Easy Buttercream Frosting

"From 125 Best Cupcakes Recipes book. Delish and easy to make!"



  1. In a small bowl, using an electric mixer on low speed, beat together sugar, butter and salt until creamy. Increase speed to high and beat until light and fully. Add vanilla, beating until frosting is smooth.
  2. Spread icing on cooled cupcakes or cake with a knife or transfer to a pastry bag and pipe decoratively over cake or cupcakes.
  3. Makes enough for over 16 cupcakes.

Ready In 10 mins
Serves 16
Yields 2 cups

Most Helpful Review

"This is wonderful frosting! I've never made a buttercream frosting without using milk. This recipe worked perfectly. The consistency would be perfect for anyone wanting to decorate cakes. I would also say that this is the type of frosting that many would say it's not the "sickening sweet" frosting. Of course for me, I can never have enough sugar. :) Thanks for sharing. Made for the 8th Annual Photo Swap."

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