Chestnut trees produce a brown nut with hard outer shell and bitter inner peel.

Marrons glaces are chestnuts preserved in a sweet syrup.




October - March

How to select:

Looks for firm shiny nuts without blemishes when fresh. You can also purchase canned whole, pieces or pureed, as well as dried chestnuts or chestnut flour.

How to store:

In cool dry place with shells and in a covered container in the refrigerator when shelled.

How to prepare:

bake, boil, roast, steam, stew

Matches well with:

apples, brandy, brown sugar, brussels sprouts, butter, cabbage, carrots, cayenne, celery, chocolate, cinnamon, cloves, cognac, cream, creme fraiche, fennel, ginger, lemon, mushrooms, onions, orange, parsley, prunes, rum, stuffings, sugar, vinegar

Popular Chestnut Recipes