Passion fruit

A tropical fruit native to Brazil. The most common variety in the US is egg-shaped and about 3 inches long. When ripe, it has a dimpled, deep-purple skin and a soft golden flesh dotted with tiny edible black seeds. The flavor is sweet-tart. The Passionfruit flower in which the actual Passion fruit originates is an extremely delicate, beautiful flower. Passionfruit is the most widely used name, however, it is also called: Granadilla, Lilikoi in Hawaii, Maracuja in Equador and Brazil, Parcha in Venezuela and Chinola or Parchita in Puerto Rico.

Plural: Passion fruit

Season: April - October

How to select: Choose large, heavy, firm fruit with a deep-purple color.

How to store: Refrigerate ripe fruit up to 5 days.

Matches well with: Champagne, chocolate, coconut, kiwi, orange, papaya

Popular Passion fruit Recipes