find a prepackaged onion free anything, only to find that the definition of Vegan/Vegetarian was it Must contain Onion! I can't use Quorn because of Canola Oil. icon_razz.gif And, if the Vegetarian/Vegan product doesn't contain Onion, then they put gluten in it.

    Daiya cheese, one of the best Vegan cheeses, insist on using Canola Oil, part of the Mustard family. Fortunately, I finally found a Cheese I can eat. Teese. The texture is great, the flavour is sronger then I like it, but its Canola Oil and Onion free.

    Fortunately, I can tolerate Hunt's Tomato Sauce (the plain). But, Aldi's carries GF tomato sauce that is spice free. icon_biggrin.gif I buy there's instead now.

    I also had to refigure out how to make soups as every common soup flavouring food, I couldn't eat. (I react in varying degrees to the entire Mustard and Cabbage family.)

    I found your post useful, even though most of it I knew. I think its good to review the 'rules' from time to time. icon_cool.gif
    Mon Feb 27, 2012 5:33 pm
    Newbie "Fry Cook" Poster
    I have the same reactions to Garlic. My heart rate will go way up and I feel swollen in the neck, hands and arms, then my heart rate drops and it is everything i can do to stay awake. My wife thinks I am nuts and the doctors around here have said they have not heard of Garlic allergies. I proved it to my wife, We made a deal that she would not put garlic in any food for 1 month, we recorded how well I felt, Then without telling me what meal, she cooked one with garlic and inside of 10 minutes I was out.

    After that she has been more careful about what she cooks. Thank god, Because I had been feeling like crud for more than a year and could not figure it, But with careful deduction of spices and food we narrowed it down to GARLIC. My favorite icon_sad.gif
    Fri Mar 02, 2012 10:56 am
    Regular "Line Cook" Poster
    Please do us all a favour and inform your Doctor that a person can be allergic or severely intolerant of ANYTHING. 1 in 250 people have a rare food allergy. We in the community thinks this number is not accurate as we believe many more than this have rare food allergies. Thanks!

    We in the community who deal with rare allergies, are trying to get the word out. Many people with Flax allergies are being told that they can not be allergic to flax because its too rare. This would be the same as saying that rare means "it does not exist". Rare means that it is not common but can exist. I am allergic to Alcohol. It causes infections in me when it reaches blood. And vinegar (which contains a little bit of alcohol) causes my throat to become hoarse. I'm also anaphylactic to cinnamon, radish, many members of the mustard/cabbage family and Avian.

    I have read about 3 other people who are allergic to Allium. Their reactions are severe enough where calling it an intolerance would just be wrong. Not everyone gets hives with allergies. Sometimes, a person can just get a severe asthma attack, like I do. Burning sensations are another sign of allergy.
    Sun Sep 23, 2012 5:54 pm
    Newbie "Fry Cook" Poster
    Lay's has an easy to follow website that lists all onion/garlic free chips, Heinz is a putz about saying yes there is or no there isn't, I finally got them to say that all of their condiments are not safe. Hellman's real mayo is safe, as is walmart brand mustard and grey poupon. Campbell's said to read the labels every time because they are always tweaking them, if its in the recipe it will be listed. Kraft mac and cheese is safe as are ball park all beef franks. If you ask for a manager when eating out- they will work with you.
    Ketchup you can make, same with bar-b que sauce, salad dressings are bad, better off making your own, watch out for batter on foods, most of those have been polluted with allium, same with marinades. I carry my own individual packets of mayo so I can eat out at Burger King or Wendy's. Good luck with the nephew, hope this helps- oh and Johnsonville will respond to emails about specific items, but the sweet and cheddar brats are safe.
    Mon Aug 05, 2013 6:21 pm
    Newbie "Fry Cook" Poster
    I have a bad allergy to onions garlic, white potatoes and red dye trout coconut and pineapples and kiwi and mangos.. how can I mange a diet like that anyone know??? icon_confused.gif
    Mon Aug 05, 2013 6:59 pm
    Newbie "Fry Cook" Poster
    I know how you feel I am on a bland diet with no seasoning expect pepper and salt. I have several food allergies and I can't find a lot of recipies to have for my diet.

    I am allergic to
    Onions- and onion products
    White potatoes.. who's ever heard of being allergic to white potatoes??? Anyone!!!!
    Sun Jan 19, 2014 5:48 pm
    Newbie "Fry Cook" Poster
    where did you find a ketchup without garlic, and did it have onion? I'm allergic to the whole allium family- can not have any of it at all, I discovered that's what was making me sick the hardway-I ate an onion ring driving to a meeting and had to drive straight to a firehouse, luckily for me they were in the station and the EMTs were great, they got me stable and hauled me to the er and then sent someone to drive me back to my car.
    Tue Jan 21, 2014 5:24 am Groupie
    Tue Jan 21, 2014 10:20 am
    Newbie "Fry Cook" Poster
    considering I went to full anaphylaxis, and the drs all agreed that it was I'd say to think all onion/garlic allergies are this sulfur thing is dangerous thinking.
    Tue Jan 21, 2014 10:23 am
    Newbie "Fry Cook" Poster
    auzzi- thank you!
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